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Kurtis Trent Genderbender cosplay by AnyaAuditore14 Kurtis Trent Genderbender cosplay :iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 0 0 Wu The Lotus Blossom- Jade Empire by AnyaAuditore14 Wu The Lotus Blossom- Jade Empire :iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 3 5
Glimmers of an Unknown Past
Glimmers of an Unknown past
Before going to the Great Wall, to take the Dagger of Xian and collect it to her collection, Lara was curious to visit an unknown place in China, somewhere beyond the mountains, a secret place that no one knew.
It was thanks to some books that she knew the location of this place. It was an holy temple, a secret holy sanctum of a goddess. What artefacts could be in there? What ancient monsters could be there in that secret place in China?
Curiosity and thirst of adventure were killers for Lara Croft and so she asked to the pilot of the helicopter to go north, and wait for her signal before going to that place. The pilot was stubborn to her request, but he accepted, without asking any further questions to the Tomb Raider.
When she arrived to that place, It was in ruins and it was cold, so deathly cold. Lara almost regretted to have not taken a jacket with her and have some winter pants. She was in her usual green shirt and khaki shorts, with her dual p
:iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 0 0
For the Good of the Empire
For the Good of the Empire
No one expected that the Water Dragon’s body was mutilated like that, for Furious Ming it was a glorious vision… but not for his sister: Wu the Lotus Blossom. She continued to cry, even during their fight with the Lotus Assassins Elite.
Both Ming and Wu were the last of their order, the last Spirit Monks, their duty was to regain the natural order of things, but Ming wanted the power, as long as he spoke with the Water Dragon about that he must destroy the body of the Goddess of Rebirth.
Tears were still in the Lotus Blossom’s eyes, and they couldn’t be stopped
> he shouted to her. He didn’t approved anything on what his sister did behind his back;
She repaired the Great Dam during one of the nights in Tien’s Landing while he was asleep at the camp, she warned Crimson Khana about Lucky Cho’s plan to poison her… and most disapproving to him…
She had begun a relationship with that annoying Rogue, he spied th
:iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 1 0
The Rogue and The Lotus - Jade Empire by AnyaAuditore14 The Rogue and The Lotus - Jade Empire :iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 3 1 Black Whirlwind Aesthetics by AnyaAuditore14 Black Whirlwind Aesthetics :iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 1 0 Sagacious Zu Aesthetics by AnyaAuditore14 Sagacious Zu Aesthetics :iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 2 0 Dawn Star Aesthetic by AnyaAuditore14 Dawn Star Aesthetic :iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 1 0 Wu The Lotus Blossom Aesthetic by AnyaAuditore14 Wu The Lotus Blossom Aesthetic :iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 0 0
Blue and Lotus Drabble 1
1; Temptation.
While they walked through the Scholar’s Garden, Sky and Wu didn’t share a word, they were in a comfortable silence side by side, while they were waiting for Silk Fox.
The Lotus Blossom sighed while walking on the way, Sky looked around, scared that some Lotus Assassin could have seen her. Some Guards of the Imperial Army had already a suspect on her when they landed on the Imperial City, he was afraid for her, they had begun a wonderful friendship and he’s too scared to lose her…
« Wu… » he called her, Wu looked at him with the sight of the eye, not knowing what he had in mind. Suddenly he took her wrist and pushed her away from the street, she ended to be on a bed of flowers and Sky was on top her, his arms in between of her face.
«  Sky? Are you Crazy? You want to broke me a leg or something don’t you? » she said in a confused voice, but there was a slight of anger in her voice.
« Quiet, I cannot risk th
:iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 2 0
Chapter 3: Miranda
Miranda could not believe her eyes, her brother after three long months had returned to her. Kurtis approached her, taking her hand and making her get up from the chair, Miranda shook her head, her tufts before his eyes moved with her  « I remind you that are not really blind Kurtis, do not do this charade when we are alone »Kurtis did not listen, he puts his right hand on his cheek. It was so long since He caressed his sister’s cheeks and now that he saw her before him, still in disbelief to see her.
It's been three long months from the coma and the events of the Strahov, the right eye of Miranda went out a black drop, a tear.
Kurtis gently moved his thumb, which dipped as if it were a normal tear. Miranda’s blindness was particular, very black tears, black eyes, but the tears are like normal tears, she still has vision.
A particular Lux . Kurtis took Miranda's head on his shoulder and she began to cry, without emitting a minimal sub. She tightened herself t
:iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 0 0
Chapter 2: Return to Paris
Kurtis was in a convalescent state for almost a whole day after his awakening from a coma, Ahret helped him and supported him during his convalescence, she gave him to eat and to drink, and continued to treat his bad wound in the stomach, caused by Kristina Boaz. Kurtis looked carefully as Ahret took care of his injury that put him in a coma for three whole months: She had a gentle touch, almost soporific and sensual, but in the end it was her way to cure a huge wound ... and Kurtis was one of that .
Ahret told him what he went through in recent months, said he complained in his sleep, that said phrases in a language unknown to her.
Kurtis to the words of the girl was silent, but nevertheless he was grateful for what she has done to him in three months.
The next day he was able to stand up, which it wasen't easy usually when you have just recovered from a coma, but something could make him stand up, determining him; An image of a girl his own age, by long brown hair and black eyes beca
:iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 0 0
Chapter 1: Awekening
First Part;
I'm Not The One Who says Prayers Often.
But I just hope with all my heart that my brother is Ok.
After the death of our father and our mother shock him in a terrible way.
Becoming a person thirst of justice.
Our Parents didn't had a good burial.
Me and Kurtis run away after Eckhard killed our father in front of our eyes.
I wanted to help him to kill the Black Alchemist but he told me to stay here, In Paris, Alone in Kurtis's Appartment.
I pray and hope that you'll come back brother, You're the only member of my family that remains. Three months alone with a Parisian caregiver just because I'm blind in the eyes of ordinary people.
Yes… I'm a Damn blind girl if I was an ordinary girl.
But I'm Not Blind.
-From Miranda Trent's Diary
A Man of circa Twenty-nine years young was motionless in a double bed, he was in this way from many months, since Ahret found him in the Strahov Fortress, bloody and almost dying, since that day he didn't open his eyes. He breathed yes but he
:iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 0 5
A Waited Addiction
Standing on sofa and watching the TV with the hand on her swollen belly, Lara putted her head on the shoulder of Kurtis, smiling and listening to the music that the singer was singing in that moment on the TV.
Kurtis put his arm on the shoulders of Lara, caressing her forearm « Miss Croft? Has the pregnancy made you more sweet?  » he said jokingly.
Lara couldn't help but laugh, she was at her 6th Month of pregnancy and it had made her sweeter and gentle, but back at several months ago...
Lara was afraid to have a baby. She loved Kurtis but she throught that It could be too soon to have kids, they weren't married but they were engaged for almost 3 years since the death of Eckhardt and Karel.
Kurtis, otherwise, was happy when he found it out. He throught that he could be a better father than his own father, yeah... If the baby will have the powers of the Lux Veritatis, Kurtis will train him and Lara will train to fight and athletics.
At the question, Lara laughed and took
:iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 0 5
Teamwork  by AnyaAuditore14 Teamwork :iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 3 0 You're my wonderlust by AnyaAuditore14 You're my wonderlust :iconanyaauditore14:AnyaAuditore14 4 4


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Finnaly I've opened an account for Fan Fictions!
It's in Italian I'm Sorry :(

Here the link:…

Have a good read :D


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