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NPC contest entry~ Russell




Name: Russell
Gender: Male
Current age: 45
Birthday: December 3
Form: Quad
Accessories: Purple Bandana w\ "David's star" Sheriff badge, blue shirt, light brown vest
Upgrades: Cheek spikes| Hair tuft| Pupils| Unlimited clothing| Small back spikes| Earth spikes| Shark teeth| Rattle horns| Glowing eyes| Folded ears| Fluff tail| Dual pointed elbows| Tint changer| Color mixer
Quirks:  talkative to a point, impatient, curious, courteous, ambitious, judgemental


Wyngro Earth Pixel Element  Earth | basic
Wyngro Water Element Pixel  Water | basic
Wyngro Wind Pixel Element  Wind | intermediate


Russell hadn't grown up in a well stabilized household. Poor living conditions drove him to steal food and money at a young age. Russell developed habits of lying and manipulating others to get what he wanted. He became notorious for thieving around local markets. When Russell grew up, however, he began to feel apathy towards himself for what he was doing, and vowed he would turn his life around when he was financially steady. When that day came, he worked on becoming the town sheriff, as a way to "right his wrongs" from the past. While at first met with obvious disapproval, he eventually earned the trust of the townsfolkrough his dutiful actions.  Russell protects Wynsiph loyally, and can often be found patrolling the entirety of the town. He will engage in simple conversation with others and will assist where needed, but then returns immediately back to his rounds. He has difficulty trusting others, and any new comer or suspicious character is unknowingly followed around by a silent Russel, to make sure there not up to any funny business. Impatience has led to many awkward encounters with innocent passerbys, and is something Russell is trying to work on. 
Russell lives to please, and will stay doggedly loyal to anything under his protection. He prefers the quiet and will listen to the surrounding noises of whatever area he is in. Some say that he has gotten so used to the sounds, that he could walk around Wynsiph blindfolded without hinderance. Russell is upfront, and wastes no time getting to the point. 

Fun fact: Russell never had a proper education, and has terrible reading and writing skills. It is not uncommon to find anything he writes almost illegible. Ex. He spells Sheriff as Shairrf

OHMAGOODNESS I LOVE HIM! He's a precious german shepard dragon thing with sharp teeth and death spikes!!
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