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By any-s-kill
Bad habit - to stay up late at night. For a 'Bad habit' speed-art contest)
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I Have That Habit To. I Stayed Up Til Like 5:00a.m. The Next Morning 
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This is me. For sure
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hahahaa!! me too me too! I have that habit too! :P
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отличная работа! очень душевно!
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That's the hour of creativity :D
Dekartist's avatar
you're not alone anymore)
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Ha, this really reminds me of myself. I stay up late when I shouldn't all the time. Wonderful painting! :D
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эта привычка присуща всем нам;))
any-s-kill's avatar
)))) Оу...\"..щоб вона скисла і здохла...\"(c)Альф - ця звичка!!! ))))))) ... сил вже немає..треба себе якось привчати... )))))))
This is easily one of my favorite pics. I can really relate with the theme. I'll make it my wallpaper. ^^!
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Ow..It is an honor to me! But this is really bad bAd BADddd.... habit :no: Be careful:omg:
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I love it!
And :highfive: for the bad habit :D
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о да, правда жизни :)
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)))))))))))) ...надо с этим бороться )
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I love this
your window makes me wonder too, what you see out it.
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You have interesting line of thought^^ For me in the window there were skies...a lot of skies)...stars, trees, sleepy thoughts and dreams))) What about you..what do you see?
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What I would think I would see out that, and an image that I have alway wanted to see out a window, was a fast amount of sky, but you couldn'tsee the horizon, because of a little pond down below, and the moon is reflecting, and it's so bright it seems like day, and the willow trees grew so large that it's like you can climb out your window, onto them and into the moon.

this is why I love your paintings, since they aren't so detailed, you can imagine a few things for yourself.
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;D I like to write as well ^^
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I guess all digital artist can see a little of themselves here. Superb!
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really beautiful! you've a great style ^^
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Thanks for your kindness!
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