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I don't know about you guys but I really like it. Sure the animation is different, but it's a TV series. At least it's not full blown flash animation like MLP. Looks like Fuli's eyes are now green and Beshte's are blue. I'll have to adjust Fuli's eyes in my previous works. 

(Transcribed from this clip recorded by Kevin Williams at the D23 Expo on 8/16/15)


Ford Riley, Executive Producer of The Lion Guard

In the original Lion King Feature, there’s an image that everybody knows. At the beginning and at the end of the film, you see Rafiki holding up the first born cub of the lion king, showing all the animals of the pridelands their future king or queen… but what about the second born cub? Where do they fit in into the circle of life? Well that’s our story, the story of The Lion Guard.

In the upcoming production we’ll meet Kion. He’s the son of Simba, and the younger brother of Kiara, the future queen of the pridelands. And we’ll learn that the traditional role of what the second born of the lion king is to lead the lion guard. Now the lion guard is a team that protects the pridelands and defends the circle of life. They’re made up of the pridelands fiercest, bravest, fastest, strongest, and Keenest of sight. As leader of the lion guard, Kion is the fiercest, that means that he’s been given a special gift… a power called the Roar of the Elders. So Kion’s been given this gift called the Roar of the Elders. When he uses the roar of the elders, All the great lions of the Pridelands Past roar along with him… it’s pretty fierce.

Now, why didn’t we see this Lion guard in the original lion king film? I mean, didn’t Mufasa have a brother? Wasn’t his name, uh… Scar, right? Well what we learn in the new production is that long before Simba was born, Scar WAS the leader of the Lion guard of his day, and he too had the power of the roar of the elders. But the Roar of the Elders, this great power, went to his head, and he began to think that he should be the king of the pridelands instead of Mufasa. He went so far as to order the lion guard, his lion guard, to help him take down Mufasa. When the lion guard refused, Scar used the Roar of the Elders to destroy the old lion guard. Now, what Scar didn’t realize was that by using the roar of the elders for evil, he would lose the power completely, and he became this shriveled horrible lion that we know from the original feature.

As our new hero, Kion, will learn… the roar has tremendous power and can be used for great good, but it can also lead to terrible evil. Now, when we first meet Kion, he’s not heard of this roar of the elders. He doesn’t even know what the lion guard is. All he’s worried about is playing a game of Baobab ball with his best friend, Bunga the honey badger, during this beautiful day in the pridelands. (cuts to clip)

What we know about TLG so far (now) 

:bulletgreen: Simba is still afraid of the outlands, so much so that Bunga knows it. I'm wondering if the Outlands have always been dangerous even before TLK 2. 
:bulletgreen: Apparently, Bunga's uncles are Timon and Pumba lol
:bulletgreen: Fuli looks to be an independent young Cheetah with a bit of a sass and know-it-all air about her
:bulletgreen: Kion seems to not be much of a rule breaker (unlike a certain sister). He actually heeds his father's warnings
:bulletgreen: Apparently Rafiki moved closer to the pridelands (he was actually quite far away in his tree in the original movie)
:bulletgreen: Honey badger gives zero fucks about cobras

:bulletblue: Scar was the original Guard - we'll get some backstory before Simba was born
:bulletblue: Scar became corrupt as the power went to his head
:bulletblue: Scar destoryed his own guard for not helping him destory his brother


:bulletgreen:Throwbacks were all over the place. Kion pouncing Bunga (Nala's bad ass genes coming through~) 
:bulletgreen:Running through animals legs
:bulletgreen:Hopping on animals 
:bulletgreen:Gator trouble (just like big Sis)
:bulletgreen:Giraffes assisting in good times
:bulletgreen:Bowling for Buzzards (or Ono and his flock)
:bulletgreen:Kion getting tickled and laying in the same pose as Simba when talking to Scar (ok this is a stretch but I can't help it)
:bulletgreen:The gourge WITH A DEAD THING IN IT (apparently they're calling this the outlands.. ok.. but I can see 100% why this would be forbidden to any of Simba's family
:bulletgreen:"Pick on somebody your own size" to hyenas Q_Q

And Big Hero 6 will be in Kingdom Hearts 3 please help SOS
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Art-FoxenBPerry's avatar
I love the movie.. don't get me wrong.. but the paw animation wasnt the best..and Simba and Nala's voices were... off.. I would of preferred Mathew Broderik and Moriea Kelley.. but I suppose they had they're own thing going on.. :U Where is Zazu? And why don't they show the outlands with Zira and Vitani, Nuka and kovu? Suppose that takes place befoe Kiara and Kovu have their faitful run in.. :U.. I should stop picking at this and just enjoy the fact that they're a new Lion King movie with more TLK lions! ;>
Anyahs's avatar
Yeah the paw thing and leg movements were my least favorite of the animation. Broderik has stated time and time again he wants nothing to do with Disney and doesn't want to be associated with TLK anymore. I heard him and the guy who played Timon say it on one of the late night shows last year right before TLG came out, and they were a little skittish so they must have been contacted. 

Zazu was in it, but just for a moment. However, Kovu has been said to not be appearing in it. We don't know if this takes place before she meets him or after she meets him, but either way, there's no reason for Kion to see the outlanders since they don't appear until Kiara is a late teen/young adult. 
Art-FoxenBPerry's avatar
I suppose that all makes sense! Perhaps as time goes on.. maybe they'll fix the leg and paw animations... I admire how Nala and Simba look like they did in the original TLK.. not exactly.. but resembling..not fond of how simbas mane hangs down as opposed to staying close to his body though.. im just like noooo...I'm such a critic.

I think the charactor Zuri could stand for some improvement.. I love her eyes and colors.. but not so much the atitude.. D:

and Ah alright..overall.. they did a pretty good job with the movie.. though.. could of been longer?
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And improvement they're sure to get (character personality wise) if we started out with well established characters, we couldn't see them grow, and I think people forget that. I want to see their journey from the start... their weak, wavering personalities will grow and change. 
fire--hyena's avatar
Pretty excited for this show, also for Scar's backstory! (Tho, depending on it I might dont look at it as canon but more as semi-canon? Sweating a little... )
Kion with Nala's eyes would've looked really pretty c:

One thing that's rather a down for me tho, is that the hyenas probably stay as bad guys :S (And also get most likely inaccurately potrayed, I would love some accuracy like strong female hyenas and brownish pelts, not that gray..)
I would love to see the guards and the hyenas making peace of some sort, or even a hyena joining the guards!
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Actually, one of the books coming out talks about Kion getting stuck in the outlands. it says:

When Kion gets separated from the rest of the Lion Guard, he gets lost in the Outlands! Kion has to be careful while he's in hyena territory because all hyenas are dangerous . . . or are they? Kion makes a new friend and learns an important lesson in this exciting Level Pre-1 reader!

So I think there will be positive hyenas in this show as well.
fire--hyena's avatar
Woah, I didnt know that! It surely gets my hopes up c:
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You know, I don't usually comment on Lion King stuff, mostly just look at them. But I felt the need to comment on this. While I joked about it before, mostly because the name was Kion (I thought it was a bit childish, but then again it is meant for kids). But looking at it after looking at some of the other shows on Disney Junior I thought "Hope for the best" and the trailer or sneak peak wasn't THAT bad. I actually enjoyed it. 

People complaining about this is going to ruin Scar, we don't have a Canon backstory for him anyway, everything else including TLK6NA is fan story. Now Ahadi and Uru issue? Make them the aunt and uncle of Mufasa and Scar perhaps and King and Queen of another pride. And for the heck of it, give them a son/daughter named Taka. I mean while I have my own story and AU for The Lion King I am prepared to move things around just to stay close to canon. 

Now here is the main issue spoken by many... Let's say childish fans, Kopa. Now I have Kopa as the first-born of Simba and Nala. However I could say many things such as him being adopted, disowned (either by his parents or he refuses to notice The Pride-lands as his home), or anything. But I do see it as the Second Born Son rather then the second born child. Since I think if the second born is a daughter she'd just be the next leader of the hunting party or something. Now I might wrong, but I'm okay with that.

And also with all the kids/adults saying, "My CHILDHOOD IS RUINED" they obviously haven't watched Timon and Pumbaa show. I mean even as a kid I was like, "Get this out of my face." 

As for the Lion Guard, I am excited. And I'm keeping an open mind to the show (even if some things bother me). 
Anyahs's avatar
pretty much yep. People ignore and reject canon all the time, so this will be no different. lol. And that's actually a really good idea with the Ahadi/Uru/Taka thing! I love it. 
Teakitty121's avatar
Yeah, people do. It's just the people that actually attack other people for liking the canon story. I actually thought about the Ahadi/Uru/Taka thing a couple hours ago XD trying to figure out what to do with them if Disney shows their parents.
Anyahs's avatar
I'll probably keep my Ahadi and Uru for the sake of my story already being so far along in my head. But I think I will have to steal that one from you for an AU~~~~~ 
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I'm really excited for this, it opens up a lot of doors for for fan theories and it just looks super cute. It's meant for kids but the style is gorgeous, sure it's not the same as the original but we could have gotten something way worse (has anyone seen the new teen titans? Or the new tmnt?).

The characters look cute, and I'm super happy that Kion is not just a clone of his sister and father. We might have a lion that is a little cowardly and listens to the rules, a stark comparison between all of the other cubs in lion king.

Pans to top of on everything else? Some canon or semi-canon of Scar?! This could open up the history to everything behind tlk1 and tlk2! We might get information on how Ziras brood came to be, how Vitani turned out, why the hyenas came back to the pride lands and so much more!

the only thing I would have wanted to see change is the shoulder mark, I loved the paw print idea but I guess it wasn't flashy enough for disney.
Anyahs's avatar
Haha well, let's be honest... when the paw mark came out we all rejected it immediately and said "no paw mark PLS!" Now, the paw mark then was either a first draft or a place holder for the new one. After it changed, we all cried about how we wished it was the paw mark again! Lol at least it's not permanent ;) 

I have a lot of issues with TLK 2 in terms of Zira. I could see 1 lion being obsessed with Scar. Like the Harley to his Joker. But a whole pride? Why would they follow him? He thought less of females, treated the lionesses like shit, and was basically Hitler. This is where fanon comes in and makes things better lol.. 

I feel like after all the years of people bitching about Kiara being a clone... they're like.;. "We'll show you a clone you babies" and gave us Kion. I wish to god they would have given him Nala's eyes myself (OR SCAR'S! UHG) but we weren't so lucky lol. It's not like we've never changed Kopa's design so no worries about that as well. I do adore the spots though. 

have you seen TLK Timon and Pumba show? 
Image by Anyahs  
Minty-pup's avatar
I actually liked the paw mark, because I could totally see the marking being natural. Have you seen all the dogs and cats that have heart shaped spots? My dog even has one that looks like a spade, so I never understood why people were so upset, it could have just been dye. Like Kiara marking her brother should as to show "This is my guard." I'm glad that it's not, it just seems so..detailed which makes it look off.

I kinda figured Zira and her lionesses had stockholm syndrome. Scar may have accepted them into his home land as more breeding fodder then anything then but when the older lionesses rebelled they were beaten and Scar used Zira to show them 'You'll still be treated like shit, but it's better then what I'd do to them." Afterward Xira might have gone insane and forced the lionesses to stay or they were so broken at that point they didn't know what to do, because once they figured out there was another way to be cared for they rush on over.

i think for the clone part I meant more personality wise. Kiara, Kovu, Nala, and Simba were very brash cubs. They seemed to only fear getting in trouble when they were going to do something, and they also tried to sneak around. Kion is more wary to his father and listens, so it's kinda cool seeing a cub who listens to his parents warnings. I'd love to see him with Nalas eyes, Scar would be so pretty.. But maybe we will see more on Nala and Kion relationship this time around.

I use to love that show! Plumba and Timons nature for helping others out makes total sense when it comes to bunga.
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Haha that's true, that's true. I figured early on it wasn't and prayed it wasn't, and that maybe Kiara or Simba gave it to him (I have a short 10 page comic and in the last page you see Kiara branding him with her muddy paw). I didn't like that Disney didn't make it clearer about Zira and where the outlanders came from. I know they changed her role as mate to dedicated follower, but... I just don't see that many following her. Especially after all it took for Zira to say that her daughter will die because she thought the war was stupid for the lionesses to jump ship. 

Ohhhh ok I gotcha. Mistook it for appearance. 

I... I didn't lol. So I can see why people would be wary of this show. We all have different tastes. I mean, I LOVED 1/2... which is pretty much a sin to say in this fandom. I loved it. I don't consider the comedy nonsense actual canon but I still liked it! So I understand why people may have liked some parts of TLK's total works and not others. 

I kind of felt like since they helped out Simba, a natural predator, taking in Bunga would be cute as hell. And it could just be because Bunga is Kion's Best friend that he hangs around and really like the duo. 
Minty-pup's avatar
I think a lot of people were hoping that the paw print would be like that, kinda branded on like Rafikies paint. It would have been way more cute and.. I guess ceremonial then random magic. They could have definitely done way better when it came to the outlanders, I hope they depict them in the lions Guard, maybe have Vitani explain to Kion about her family and how they came to be. It would be an amazing aunty/nephew  episode.

Appearance wise.. I've given up hope on disney breaking the mood for any of the shows. They rarely make a good mix when it comes to cubs that aren't first generation.

I just loved it as a kid, because when I was younger I absolutely adores Timon and Pumba as amazing father figures that stepped up and took in this cub. While I don't really see much of that show or 1/2 to be very canon I like the personalities that came from it and I'd pick apart what I thought fit. Timon being very fatherly, while Pumba was more of the worry wart, they didn't always live in the pride lands with Simba but visited him often and started to live their once Kiara was born.

oh I know! I love how he says uncles, because it leaves so many possibilities open! Timon and Pumba never really show an interest in mates but can you imagine them being more asexual but just want to raise kids? They'd be super cute.
weasel-girl's avatar
I've read a pretty hateful rant about The Lion Guard and the newly revealed history about Scar and The Lion Guard and all I have to say is, I'm looking forward to seeing The Lion Guard!
I'm actually excited about the history Scar being the Lion Guard and how his powers were taken away due to destroying his Lion Guard. And I'm not even a Scar fan! XD
It's like in Spider-Man, "With great power comes great responsibility". 
Also a lot of people are ranting about the magical element that might possibly be shown in The Lion Guard and I would like to quote my sister about it, "Oh yeah, like talking lions and mandrill shamans are totally realistic!" 
I'm really looking forward to seeing this. ^^
Anyahs's avatar
Yas, but at the same time people are free to their opinions. There's no guarantee that I'll like it, but I like the idea of it. I mean, I hate 6NA with Kopa and them, but I really like taking the characters out of context and using them for my own stories, which is exactly what people will do no matter what. I've seen many rants and am making a journal on some of them, not because I'm making fun of them or anything, but because I want to debunk common myths and such. I am excited for this series. There are things I don't like already, of course, such as how the feet are drawn, the mark ( I understand needing a symbol for the show but it could have been a painting on Rafiki's tree for TLG meeting place or something). And Fuli. I don't like her design. I DO however like the lore coming into it, like you said, the magic is already there, they're just expanding it. 
weasel-girl's avatar
That is true. I think I am more bothered by the extreme haters who want to send hate mail to Disney.
Hate mail just for a cartoon for little kids? That's going a bit too far.
Yeah, the mark does sound odd, but hopefully they will explain it in the show.
Who is Fuli again? Is it the cheetah?
Anyahs's avatar
Yeah, I feel maybe sending letters of raging hate to them will solve nothing and probably gets tossed before the letter is even read past the first sentence. Perhaps a letter of worry about it cross contaminating the original canon might be brought up instead. 
Kimba-417's avatar
Ugh, I am SO not watching this show/movie! Disney you've pushed my limits, I'm making my own TLKverse and my own canon standards.
Anyahs's avatar
Well most people probably won't include kion and his time line into their fanon anyways so you're not the only one. 
giftheck's avatar
Seeing the vitriol spewed by a certain member below brings an interesting debate I've seen with other fandoms (Star Wars, Star Trek and Sonic fandoms in particular) to the forefront. Can somebody define what consitutes a "true fan"? Because I believe that a true fan is somebody who respects other people's opinions, even if they happen to not tally with your own. If you don't like something, then that's fine and fair enough, but to claim that everybody else's opinion is wrong and yours is the only one that is right makes you anything BUT a true fan: you are instead a narcissist. In this case, an obsessive narcissist who probably needs some pretty strong anti-psychotic medication.

There's actually one other narcissist this guy reminds me of: remember that Neo Anderson guy?
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