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Hell yes! :squee:
Place your bets! :eager:

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That will be a close fight!

All the best and hugs,

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I still need to see those movies
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Very fun
Spawn will win
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Yup, think so too :nod:
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Esta imagen me recuerda las elecciones del pasado mes de Julio...
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Que miedo pero si :iconscaredplz:
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Thats a though bet... Judging from theri portrayal in the movies, Spawn is more on the upper end of superhreo power, while pinhead come off as more on hte lower end of omnipotence. 

Then again, Spawn has fought angels and demons galore. While pinhead more like torments humans, so that might tip the scales in Spawn's favor. 
Ah, silly nerd arguments.
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No, you're absolutely right, Spawn would dominate this fight rather quickly :nod:
All in all, he is a superior being. Thank you for the input! :aww:
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Damn, that's a tough choice!  I liked the movie, though it could have been better [e.g. not killing off that hot redhead so early], and while I haven't seen the Hellraiser movies, I LOVE Douglas Bradley's voice, which you can also hear on the voice-overs on many of the earlier Cradle of Filth albums.  In particular, he's the voice of Gilles de Rais on the COF album Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder, a concept album about Rais, a French nobleman who went from Joan of Arc's right hand man to someone who tortured and killed hundreds of children before he was stopped.

Great work on the chibi versions!
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Whoah, I didn't know that :? Interesting!.. and disturbing (which fits the bands theme, I guess ;P)
Thank you! :bow:
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It certainly does fit the band's theme.  In their native Great Britain, they were public enemy number one due to the content of their lyrics.  The lyrics are well-written and very poetic, but the subject matter is utterly gruesome.  Check them out on YT if you dare.
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Go Spwan! Wreck his as like the producers wrecked your movie in 1997!
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Hahahahaha! :lmao: Omg, low blow! but oh so funny! :D
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A cadenazos! Esta genial la idea y se ve espectacular
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Jajajajaja!! exacto!! Tu lo dijiste mejor :star:
A cadenazo limpio! :slap:
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todos somos ganadore al ver esta espectacular pelea ^^
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Seria muy interesante ver esto :eager::popcorn:
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Spawn, y con las manos atadas en la espalda !! 
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Concuerdo contigo, pero tampoco exageremos ;P
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Fight! Fight! Fight!
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Pues dado el hecho de que Spawn es un "héroe" y el otro es un monstruo de película, supongo que el bien se impondría al mal! :D
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