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Rainbow Dash Vector - When You're Ready!

By Anxet
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A Rainbow Dash Vector I Did In Inkscape In A Little More Than An Hour, And A Kinda Follow Up To This Vector - [link] , And Just A Schedule Vector After I Didn't Do Any For A Long Time.


SVG - [link] , Well, After A Long Time Without Doing Schedule Vectors (Usually Vector I upload Once A Day Or Two), I Decided To Do Some Again After Working On My Comics, So I Just Decided To Calm A Little Down, Do Some Requests, And Probably Get Back To The Comics Tomorrow. If You Liked The Vector, Add It To Your Favorites Or Collections, Comment, Tell If You Find Any Mistakes, Check Out My Vector Gallery For More Awesome Vectors, And Maybe Even Watch Me For More Cool Vectors! Take Care Guys! /)
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© 2012 - 2021 Anxet
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LOL, liked it!
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Can i use this for a project of mine it has not got a name but it gona be creepypasta inspired but it is gona surround robots 
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Do you think this one should be about 20% cooler or more?…
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I want to use this vector for a shirt I want to make.  Is that alright?
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Yes! just if possible, let me see it when it's over! That'll be great!
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:iconanxet: :iconsaysplz: HEY HOW YA DOIN!? :iconzoeytrent: :iconsaysplz: umm do i know u? :iconanxet: IDK
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Going to use:D(And I'll credit:D)
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Hi, I was wondering if you'd mind if I drew another pony in this pose? I would not trace it or edit it in any way, it would be completely my own, only using this as a reference. I can give you full credit for the pose.
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Sure! don't worry, you don't need to credit me, after all, this is a pose from the show! so feel free to!
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Wow! You've got their style down!! Very cool!
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this really does make me look forward to the complete fighting is magic even more seeing this pose.
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Hmm, Never Thought Of That, But Pretty True.
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