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Derpy Hooves Vector

A Derpy Hooves Vector I Made In Inkscape, For Me, This Is The Easiest Character to Vectorize, I Made It In 2 Hours Like Always, And If You Wonder How I Counted It, I Listened To This - [link] (Listen To It BTW) All The Time I Made The Vector, And Saw How Much Time The Video Passed, And That How I Found It Out! Also - I Made Some Tweaks In This Vector, Like Added Eye Wedges, Made A TOTALLY CUSTOM Cutie Mark, And Some More! And Yeah, I Know I Messed Up The Chin For A Little, I Couldn't Figure Out How To Make It Look Right.


SS - [link] ,SVG - [link] , Ahh, Back From The Vacation, Really Enjoyed It, Now Back To Schedule, I Will Work On A Vector with two Ponies In It Tomorrow, and For The Weekend, I Will Keep Working On My OC, Add To Favs, comment, and watch for cool vectors like this! (And Even Better!)
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I'm gonna use it for a birthday gift today :)
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Do you mind if I use this vector in a video I have planned, if I give credit?
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Sure! use it how much you want!
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OK, here it is, if you want to see it:…
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can I use this vector for my pony?, sorry but I don´t know how draw a pony XD
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That's absolutely awesome, nice work indeed :D
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Make Sure You Check Out Some Of My New Work Too! This One Is Pretty Old And Bad, But Still, Thank You!
Just a heads up, I am planning on using this for a Photoshop thing, so yeah, but I will put your name in the desc.
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Great job ~Anxet, I love it:)
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I wish I could help yea but I use Ai
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We all love Derpy.
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