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Nogitsune Room Guardian



The Nogitsune is the malevolent version of the kitsune (fox spirit). This Nogitsune has a bloodstone crystal heart and six poseable tails that arrange to form the skull-like face of a tormented soul. Its back stands about 7" tall and its coat is made with high quality faux fur that has been intricately quilted together to achieve the skeletal design. The head, and legs are all casted in durable resin. The neck has a fully poseable ball and socket armature inside that will not wear out over time, and the forelegs, and tails have a fully poseable wire armature. The spine and thighs are solid inside, but the back legs can be posed slightly at the hocks. 

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What is a room Guardian??

Room Guardians are small creatures that protect one's home from negative spirits and energies. These friends can be easily placed on window sills, kitchen shelves, dressers, or wherever to keep watch over the room. Each guardian has a soft faux fur coat and and is completely one of a kind. Room Guardians are generally not plush, they have a solid body but their arms, tails, and necks are bendable and Inside each of their chests is a unique crystal heart to give each one a different energy. These little guys have a lot of character and they love having a home to watch over.
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it reminds me of those butterfly with eyes on their wings
Threadyprawn's avatar

Wait is this drawn or a doll? It looks highly good.

Graphasia's avatar
Its so creepy lmao , we can use that for a creepypasta or something like that , good art dude.
TyrantChimera's avatar

love the vibrancy of the tail spots, it's a very nice contrast

eskainne's avatar
I didn't believe this was a tangible thing until I saw the face closeup, this is so amazing it looks like it was painted
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When you piss off Ninetails by grabbing it's tails
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Horrific and beautiful <3
sinsart1's avatar

The tail and the eyes , love em

T0RSE's avatar
aHHHHHHHHHHHH that tail though

absolutely brilliant
Foxy-Sierra's avatar
So beautiful! Sadly I don't have the money to spare for one of these beautiful pieces <3
Endergirl03's avatar
Wow! I thought this was digital art ^^
WinterEnefelde's avatar
Absolutely amazing, the overall design is very cool and that tail design is superb :) whomever gets them is quite lucky.
liketheearth's avatar
One of my favs of yours. Your work is always amazing. I REALLY appreciate the heart on the inside, with details like that I would save up to bid on work from you, for sure. Such a huge fan. Amazing room guardians
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