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"Fast food" art.

Fast food is a type of mass-produced food with a strong priority placed on "speed of service" versus other relevant factors involved in culinary science.

A few months ago I had a phone conversation with an Instagram representative. She told me that in order to keep up with the algorithm and be recognized by it you need to post at least: 3 feed posts per week, 4-5 reels per week, 1 IGTV per week and few stories every day.

It got me thinking. How can an artist possibly create this much work on a regular basis?

The answer is simple. He can't.

You need to be a cheap TV show with a thousand series. You need to be fast food to satisfy that algorithm hunger. You need to be fast fashion with a constant speed stream of low-quality cheap releases.

Algorithm forces us to constantly create new content and post. It makes us release-driven instead of development-driven. It pushed us into a never-ending spiral and rat race. Thus the quality turns into quantity. Work becomes bland. Success comes not to those who are more talented but to those who can keep up with the algorithm. Artist becomes a content creator and art becomes content.

So here we are under unhealthy pressure with mental health issues questioning everything we do, if we are good enough, if we try hard enough. But the problem is not you and not your work. It's the algorithm.

Because guess what?

Art takes time.

So let's stop apologizing for not posting, taking a break, being slow. Our likes, our reach and our engagement don't define our work and our self-worth. We are not a mass-production factory. I am an artist and I will create on my own terms, not a schedule.
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Well said. I always love your work for it's creativity.

very nice picture .

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Very pretty picture! And the description box is it's own piece of art. May your voice be heard, may your message be acknowledged and may your work be your own ♥