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:B Sorry! just had to draw this.. It's been dwelling on my mind for sooo long :ashamed:

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I'm not sure if I approve of the idea of Winnie the Pooh as a serial killer, and Piglet isn't exactly hardcore hero material, but I'll let it slide this one time

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Best wishes and hugs,

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:rofl: La verdad es que yo sospechaba más de Igor.
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Share this with Jim Cummings (Pooh and Tigger's voice actor).
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Hahahaha and get a slap in the wrist? no thanks! :lmao:
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This is how something can be cute and scary at the same time. :)
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Hopefully ;P
Thanks! :)
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Death has come to your little forest, Christopher Robin.
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jajaja ese pooh myers es combustible adecuado para pesadillas, muy bien hecho!! xDD
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Muchas gracias! :aww:
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Jajajajajaja! ENORME!!!! 
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I never though I'd see Winnie the Pooh cosplaying as Michael Myers, but I'm glad that I did.
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;P I'm glad to hear so!
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A ver quien le niega miel ahora.

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Well we really got to let our creative outlets out then keep them bottled up don't we? XD
I do have to ask; why is Tigger in drag to play the role of Laurie Strode? Though the idea of Piglet playing Dr Lumus is funny; somehow I imagine Owl playing that role.
But yeah give the role of Michael Myers to Pooh bear....psychotic Pooh bear xD
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Oh my gosh! You're right! That would have been much better :nod:
I wanted to use the better known ones, as the owl isn't as famous as piglet :no:
Also, Tigger was chosen, because it seemed like a more "fair" choice, as piglet is
too small for laurie, after all, she is a fighter :)
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Your justification for them being used because they're the most popular characters makes sense.
If you used Owl for Lumus and Kanga for Laurie Strode it wouldn't stick out as much as opposed to Pooh. So smart decision in the end.
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