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Pokeball Tutorial

By AnyaPanda
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First tutorial! :la: I hope that I didn’t make a tutorial for something that has a construction process that is pretty obvious, but I made this anyway, partly for fun but mostly because I’ve had some inquiries on how I made the XL Pokéball that was featured in my Umbreon photos (also the smaller one featured in my Touko photos). I also figured that if there’s something that I’ve figured out how to make myself and there’s at least the smallest chance that I can help another cosplayer by showing the process, then I should go do it.

So yes, I really do hope that this helps at least someone; if there are any questions, please feel free to ask... Though everything is relatively straight forward.

If you do use this tutorial, please...:

:pokeball: Give credit where it is due by either linking back to my dA account, or to this deviation page.

:pokeball: You can also feel free to comment with a link to show me what you made with the help of this tutorial... I always love seeing fellow PKMN cosplayers.

:pokeball: Feedback is always appreciated - this is my first time making a tutorial, so please let me know what you think!

If used, :+fav:s (and comments) are always appreciated, though not necessary. ^_^


Photography/photo editing/layout/writing/Pokéball making/Umbreon cosplayer ~ :iconanyapanda: (me)

Umbreon photo taken by ~ :icontouch-my-face: (who is awesome).

Pokéball drawing (seen at top)/Pokémon © Nintendo/Game Freak


More tutorials: [link]
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No problem, I'm glad to have been of assistance! :D
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I like the overall simplicity of this, and how inexpensive the materials are. As well, the same general concepts and materials can be used to create nearly any pokeball. Thank you for making this! It's well done, and I may just use it in the near future!
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Thank you for the kind and thoughtful comment! It's really great to get that kind of feedback, and I'm so glad to hear that this could be useful to you! :aww:
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Hey, where do you get the styrofoam balls? I can't seem to find any.
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I got them from a dollar store; most dollar stores should have them. If not, then craft stores, however they're far more expensive at craft stores.
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Cool, I'll go check that out ^u^
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Ooh, I should try this!
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What a good idea!
I must try that someday.
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Thanks! ^^
I would totally recommend it, they're a lot fun to make!
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And the result is great too! ^_^
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probably the stupidest question you'll ever get....but, what'll happen if you throw the pokeball at someone really hard?
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You'll capture them. XD
Haha, well in all seriousness, if you actually did, it wouldn't really hurt them since it's just foam... It could dent the ball, though.
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amg, im gonna go an catch one of mah friendz!!>: 3 first i thought it said that it WOULD hurt them xDDD but then again, i dont want to dent the pokeball D:
thanks for telling me!:hug:
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Haha, no problem! :D
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Need to try this sometime, it looks awesome!
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It certainly is fun! Best of luck if you do try it! ^^
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The craft foam looks a bit too thick in my opinion, but otherwise pretty good job!
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Wow derp I skipped over that sorry ignore me
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OMG This is awesome!!! ^^
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Thank you! Glad you like it~! ^^
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