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    The freezing night wind blew through the woman's cloak like icy daggers as she limped down the side walk. Her belly was well rounded under her cloak, her due date being very close now. In fact, she was searching for a safe place to give birth. Someplace safe...

A noise from the bushes made her turn, green eyes narrowed as she searches for the source of the sound; a silver dagger in her hand, ready to defend herself. She sighs in relief when she sees it is just a dog barking and whimpering in the cold. Once she lowered her dagger, she gasped in pain as she clutched at her belly and falling to her knees. A small, quickly freezing puddle formed under her. Her water had broke.

", no,'re coming too soon..." she gasped as another wave of pain hit her. The child obviously didn't care as it sent another wave of pain to her, making her cry out.
Whimpering, she made it as far as under a holly bush to get out of the wind before she found herself going through labor. 

After what felt like forever, she finally gave a sob as she finally gave birth to triplets.

One of the girls never even drew breath, her eyes never to open and shine. The other girl was wailing loudly, her tiny fists close to her chest to try and keep warm. The only boy, however, was silent and shivering. The woman took a deep breath before wrapping the surviving children in her cloak to keep them warm. Then she buried the other girl under that same holly bush before taking her surviving children into her arms.

However, something was bothering her. The girl was strong and healthy looking. That was good. But, the cause of her worry was for her son. He was small and pale, his breathing slow and barely there.

'He won't make it through the trip back home. His body is too weak.' she thought as she walked down the side walk once more. She needed someplace safe for him. But...could she really leave her child here alone?

It was then that she saw it: a sign that read "Alderwood Orphanage" outside a large building with its lights on.

    The baby boy opened his eyes to see a woman over him.
"It will be okay, Kashindir. Ma loves you. Kashindir, Kami loves you. We will be back, I swear. So, become strong. As strong as you can." she whispered, her green eyes seeming to glow. And then she was gone, leaving the baby boy as he began to cry and wail at the loss of something familiar.

He was still crying when the door opened and a girl found him and took him inside.

And that was where the baby boy stayed for years to come.


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I am genderfluid, and I go by they/them pronouns. I am Abi when I am female, and Leo when I am male. I love anime and I love books.


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