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Child of nature

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"sleeping" beauty...
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so beautiful... i can't find any words... simple amazement!
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"The mermaids had been a secretive race, shying away from humans whenever possible. They were smart enough to avoid oil spills and to stay out of range of the ship's radar system. It seems they must have understood our technology, but there was never any evidence found that they had their own parallel technology. They lived with nature, as nature. They didn't manipulate of shape their environment, they simply passed through, a ghost of the sea currents, another creature eating from the reefs. It became hard for them when the reefs became tourist attractions, but still they were never seen. They did their best when garbage began to clog their oceans with hard rubbish, but that did dwindle. It was the unseen which killed them and thus finally brought them to our attention. By then it was much to late. They were such beautiful creatures and we killed them as easily as we did many others. I living mermaid dazzles the mind, it is the untouchable beauty of nature."

"Sir? Have you actually seen a living mermaid?" A child asked.

"Yes, she must have been one of the last ones seen by a human." The old man sighed, "I was very young at the time. I was searching the rock pools where the Brisbane river met the sea, I don't know why because you rarely found anything in them in those days. The oil slick in the mid pacific had occurred a little over a month ago, and the first droplets of oil were washing in. I didn't know what those shiny drops meant at the time, I was too young, too sheltered."

"The mermaid?"

"That was happening more these days as companies cut corners to bring the new oil from the deep sea wells in a hope of lowering the exorbitantly high price. Three spills in one year, we'd already been poisoning the water but that year it had escalated, that year the mermaids began washing up on our shores in unprecedented numbers. They were often found gasping for breath or dead already, with skin mottled by some sort of poisoning and scales dull."

"But yours was alive?"

"She was her own being, not mine." The old man sighed at the memory, "Her skin wasn't as badly mottled, perhaps she had been a deep water maid, but her scales were dull. Her tail was a gorgeous aqua colour and frilled like that of a Siamese fighting fish. Above the waist she was fair skinned with odd patches of blue tinged skin and long golden hair. Her eyes were closed as she lay on the rocks, but the gills on her side flapped with the effort of breathing in our poisonous air."

"Did she speak?"

"Mermaids don't speak as we do, since they do not have lungs or a voice box. I ran over to her and gently poured the contents of my water bottle over her gills. She stirred slightly and lifted her arm. I took a hold of her hand and she gave my hand a slight squeeze. Then her gills stopped moving and she lay still."


"I guess you could call it a kind of sleep."

I hope you like it. The story is yours to do with as you wish as long as you credit me. I would also like permission to post this story as my own deviation with your image as the preview, I will credit and link back as the source of inspiration.
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very interisting! good job :)
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Hello! You have been featured on my page as part of my daily features project. Have a good day! :huggle:
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Your piece has been featured in #Lit-Visual-Alliance's Second Allied Artwork Feature! Please :+fav: the article to bring attention to the feature. :)
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You're very welcome. :)
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gorgeously added lighting...body language is phenom! bg is very intriguing!
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That's so's beautiful, she's wonderfully drawn and the distorted landscape behind her is really cool,'s like the city is the demon, the monster that killed her, but it's too distorted for her to see clearly. The way she seems to be turning human, the legs beneath the tail, is another interesting detail too, but it's so sad, because...the viewer/beholder doesn't think she's sleeping....
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Wanted to let you know that I wrote this poem about your amazing image. Hope you like it: [link]
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Hello, you've been featured here: [link] Please favorite the article so it can gain more support. :)
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:wow: This is so incredibly amazing.
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i love the feeling in this pic ^^
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one of the most beautiful mermaid paintings I have ever seen.
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this is just beautiful.. very emotional (:
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Great job. I'm completely speechless.
It's touching my heart.
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Thank you. I'm pleased.
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так и погибают все русалки нашего мира(
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She's eerily beautiful....this really sends a message about what were doing to our world.
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атмосферно, а бекграунд напоминает Позняки))
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