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Sea Level Rise

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"2.5 Seconds" climate change awareness series
As humans continue to pour greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, oceans have tempered the effect. The world's seas have absorbed more than 90 percent of the heat from these gases, but it’s taking a toll on our oceans: 2018 set a new record for ocean heating.
Rising seas is one of those climate change effects. Average sea levels have risen over 8 inches (about 23 cm) since 1880, with about a third of that gained in the last 25 years.
Sea level rise is caused primarily by two factors related to global warming: the added water from melting ice sheets and glaciers and the expansion of seawater as it warms.
When sea levels rise as rapidly as they have been, even a small increase can have devastating effects on coastal habitats, it can cause destructive erosion, flooding, soil contamination with salt, and lost habitat for fish, birds, and plants. Higher sea levels are cause more deadly and destructive hurricanes that move more slowly and drop more rain, contributing to more powerful storm surges that can strip away everything in their path.
Already, flooding in low-lying coastal areas is forcing people to migrate to higher ground, and millions more are vulnerable from flood risk and other climate change effects. In the United States, almost 40 percent of the population lives in relatively high population-density coastal areas, where sea level plays a role in flooding, shoreline erosion, and hazards from storms. Most predictions say the warming of the planet will continue and is likely to accelerate, causing the oceans to keep rising. It is projected to rise another 1 to 4 feet by 2100. This means hundreds of coastal cities face flooding.
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Take the high ground!

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Speaking of sea levels, I figured out that the Great Sea from WW was formed by Hyrule’s tectonic plate sinking. And I also figured out that the LoZ timeline spans 73700 years.

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Higher temperatures help with biodiversity don't they? And as sea levels rise more inland desert areas will have access to ocean moisture for rainfall. Of course I'm no scientist, just a thought I had from watching PBS all day.

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Not true for corals for example. this shows how an increase in temperature of just a couple of degrees can annihilate big parts of reefs.

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Warmer areas don't always improve biodiversity. It's easy to get higher biodiversity than the arctic, but at the other extreme the Sahara isn't very biodiverse at all. More of an issue is that diverse habitats take time to develop; the relatively rapid change we're looking at will knock species out faster than they have time to adapt. Some species can migrate quickly but others, like trees, take a very long time to shift into new habitats.

Rainfall will increase in some areas and decrease in others. Both can be problematic if it pushes things beyond what the inhabitants (be they animals or humans) are prepared for.

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People are smart, they'll find a way to have fun. :)

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what r u talking about?

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Life hand you a lemon, you make lemonade kind of thing. People have choices, people are smart, people will overcome problems. And people will find ways to have fun again. Climate will always change and so people changes too. Pursuit of happiness...aka fun. People seek the giant wave to surf. :giggle:

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I wish I was that optimistic......

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People are amazing if they aren't force not to be amazing. You take pictures, you must see many amazing things too. The world is amazing. Life is amazing. From the desert to the sea. Life is ready for anything. And human, I think human might be life ultimate experiment if we don't screw ourselves first. Human probably life's first creation with the ability to screw ourselves. :giggle: Human take up a lot of challenges. I don't think Sea level is any problem. Human can fly like birds and swim like fish. If sea level rises, human will find out why and will stand up to the challenge. I see a lot of mermaid on here, they will love the sea rise. :giggle:

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You live in Novosibirsk or somewhere in Siberia don't ya

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