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I wanted to post something, I mean it's october, my fav month, though this october was the absolute worst ha
So I decided to post some oldies I never liked, and had placed in the "no no" folder.. bah, here they are.
Also, I still haven't gotten used to my new work schedule, I don't really have a day off :no:
due to extra obligations at home, so I can't really draw new stuff (aside from commissions)
So yeah... happy halloween y'all.
Bye :kiss:
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do you take commercial commisions?

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That´s a sexy kitty litter!

Best wishes and hugs,

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Nice evolution
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LukeTheRipperHobbyist Traditional Artist
You're still the best when it comes to Catwoman fanart ^^
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Random info: lower left is my favorite! So so gorgeous! But they all are to be honest. :heart: 
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theEyZmasterProfessional General Artist
The cutest Cawoman pics!
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TULIO19mxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Miau! :D cursed feral 7bit emote 
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Anya Uribe: Come for the booty, stay for the adowable chibis. ;P

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"--but also the tits.." :lmao:
Let's be frank here, no one cares about my chibies when there are tits and butts around :D
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Well I certainly do.

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DeadDog2007Hobbyist Digital Artist
the pinkish purple ones are my fave... and i do miss seeing you wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lots. Happy halloween, Anya!
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Pinkish? damn, I must be going color blind :lmao: 
I thought they were all purple :blushes:
Thanks, DD! Miss ya too!
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DeadDog2007Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol i meant the fusia.... see i can;t spell fuwcha.... tho i love phewcha, i just said pinkier one as fewshaw is one word i can't spell for shit. lol
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Jose-RamiroHobbyist Traditional Artist
"Aqui, Gatita, Gatita, Gatita... te voy a dar tu lechita..."
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Siempre es un placer ver tu arte.

Por lo que dices has estado muy ocupada y sin tiempo libre... ouch. :hug:

Ojalá las cosas mejoren para ti y los que te rodean. (Y aguas con los incendios, en serio cuidate preciosa)
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Gracias Ari :hug:
Sip, estos dos meses no han sido exactamente muy amables conmigo..
Creo que hice algo muy muy malo en el pasado, pues, mira que le he sufrido mal desde septiembre :shrug:
Igual y es lo que merezco, o igual y solo es asi y ya, y estoy siendo debil.
Sobre indendios? No, Ari, vivo frente al mar. Y corro peligro de ahogarme, no quemarme.
Asi que no te preocupes, si muriera, seria mojada :D
DuckyMomoisMeforever's avatar
Espero que las cosas realmente mejoren para ti.

Y ya sabes, aquí estamos para lo que necesites.
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Damn, well try to get some sleep and some drawing in somehow, please. These are some nice Catwoman pics.

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Thanks, Rudie :aww: I'm really trying!
I do try to doodle some ballpoint stuff during my lunch break,
but I like drawing alone, and the cafeteria is full of loud people and it's just not my thing..
so I usually just watch stuff on my phone while I stuff my face, you know, like a normie :giggle:
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Sonicdude645Student Traditional Artist
That Dummy Chonker on the bottom right, tho~
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I know, right? ;P
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