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As much I LOVE :love: the look and aesthetic of this rendition of Selina, I hate the
background surrounding her. And I grew up with this version, but I was always
baffled as to why they had to make such drastic changes, when it would have been 
far more simple (and cheaper) to use a similar origin to the one in the comics.

Just a few things that bother me about this version:

Zombie - Check!
Kills people - Check!
Hurts innocents - Check!
Creates mayhem - Check!
Metahuman - Check!
Mentally unstable - Check!
Eats live animals - Check!

In fact, my friend, the Super funny and Talented Pollo Jasso told me this the other day:
"A myopic secretary falls from the fifth floor and then starts exchanging slaps with Batman himself.
WROOONGGG!" "lamest Catwoman origin of all".

:lmao: God, he's soo funny!! and also correct! :shrug:

With that being said, I ADORE how she looks, moves and speaks :heart:
And that seems to be enough to make my heart race when she's on screen :aww:

But what do you think?

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Muchas gracias! :aww:
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Love that hair :D
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The movie was just so weird, yet iconic.  I would love it if DC went ahead with a comic book spin-off/continuation of the first two Burton films.
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Yes! I can only imagine how the rest of the rogues would have looked in Burtons world :star:
I believe they even tried to make a mini series with Joe Quiñones, but DC passed on it.. dumb move :no:
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I recently came across this blog post about Selina in the film that makes a surprisingly convincing case that there is no supernatural or zombie-esque elements in her storyline:…

Basically, there are subtle points that were intentional in storytelling that make it very plausible she survives every big fall or gunshot or whatever and that the whole "9 Lives" shtick is all her own interpretation of events.
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Pero eso sí, Michelle Pfifer lucía como toda una diosa gatuna en ese trajecito de latex tan ajustado, miauuu! x3
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Jajajaja eso si ;P
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This version of Catwoman is the stuff of sexy nightmares. My personal favorite along with the Animated version of the vixen. :)
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Yes! Michelle was just iconic in the role :aww:
A shame about the origin they gave her :giggle:
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Y al pingüino no le fue mejor. Básicamente, es el mounstro de "¡Está Vivo!"
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Jajajaja algo asi! aunque se asemeja un poco mas que ella ;P
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Lovely grin. :)

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You're welcome: :)

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High-Voltage bomshell niiice work  my batteries are fired up!!!!!
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