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Update 2020-08-22 - Render Time ~2min38sek

This week I have learned a lot about hard surface modeling. I get faster, a bunch of new techniques, especially a combination of destructive/nondestructive modelling.
Thinking about how to create your geometry in Blender is pretty much different from Rhino, but after I found out how to proceed I'm nearly as fast as in my CAD programs.

As you can see in my images, I really like realism in my renders, immersion is a major factor I can easily achieve in Blender but not in DAZ. So next step is to model dynamic chains, cuffs, plugs,
electrical devices as needed. After modelling these parts, I will create the urban/rural/bunker environment needed for my novels (still plotting the story of J. and A. and the substory C A R G O) .

I hope that you'll like my novels, J+A is consensual, while <C A R G O> is a planned 3 season non consensual novel, with some turnarounds, inspired by semi god Quentin Tarantino
and Kiddo/Uma :)

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Das schaut alles sehrgut aus :-)

Die Disziplin hab ich nicht, alles vorher zu modellieren. Ich mach die Teile, wenn ich sie dann brauche, gebe aber zu, dass das ghier die definitiv bessere Methode ist.

Ausserdem bist Du wesentlich genauer, ich bin ein schlamperter Hund ;-)