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Kiriban Prize 2 Part 2 of 2: Castiel icon by KamiDiox Kiriban Prize 2 Part 2 of 2: Castiel icon :iconkamidiox:KamiDiox 109 21
You were walking beside your boyfriend, Allistor. You hugged his left arm as you leaned on him. He often told you it’s hard to walk in that position, but whatever, you liked it.
You two were going somewhere and were now waiting a bus at the bus stop. You two kept standing as you waited. You thought that the bus would come in a while, but apparently it was late.
You had waited for 5 minutes and it still wasn’t coming. Allistor just growled as he was bored. You kept hugging his arm and told him to be patient a little bit more. Then you looked around to see people doing their stuff. One thing caught your eyes, and that is a woman with her child sitting a distance behind you. They were also waiting for the bus.
You scanned them, and saw the woman’s tummy. She was pregnant and the boy beside her was not more than a seven year old.
You smiled at the scene and thought if you would be like her. You turned your head back and leaned on Al’s shoulder again.
Time passed and
:iconcaerilorem:CaeriLorem 75 8
Roomies? LokixReader FanFic pt1
“LET ME GO!” You screamed, throwing your head back. Captain America cringed as your skull connected with the iron man suit’s jaw.
Loki turned his head. He had been lying on his back on the ground floor of the cell, his hands crossed on his stomach. He furrowed his brows at the sight of Iron Man pushing a girl into the room, flanked by Captain America and Thor.
Tony yanked your wrists, pulling your arms tighter behind your back. “Quick!” He screamed, his voice coming out in the metallic tenor of the iron man suit. “Open the door!” He continued forcing you toward the cell, while you thrashed and kicked violently. Captain America jumped ahead of him, to the console that controlled the cell.
“LET ME GO!” You screamed again, bending your leg at a sharp angle, your foot echoing off of the metal between the Iron Man’s legs.
Thor looked between the cell and you.  Loki smirked at him, turning and sitting crisscross, watching the s
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 188 63
Kaoru Hitachiin x Reader ~ Lost Wallet
Kaoru Hitachiin x Reader One-Shot ~ Lost Wallet
You walked around the empty Ouran Academy past school hours, looking for your lost wallet. It was small and got lost all the time. You sighed at the thought of searching through the whole school to look for it. You gasped as your phone rung in the pocket of your (color) jeans. You got to wear these since the Host Club performed a "punk" theme and since you waited tables, you wore tight jeans with a ripped (color) t-shirt and sneakers.
You picked up the phone quickly, and to your surprise, it was Kaoru Hitachiin, your long-time crush.
-Hey, _______-chan, we found your wallet! – The Hitachiin Brothers knew how easily you lost your wallet and they knew how it looked by now.
You blinked and sighed in relief.
-Where are you? – You asked quickly.
-Hey, Hikaru, where are we~? Hmm, looks like Texas to us! – Kaoru teased and you heard the Twins snicker lightly.
-You brats! Tell me where you are this instant! I need my wallet! –
:iconakitasadure:AkitaSadure 803 193
Tiny Lady (Loki x Baby!Reader)
“I vow that everyone here shall suffer if someone does not remove this fiend from my person!” Loki growls as he tries to untangle your curious fingers from the silken edge of his pants.
Thor’s laughter is booming as he steps forward to pick you up and hold you in one of his large arms.
“Now brother, this tiny lady is no fiend,” Thor coos playfully, stretching out a single finger to tickle at your belly.
You laugh giddily, small fingers wrapping about his finger, a large grin on your face.
“Yes,” Sif says in that gentle baby voice everyone seems so keen on adopting when in the presence of an infant, “She’s a lady.”
Sif wiggles her finger over your stomach and you watch her silently before laughing and reaching out to take one of her fingers in your hand.
“Agreed!” Fandral throws in, sauntering over to peer down at your face.
You trill delightfully at the addition of third face, hands on a new mission as they stretch
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 1,211 184
Romano x Reader The Knife Game
Romano x Reader The Knife Game
You, Feliciano and Lovino were in the kitchen making pasta. You and Feliciano were making the sauce while Lovino heated the noodles. Feliciano was holding a knife when he asked you to play a game. "Hey a- _______ do you a- want to play a game?" He held the knife up. This made you scare because of how clumsy he is but just agreed. "Yes. But what kind of game?" You questioned.  "The knife a- game." He said cheerily while having you the knife. You can't refuse to his bubbliness so you played. You started singing.
"Oh I have all my fingers.the knife goes chop chop chop.if I miss the spaces in between my fingers will come off.and if I hit my fingers the blood will soon come out.but all the same I play this game cuz thats what its all about." You sang the first sentence with skillfully stabbing the knife. Lovino heard and saw you and you stared at his eyes. His eyes is full with concern cause maybe you will stab yourself.
"oh chop chop chop chop chop chop.
:iconkanazakiharia:kanazakiHaria 156 89
Annoyances (Kyoya Ootori x Reader)
You absolutely loathed that girl. It had all started a very short while ago. You had simply been standing with your friends in Music Room #3, next to Kyoya, all of you watching Tamaki's continuous attempts to woo the newest addition to the club, Haruhi. A perfectly normal day in the Host Club, really.
That was, until, Haruhi had noticed the petite girl watching the group of you from behind the doorframe. Hikaru and Kaoru went to greet her, and Tamaki, always eager, was not far behind. You furrowed your brows, turning to Kyoya to ask if he knew who she was, until your attention was immediately drawn back to the door.
"No! Don't touch me, you're phony!" The dirty-blonde's shrill voice had rung out, making you flinch. She had proceeded to shower Tamaki in insults, almost bringing him to tears. The unanimous gasp from the host club was followed by the blonde teen throwing himself about dramatically, unable to believe that someone had called him a fake.
You had s
:iconally1001:Ally1001 1,233 135
host hopper:
[Kyoya Ootori x Reader]
"Alright, who today?" Kyoya asks boredly.
He nods. " Go on."
She happily makes her way to Haruhi, who is all alone. "Haru-chan!"
"(Y/N), you're early." She hugs me. She just shrugs.
"Class ended early today."
"Have you chosen a host yet?"
She sighs and looks around the mildly crowded music room. "No. I love them all, how could someone choose?"
"Well one of them must have caught your eye unlike the others." A small blush quickly covers her cheeks.
A huge smile replaces Haru-chan's small pout. "Who is it?"
"Kyoya." She says louder than she expected and he definitely heard.
"Yes?" He asks walking over.
She looks over at him. "I- you see we-"
"Nothing, Kyoya-Senpai." Haruhi assures him. He nods, heading back to his original spot. "Stop host hopping."
(Y/N) shakes her head at Haruhi. "No, I actually like him, Haruhi."
"Who?" They can practically hear the devious smirk from those twins. Both girls look over at the twins, who they know heard what (Y/N) just s
:iconxchasingthemoonx:xChasingTheMoonx 220 21
Mature content
White Lace and Whiskey (Scotland x Reader) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 191 53
Sam Winchester x Reader: You're So Classic
"Sammy, turn off your stupid iPod, and keep researching. We've gotta wrap up this hunt, and your music is annoying."
It was a somewhat slow day in the bunker, and Sam, Dean, Cas, and you were researching for a hunt. Well, Dean and you were. Cas was in the kitchen making peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches (for awhile, now) while your boyfriend, Sam, was fooling around with the music on his iPod, causing Dean to become extremely annoyed- partially because it wasn't classic rock. When Sam didn't reply and a new song started up, you turned around, only to find him right behind you.
"Oh hey, Sammy," you grinned.
"Hey, angel," he said, doing what could only be described as "shimmying". He held his hands out expectantly with a smile on his face, waiting for you to grab them. Giggling, you took them, only to be pulled to the middle of the room.
Ooh girl you're shining

Like a 5th avenue diamond

And they don't make you like they used to

You're never going out of style
It sta
:icongeekinspired:GeekInspired 183 38
Poetic Confession: Canada x Reader
You smile a little as you listen to the soft drumming of rain against the window. A content sigh escape your lips and you continue reading your novel. Suddenly, a small knock comes from downstairs and you wonder who could be visiting in this weather. You get up and rush over to the door and peer out the peephole. A familiar, shy Canadian stands there twirling his umbrella a little as he waits for you. You smile and open the door and greet your friend. "Hey, Canada!" His cheeks become rosy from your simple smile and he collapses his umbrella. "Hi, ______." You step aside and open the door wider for him to enter then close the door and lock it. "What brings you here?", you ask as you resume your position on the couch, but set your book on the coffee table. When you don't hear an answer, you look up at him and find his face really red. Your maternal instincts come in and you stand and put the back of your hand on his forehead. "Are you okay? You didn't catch a fever on the way here did yo
:iconjhaparis13:jhaparis13 17 6
Gambling (Remy LeBeau X Reader) One-Shot
You jumped, startled when his Bo staff made its way in front of you, blocking your path.
"Hello there." 
You rolled your eyes.
"Not now, Remy." You scolded half-heartedly. He pouted playfully. "And stop using your charm! You know it only works when the person doesn't know and, trust me, I know it well enough." Sometimes you wondered if the charm trully worked like that. Often you caught yourself staring at him for no good reason, but you figured it was because you were attracted to him. After all, he wasn't such a bad sight for the eyes and his company was enjoyable.
"Why not?"
You showed the books on your arms and raised your brows to emphasize your point.
"I'm kinda busy, you know."
Remy sighed. "Sometimes you make me miss the old times."
You narrowed at him. "Remy..."
"You know I prefer when you call me Gambit."
You rolled your eyes. "Gambit, if you're refering to your thief time, than you beter take back what you just said. I won't tolerate you mentioning that agai
:iconmrivso:Mrivso 289 63
Tongue Tied|HikaruxReader
Tongue Tied
"Don't take me tongue tied,
Don't wave no goodbye."

"Let's play the 'Which One is Hikaru Game'!!"
Many girls squealed with excitement at the so-called 'adorable devils'. Okay, every girl. Every girl except you that is. Unlike ever other girl in the room, you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms.
"Remind me why I have to come here again." you told your cousin, Kyoya. Kyoya chuckled and pushed up his glasses. "Unless you'd like to walk home, your best option is to wait here until my car arrives."
Letting out a defeated groan, you slumped into a velvet chair. "Curse you, mother..." you muttered to yourself. After all, it was her that forgot today was your first day at Ouran Academy. Being your mother, she was going to be exceptionally busy.
"I don't understand why she didn't buy me a cellphone already. I mean, I'm fifteen for crying out loud! And we're rich!" you complained to Kyoya, tracing your finger along the intricate carving on the ar
:iconcoldvixen:ColdVixen 670 122
America X Reader Restless Nights
    "Gah," America groaned, he flipped over and ended up in a knot of sheets and blankets. This night would never end. He could not sleep, not that that was a terrible thing, but it was frustrating.  Normally on a night like this he would simply roll over and play some sort of game on his glowing phone but, tonight he could not focus on anything. Anything other than you. He had spent the whole day with you and it had been more of an adventure than he would have liked. That wasn't all a bad thing he loved that you liked spontaneity, but he had a bit of a reservation towards as much as had happened today. Originally he had planned to pick you up and go to breakfast. That did not happen. Instead he woke up to the smell of food, albeit not a bad way to wake up but that was a bit of a shock. Who was in his house? Why were they cooking his food? His food! He practically leaped out of bed and down the stairs. Much to his surprise there you were; there with a kitchen towel slung
:iconspicyfox16:SpicyFox16 60 12
American Gift (StevexReader)
Name: American Gift
Fandom: Avengers
Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count: 1240
Warnings: None
(Y/N) ..First Name  //  (L/N) ..Last Name (Surname) // (N/N) ..Nickname
"I actually think it's a little bit weird..." (Y/N) sighed seeming a little bit frustrated and ran her hand through her shiny (c/h) hair. "Sorry, ma'am?" Steve looked at the girl walking next to him with slight confusion in his bright blue eyes. He pushed away the thought of how adorable she looked with that certain expression; The former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent and latest Avengers Member (Y/N) (L/N) always has been a bit unworldly, being busy with fighting, training and studying various things (she had a certain faible for foreign languages  ). (Y/N) often had the habit to suddenly notice something that bothered or confused her, without a visible reason how she came to the certain topic, and to speak out sentences like her last one without any following explanation. She always had the s
:iconfallenrichardbrook:FallenRichardBrook 99 9
(ReaderXCas) For Tsuki-no-Usagi-1995
"I can't believe I'm doing this," you muttered quietly, tugging down the hem of the black dress you were wearing. It ended a little high on your thighs for you to be entirely comfortable.
"Yeah, I can't either," Dean growled. He was standing beside you, wearing a suit. Cas stood behind you, dressed in one of Dean's other "FBI" suits. It looked a little big on him, but it worked better for the situation than his normal clothes. "At least you get to be with Cas, and not flirting with someone old enough to be your mom," he continued, glancing around the outdoor gardens.
"Yeah, yeah, suck it up," you muttered under your breath.
The museum loomed in front of the three of you. It had once been an old plantation, before it was turned into a museum. Tonight, it was holding a fancy exhibition showcasing some famous films they had recently acquired, and raising money for some charity or another. Dean had scored three tickets for you from a local "ghost enthusiast" that you had been getting help
:iconfire-gemron:Fire-Gemron 58 34


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