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I don't know about you guys but I really like it. Sure the animation is different, but it's a TV series. At least it's not full blown flash animation like MLP. Looks like Fuli's eyes are now green and Beshte's are blue. I'll have to adjust Fuli's eyes in my previous works. 

(Transcribed from this clip recorded by Kevin Williams at the D23 Expo on 8/16/15)


Ford Riley, Executive Producer of The Lion Guard

In the original Lion King Feature, there’s an image that everybody knows. At the beginning and at the end of the film, you see Rafiki holding up the first born cub of the lion king, showing all the animals of the pridelands their future king or queen… but what about the second born cub? Where do they fit in into the circle of life? Well that’s our story, the story of The Lion Guard.

In the upcoming production we’ll meet Kion. He’s the son of Simba, and the younger brother of Kiara, the future queen of the pridelands. And we’ll learn that the traditional role of what the second born of the lion king is to lead the lion guard. Now the lion guard is a team that protects the pridelands and defends the circle of life. They’re made up of the pridelands fiercest, bravest, fastest, strongest, and Keenest of sight. As leader of the lion guard, Kion is the fiercest, that means that he’s been given a special gift… a power called the Roar of the Elders. So Kion’s been given this gift called the Roar of the Elders. When he uses the roar of the elders, All the great lions of the Pridelands Past roar along with him… it’s pretty fierce.

Now, why didn’t we see this Lion guard in the original lion king film? I mean, didn’t Mufasa have a brother? Wasn’t his name, uh… Scar, right? Well what we learn in the new production is that long before Simba was born, Scar WAS the leader of the Lion guard of his day, and he too had the power of the roar of the elders. But the Roar of the Elders, this great power, went to his head, and he began to think that he should be the king of the pridelands instead of Mufasa. He went so far as to order the lion guard, his lion guard, to help him take down Mufasa. When the lion guard refused, Scar used the Roar of the Elders to destroy the old lion guard. Now, what Scar didn’t realize was that by using the roar of the elders for evil, he would lose the power completely, and he became this shriveled horrible lion that we know from the original feature.

As our new hero, Kion, will learn… the roar has tremendous power and can be used for great good, but it can also lead to terrible evil. Now, when we first meet Kion, he’s not heard of this roar of the elders. He doesn’t even know what the lion guard is. All he’s worried about is playing a game of Baobab ball with his best friend, Bunga the honey badger, during this beautiful day in the pridelands. (cuts to clip)

What we know about TLG so far (now) 

:bulletgreen: Simba is still afraid of the outlands, so much so that Bunga knows it. I'm wondering if the Outlands have always been dangerous even before TLK 2. 
:bulletgreen: Apparently, Bunga's uncles are Timon and Pumba lol
:bulletgreen: Fuli looks to be an independent young Cheetah with a bit of a sass and know-it-all air about her
:bulletgreen: Kion seems to not be much of a rule breaker (unlike a certain sister). He actually heeds his father's warnings
:bulletgreen: Apparently Rafiki moved closer to the pridelands (he was actually quite far away in his tree in the original movie)
:bulletgreen: Honey badger gives zero fucks about cobras

:bulletblue: Scar was the original Guard - we'll get some backstory before Simba was born
:bulletblue: Scar became corrupt as the power went to his head
:bulletblue: Scar destoryed his own guard for not helping him destory his brother


:bulletgreen:Throwbacks were all over the place. Kion pouncing Bunga (Nala's bad ass genes coming through~) 
:bulletgreen:Running through animals legs
:bulletgreen:Hopping on animals 
:bulletgreen:Gator trouble (just like big Sis)
:bulletgreen:Giraffes assisting in good times
:bulletgreen:Bowling for Buzzards (or Ono and his flock)
:bulletgreen:Kion getting tickled and laying in the same pose as Simba when talking to Scar (ok this is a stretch but I can't help it)
:bulletgreen:The gourge WITH A DEAD THING IN IT (apparently they're calling this the outlands.. ok.. but I can see 100% why this would be forbidden to any of Simba's family
:bulletgreen:"Pick on somebody your own size" to hyenas Q_Q

And Big Hero 6 will be in Kingdom Hearts 3 please help SOS
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I love the movie.. don't get me wrong.. but the paw animation wasnt the best..and Simba and Nala's voices were... off.. I would of preferred Mathew Broderik and Moriea Kelley.. but I suppose they had they're own thing going on.. :U Where is Zazu? And why don't they show the outlands with Zira and Vitani, Nuka and kovu? Suppose that takes place befoe Kiara and Kovu have their faitful run in.. :U.. I should stop picking at this and just enjoy the fact that they're a new Lion King movie with more TLK lions! ;>