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Unicorns and rainbows FTW

After seeing :iconniwatori:'s pony, I just had to adapt it. Upon request, the artist was kind and relicensed it to CC BY-NC-SA.

... Unicorns and rainbows, lol, it's what I tease a friend of mine with. It's what he dreams of! XD

The pony is the only part which was traced, the rest was completely created by me, yes, the easy part! :P

This was created with InkScape on Ubuntu.
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three words .. me wants t-shirt! Quality stuff, bro, keep it up
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Not a brony yet? :;-D
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I had to google the meaning of "brony"! ... Unicorns to me are tools for annoyance and teasing only. ;D
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^_^ heehee, i love your adaption
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