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Trico the Last (Room) Guardian



Trico is not my character design. All credit goes to SIE Japan Studio for their design from the game, The Last Guardian.

Since so many people kept asking about me making a Trico room guardian, I just had to give in. I love the character and it is called a guardian after all. I was just going to use normal faux fur, but I found these beautiful grey fly fishing feathers at a hunting store and they worked perfectly for the back! I normally don't like to use a lot of real feathers, especially for the wings because they get messed up easily, but I decided to use some since Trico's wings are supposed to be messed up so it all works out haha. 

This listing is for a handcrafted one of a kind original art doll. Trico has a rose quartz crystal heart. Its back stands about 16" tall with a wingspan of 15" and a total length of 20" from nose to tail. Real high quality feathers were used along the back and wings along with soft faux fur on the rest of the body. Trico's ears are connected with a ball and socket so they can be moved and posed to mimic their floppiness in the game. The neck has a ball and socket armature that can be posed in many different ways without wearing out over time. It's forelegs, wings, and tail are also fully poseable, but they have a wire armature so they must be posed with slightly more care. Its horns and claws were made with plastic so they will not break, but please handle your room guardian as you would a piece of art. This is not a toy and should not be used as such.

** You are not allowed to use my images without my permission**

What is a room Guardian??

Room Guardians are small creatures that protect one's home from negative spirits and energies. These friends can be easily placed on window sills, kitchen shelves, dressers, or wherever to keep watch over the room. Each guardian has a soft faux fur coat and each is individually sculpted from the wire frame to the clay face and hands, so no two are alike. Room Guardians are not plush, they have a solid body but their arms, tails, and necks are bendable and Inside each of their chests is a unique crystal heart to give each one a different energy. These little guys have a lot of character and they love having a home to watch over.

Have a question??? See my FAQ

Commissions and quotes: #2-5
Average Price: #6
Size and posability: #7 & #14
Materials and technique: #8-18
Trades: #19
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 1. How did you come up with the room guardian concept?
 The idea caught fire when a friend and I were walking through an antique store. On one of the bookshelves sat two stuffed foxes wearing riding clothes. I contemplated buying them because one could convince themselves that their expressionless stares were actually seeing and watching over the room. It was as if they were alive though they wer
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You know you're good at what you do when some kid thinks you somehow summoned the real thing until they notice the head is made of clay or something ;w;
nightfuryrider16's avatar
dude.. im god damn speechless that is phenomenal work. Awesome work!
markuskus's avatar
Beautiful crafting! The detail in the fur and the feathers is impressive, Trico looks just as great as the 3d model in the game, congratulations you made an excellent work!

TheNervousMedic's avatar
Oh gosh it's positivley stunning ^.^
someone needs to buy one of these for Jacksepticeye, haha XP
Sketching-Sketches's avatar
This is amazing! Are you able to share tutorial with me regarding the materials you used and the process of how you made it? I am very keen to make one myself. Cheers
AnyaBoz's avatar
Hey! Thank you for your comment! 

I do not have a tutorial out, but you can check my FAQ in the description for more info
about my process and materials:D
Bstmcwc's avatar
How much did you sell him for :0 would you consider making another one to sell if someone commissioned you? Because I've been looking for a Trico like this and yours is incredibly accurate!
AnyaBoz's avatar
The auction went to $4800, but I don't think I would make another one even for a 
commission. This one was a one time thing. 

Thank you though! 
Prov12-10Taxidermy's avatar
Amazing work!!  This looks so accurate!!
Dionette's avatar
La la la la :happybounce: Love I can't believe it. This looks like it came straight from SIE. 10/10 for accuracy.
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