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so some things are now changed and i will say bye bye as a helper of the group ^^ there are some more folders which you can bomb i won't keep it in sort now anymore, since this isn't my thing from now on anymore.

why? there was not much response to the leaving thing, so that shows me well enough that the people just want a place were they can bomb others with pictures or.... others things,.... i just hope that the group won't be going to too much dissorder, but that is now up to the members.^^

have fun,
now a normal member again
cid ^^
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will affiliate with any group

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Will accept any Anime drawing
Will also accept anyone who wants to join!
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but there still are some rules :)

please use english language, when you don't have information like this at the end of the discription:
Character (insert Character Name here) belongs to Anime/manga/game // OC
Drawn by - Enter your name here (or the name from who you got this)
Meme frm - Enter Name of the Meme maker here

and the folders now ;)

FEATURED - i think everybody knows what this folder is for, anime DRAWINGS which are really good will land here (i still have to sort out much...)

GENERAL/2 - Here all the Anime/manga and even drawings from Comics land here (but not your own Characters ;) - to the Comic things, if they are looking anime like, then they are allowed)

OCs/2 - Here comes all your OWN Characters (or those from others, but OCs not FCs :)), which are not created for an anime/manga/game. So just these which are your full and only OC's, with own story and co :)

FC's - Fan Characters, here we will have your (or from others) Naruto-, Bleach- aso. OC's, even so, the Characters you designed after playing OnlineGames ;). Why an extra folder? Much easier to search for something i would say ;)

SKETCHES, LINES and WIPS - from practise drawings to this, i think that is much easier to understand. Now you can post here all the sketches, linearts and the WIPs from you here

DOJINSHI AND MANGA PAGES - easy to say :) your dojinshis belongs in here and the mangas of your OWN creation

CROSSOVER - Crossover, is for those submittions, where two worlds (or more) coming together - like Naruto with Pokemon aso.

VIDEOGAME ART - Fan arts which are from Video Games, like Street Fighter, Civilization, Magica (aso.)

NARUTO and INU YASHA - as you can see, to these two mangas/animes :)

FMA and DBZ - as it says ^^

BLEACH and ONE PIECE - same as the two over it

POKEMON - as it says ;) Gajinkas are allowed to, if they are no FCs

DIGIMON - just for those

HETALIA - as it says ;)

DEATH NOTE - Let us see Kira, L and the others :)

D. GRAY MEN - as it says, at the moment not much here ;)

VAMPIRE KNIGHT - at the moment not much here, after sorting all folders, maybee it will be fused with the general

KUROSHITSUJI AND HIGURASHI - at the moment not much here, after sorting all folders, maybee it will be fused with the general

HOLIDAY DRAWINGS - pictures to let it be Valentine, Easter aso. let us see them :)

FANTASY, MYTHOLOGICAL and ANIMALS - if you like drawing something more Fantasy like, without much background information or basing on an anime/manga/comic/game, then here it is right :)

IDs and SELF PORTRAITS - at the moment you can find here, your id's, self portraits and portraits of other real life persons as an anime/manga figur

TUTORIALS - opend for those who like to help us with good tutorial tipps :)

MEME's - as it say, let us see the meme's you filled ^^

OTHER DRAWINGS - here comes all those which don't work with the Fantasy/Mythological folder, Characters that just pops up one time for just this drawing and don't have a background story

CONTEST ENTRYS - merged folders of the contest entrys :)
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