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CATWOMAN DC Super Hero Girls

By AnyaUribe
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DC SUper Hero Girls is back! :star: And Selina is a bigger part of it! :clap:
And while I don't want to be negative anymore...
I still gotta say.. they gave her ears that look like a mouse :( 
But, I'm very grateful they included her in the roaster for the show :heart:
And this time, Lauren Faust is a part of it, and that's quite exciting on it's own :aww:

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Am I the only one that doesn't like this version of Catwoman because they didn't stay true to her looks from the comics?!

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Ya he visto los episodios hasta ahora y tambien los cortos y creeme esta mejor que nunca! ;) 

Sobre tu dibujo, dang! La haz hecho la mas THICC posible y sin duda el dibujo que hayas hecho hasta hoy de Gatubela!! :horny: 
Y puedo usar esta pose? Claro con el permiso tuyo y lo hare en privado, asi que no hay bronca si uso esta pose para otro personaje x3

Un saludo amiga! :heart:
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Kitty´s on the prawl! ;-)

All the best and hugs,

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Your style has gotten more extreme since I've started watching you!
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Hope that's not a bad thing? :?
Either way, thanks for the watch! :aww:
I appreciate it! Sorry if I hadn't thanked you before.
I'm a little behind messages and such ^^;
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No, NOT a bad thing. You're refining your style.

And no worries about communicating……I go months and months without checking DA. I've only been on frequently the last two days, 'cause I just started a group for my favorite fairy: Elinore of Montigar from Ralph Bakshi's 1977 animated feature: "Wizards"…

Check it out!
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I wonder how she keeps all luck and nine lives with this beauty and body :D 
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Well, that's precisely how ;)
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Can I Spank?  0w0
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Very nice Wink fella (Smileys) Biggrin fella  (Smileys) Applaud fella (Reactions)
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Thank you very much! :)
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I love her look in the new series so much!
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I do too :aww:
Except the ears haha :O
She looks like a mouse :giggle:
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Yeeeea The Batman did that too and gave her huge mousy ears.
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Yes!! :XD: That was the biggest problem with that one ;P
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As long as they include her cat eye goggles from the comics I'll allow it!
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Heeeeee~re kitty kitty <waves catnip>
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:D Someone is in for a treat!
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What can I say, I still find her one of the hottest kitties ever >3
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Thank you very much! :aww:
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