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True Reality ((Nathaniel X Chloe One Shot))
What do you call this reality?
What do you call real life?
In a sense, every fantasy world is a reality on its own, isn't that right? It exists, doesn't it?
Why is it just the world we live in we called reality? Thousands of realities all around us, thousands of people, thousands of voices, maybe even millions. These faces feel so lifelike, these eyes seem to look right at me. These don't count as real too? These fictional people are just in a different reality.
Why can't they... Come together?
I never felt attached to my reality, like I was imprisoned in the middle with no real escape. When I created, I could enter that special reality I made on my own but... Why did my head feel so fuzzy?
I couldn't think straight. It was like a drug, entering that alternate reality. It made me angry if I... Made a mistake. The small flaws if my hand shook, if I spaced off, if I couldn't get the hands quite right, I couldn't let those flaws exist.
Not in my reality.
It's all mine.
It has to be perfec
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It ((Beta Nagito X Canon Nagito One Shot))
He could feel the eyes behind him, peering into his back, watching him as he worked. He tried to ignore it but the feeling of that disgusting staring grew more intense, more like his soul was being observed. Still, he kept his attention on his work, his bony fingers piecing together the clues he'd found so far. Every so often, he'd release a small sigh or adjust his glasses. Hearing a small hiccup from behind, the male finally exhaled with impatient annoyance. "Can I help you?" He didn't bother turning around, knowing full well who it was. It was... Well, it was him. This was all just a dream, right? It was a complete dream that he met another version of himself and it was batshit crazy. The only reason he tolerated this counterpart around was that it was somewhat intelligent if it wanted to be, not spouting nonsense and whatnot. Even if he didn't want it around, it followed him everywhere anyway, usually not saying a word. He couldn't get rid of it.
Speaking of the "it", he'd yet to n
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Mature content
Blazing Stars Chapter Eight ((Homestuck Story)) :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
Mature content
Blazing Stars Chapter Seven ((Homestuck Story)) :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
Mature content
Blazing Stars Chapter Six ((Homestuck Story)) :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
Mature content
Blazing Stars Chapter Five ((Homestuck Story)) :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
Mature content
Blazing Stars Chapter Four ((Homestuck Story)) :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
Mature content
Blazing Stars Chapter Three ((Homestuck Story)) :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
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Blazing Stars Chapter Two ((Homestuck Story)) :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
Blazing Stars Chapter One ((Homestuck Story))
​​​​​​  Another scream rippled through the air. The shadowed woman ripped at the bed. Her breaths heavy and shallow.
"Hang in there. You're almost there."
A young man gripped her hand. "You can do it. Push!"
The woman screamed again and obeyed.
Then it was silent. The doctor moved to pick up the newborn baby, frozen still.
Another man approached and gazed over his kin. "Are they..."
"No. She's alive." The doctor set down the baby and moved the limbs around. Moments passed and finally the child's shrill cry rang out.
"She's gonna be okay." The doctor handed the child to the father. "But... Your wife... Sir, I don't think she'll make it. She was too weak."
The man held the baby close and kneeled beside the panting woman. His heart shattered in his chest. "No. No Ally, my girl. Don't leave me. You'll make it. Please. Please meet our beautiful baby girl." The man held out the baby to the mother. She meekly
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Bathing In Blood
 A crack of light shooting across the sky, exploding like a firework in less than a moment.
  What followed after was the drum of thunder, pounding, pulsing, the dangerous game of the storm directly above had an effect on all but one.
Black tears, oynx blood, and the disgusting scent of death all mingled together under the pouring rain. It seemed like the sky would never return to the gentle blue again.
Death was all that remained and those that were lucky enough to survive had already run off to save their miserable lives. Though a heart was beating, the crushing of the human soul was enough to damn them to death later. Nothing mattered anymore, they were all gone.
Even the one that caused such despair had been obliterated.
 The lifeless eyes, glazed over with each decaying body as if watching their murderer's pain. Even without a beating heart, without a mind to think, with no soul to judge, they all seemed to be saying "You should die" as he crossed their paths. "You
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A Bit Of Both ((Danganronpa One Shot))
  The silence left a window of opportunity for a shrill scream to echo from someplace unknown. The anger digging its claws into my chest erupted in a crack in my mind. Before I realized what was happening, I felt a drop of water slide down my cheek.
It sounded like a drop of rain hitting concrete. Not glistening in the light, as it should have been, but eerily dark, lacking the reflection of the bright rays. It seemed to pass by so quickly, it took me a moment to register I was crying, but it felt like it had been lingering for so long after it was already gone, leaving a small puddle in its wake on the ground.
I couldn't stop myself from allowing more tears to slide down my cheeks.
"Oh Naegi, aren't you just so precious?"
A voice whispered from behind. I whipped my head around but I couldn't see anything. It was too dark to see two feet in front of me, even if I squinted.
"So full of hope."
I turned around again to be met with a grinning face only centimeters from mine. For half
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Who's Behind The Mask (Nathaniel X Reader Oneshot)
The twinkling stars shining the dark night sky were interrupted by a bright flash from below. Sparks scattered in all directions into the air, catching the attention of the residents below.
After a couple seconds, another one went off, and one after that, each following the lead of the first.
"Fireworks!" A girl beside me giggled happily. "Its finally here!"
Her blue eyes shone with excitement as she couldn't tear her eyes away from the scene. I wanted to watch the fireworks but the way her bright orbs lit up, I couldn't help smiling to myself.
I wasn't quite sure how long we had been waiting for this to start, but my happiness swelled as I realized... The traditional Japanese festival had finally arrived in Paris.
 "I'll race you to the elevator!" The girl backed away from the railing with a grin. I returned the smile with one of my own and looked down below once more. We were too high up to make out the details but the shine of lanterns from the gathering below the tower was har
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Fuyuhiko's Loss
This was the end. Did I die?
It felt like I was floating on air. My mind detached from my physical being and for a moment I was flying to nowhere and then... Pain.
As though I had fallen. I wanted to scream or cry out, beg for mercy but when I opened my eyes, I was met with a gentle light. I inhaled, then exhaled. Over and over again as though I was making sure I was really alive. My heart pounded, my lungs expanded and contracted, I could move my fingers and then my body suddenly surged without my control, I was pushed to a sit. I had to blink and then felt something on my head. What...
Was this?
When I reached up. My fingers grazed a wired object. I gripped them all and in a sharp tug, I ripped them off, looking down to the somewhat metal pieces that had been attached to me. I wasn't laying in any bed either. It was cold and hard, shining a bright cyan. It was shaped like a coffin, creepily enough to fit my size.
I hadn't died, right? I know I was alive. I can't quite remember what I
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Bottle It Away ((Makoto X Aoi One Shot))
What is this sinking feeling? This anger clawing at my gut refused to go away.
Why couldn't I...?
I couldn't sleep.
I opened my eyes to be met with the darkness of my own room. Well, was it my room?
It's where I slept, but it wasn't my room.
It was my prison.
It's not fair...
I haven't done anything to be trapped here!
I pushed myself to a sit, causing the covers to slide off my body. I couldn't help but feel gross though. After all this time of being trapped here, clothes and bathing were limited. I released a sigh and pulled myself up. The only light in the room was the small light on the camera in the room, flashing on and off telling me I was still being watched.
It's been a while, but it still felt... Creepy.
I made sure to stick my tongue out to the camera before I hurried to grab clothes out of the dresser and head to the bathroom.
It was dark but there was probably a night vision function on it.
That'll show them.
I closed the door behind me and leaned against the frame.
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Beyond The Gate ((Nagito X Reader One Shot))
It's felt like an eternity since I began to stand beyond the iron gates. Compared to me, they were as tall as a giant, looming above and blocked me from the success I had strived for. They felt like ice when I touched them, stopping me from even coming close. But there I stood, day after day, week after week, for years watching what was happening on the other side.
 It was usually quiet and lonely, that's how it always had been, simply because I failed to enter. I was never exceptional at anything or good at something in particular. I wasn't even good enough to win the lottery, my only other chance to get in.
This... Was a very special place because if I had gotten into the school, and I had graduated, I would have been set for life. It was a shame I was just a failure though. I was someone you would look at and never remember my face; plain old me, so ordinary.
Small flakes began to shower from above. Silent, bitter cold, they stuck to the ground and started to pile up slowly, bu
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'Mirror mirror on the wall' (Komaeda+Kokichi) by TheKikkaKibaz 'Mirror mirror on the wall' (Komaeda+Kokichi) :iconthekikkakibaz:TheKikkaKibaz 57 17
Urushihara x Reader x Alciel pt 2
"Ah I see, so you go by Urushihara now?"
You sat at the table inside the apartment with Lucifer, Satan, and Alciel. You smiled at him.
"Oh I see. I still go by ________. It's apparently unique in this world."you told them. You then glanced at Satan and Alciel.
"So lord Satan, Demon general Alciel, what names do you go by?"you ask them.
Satan smirked and pointed to himself.
"I'm Sadao Maou!" he announced.
Alciel smiled and bowed his head slightly to you, his hand pressed to his chest.
"And I go by Shiro Ashiya."he tells you.
"Oh wow, though I must say, I like your original name way better." You giggled and he blushed.
"W-well thank you.."He scratched the back of his head in embarrassment while you turned back to Lucifer.
You scooted closer to him and raised your hand above his head.
"Hey! You're shorter in this world!" You laughed as you poked his cheek. Urushihara pouted and smacked your hand away.
"O-only by an inch! It's barely noticeable!"He snapped. You laughed more and mov
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Canada Flash Game by sunflowercake Canada Flash Game :iconsunflowercake:sunflowercake 1,147 688 Not Alone by DestinyBlue Not Alone :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 21,394 924 Game: Superhero or Villain Creator by Missangest Game: Superhero or Villain Creator :iconmissangest:Missangest 132 25 Star Days Sim Date by Pacthesis Star Days Sim Date :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 1,040 572 Commission for Comeontoshi (LariatRekt) by xearo-tnc Commission for Comeontoshi (LariatRekt) :iconxearo-tnc:xearo-tnc 318 26 INTERACTIVE ZELOS WILDER by SonicRocksMySocks INTERACTIVE ZELOS WILDER :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 2,511 810 [S] RUBY: STRIFE by Turbo740 [S] RUBY: STRIFE :iconturbo740:Turbo740 9 2 FLASH! : Enter Tsuruu (FA application) Page ( 12 ) by TuliothePillbug FLASH! : Enter Tsuruu (FA application) Page ( 12 ) :icontuliothepillbug:TuliothePillbug 20 21 HSO collab round - choose character by ChibiEdo HSO collab round - choose character :iconchibiedo:ChibiEdo 231 81 DEIDARA AI.Chat-bot by Amena-chan DEIDARA AI.Chat-bot :iconamena-chan:Amena-chan 4,257 5,015 Komaeda Flash by shadowxneji Komaeda Flash :iconshadowxneji:shadowxneji 55 18 Flash Sim Dating Tutorial (HP, Days, etc) by legioKat Flash Sim Dating Tutorial (HP, Days, etc) :iconlegiokat:legioKat 710 334 Interactive Nagito Komaeda - For Marie by pluto789josh Interactive Nagito Komaeda - For Marie :iconpluto789josh:pluto789josh 33 4
All my favorites :^)


What do you call this reality?
What do you call real life?
In a sense, every fantasy world is a reality on its own, isn't that right? It exists, doesn't it?
Why is it just the world we live in we called reality? Thousands of realities all around us, thousands of people, thousands of voices, maybe even millions. These faces feel so lifelike, these eyes seem to look right at me. These don't count as real too? These fictional people are just in a different reality.
Why can't they... Come together?
I never felt attached to my reality, like I was imprisoned in the middle with no real escape. When I created, I could enter that special reality I made on my own but... Why did my head feel so fuzzy?
I couldn't think straight. It was like a drug, entering that alternate reality. It made me angry if I... Made a mistake. The small flaws if my hand shook, if I spaced off, if I couldn't get the hands quite right, I couldn't let those flaws exist.

Not in my reality.
It's all mine.
It has to be perfect because... It's my world. The reality my body was in was already filled with flaws. Line after line, my hands hurt but I didn't want to stop my creating. I didn't have anything to return to, no friends, nothing else I'm good at.
I try to be good, I've tried to enter my reality but... Nothing works. Even if I attend parties or try to have fun, it always returns. I could hear the bell ring in my head but it took a moment longer to register class was over. I blinked and rubbed my eyes, immediately feeling the exhaustion that hit when I was distracted from my drawings.
 I could hear perfectly, I could see all around me but that detached feeling returned once more as I watched the class exit the room, talking amongst each other.
I decided to wait until everyone left before closing my notebook and heading down the steps from where I sat in the classroom towards the door.
I let myself space off, drifting into thoughts of when I would be able to finish my creations. Before I got very far, something blocked my path and nearly knocked me off my feet.
I didn't have a chance to register who or what I bumped into before I heard a voice. "Can't you watch where you're going? Your eyesight is probably going bad from all those pencil shavings." After she spoke, she erupted in a loud, teasing laugh. What...
Oh, I think I get it now. I brushed aside some of my hair that naturally fell over my left eye and rose my head, matching her irritated gaze. It all felt so dull to look at another living being, the world lacking any real color or emotion. I could see upon her face and recognize the anger but it didn't feel... Real. It's hard to believe this was reality at all.
It only took a few moments before I was sucked back into my mind once more and became lost. I needed to keep creating, my world wasn't done. It wasn't perfect yet.
The girl huffed and turned away, her sun golden hair waving behind her as I was left alone. Alone again, I was always alone in a way, even around others. I tightened my grip on my notebook and continued moving, dragging myself to my next class.
 Once I entered the room and sat down, I opened my notebook and gazed over my unfinished piece. I wasn't really sure what to make of it or where it was going. How do I finish something like this? The bodies yet to be detailed, not yet anyone in particular but I know it would be someone soon, someone I made all on my own.
 I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it. Boy? No, a girl. This figure would be... A female.
Her hair, what next?
I attempted to picture it in my mind carefully, the person I would set here in this reality.
A girl for sure, so I opened my eyes and began to trace, adjusting the body proportions to match a female. After that though, I felt I lost some focus. What I thought I was imagining was gone but I couldn't leave it here like this. Students continued to enter the room and I found myself watching each one, examining everyone's looks.  I
A girl entered, her short hair wild and unnaturally colored in bright shades of pink. A smile upon her face, I couldn't deny she was pretty, but not what I was looking for here. I turned back to my art, checking over the model again. The way she stood proudly, her chin high, I needed someone elegant to match the figure. A few boys followed after, but the class filled, last one following being the teacher. I couldn't help letting out a sigh and turning back to my drawing. I couldn't just throw on whatever details I wanted but until I could look around some more... I took my pencil and decided to fix up the drawing some more, evening out the lines and eventually, I lost myself in my mind once more. Or more like "I was no longer on Earth".
I wasn't sure how much time had passed before I was interrupted by a loud, abrupt noise next to my head. The sound caused me to jump, startled and I turned to see what had caused it. My eyes locked with anther irritated pair, the teacher to be more precise. "What do you think you're doing?" She frowned. I didn't quite have a proper answer. When I opened my mouth to speak, words wouldn't come out.
I knew what I wanted to say but... Why couldn't I speak? The teacher slipped my book out from under me without giving me a chance to explain, she held it up like some sort of dirty diaper. "This is class time now, not a time for you to doodle your whatnots."
I really wanted her to stop talking. I couldn't just halt my progress, I needed to keep working, I had to. She shut my book, losing the page I was on without breaking eye contact. "You'll get it back at the end of the day." She turned and marched back towards the front of the room, taking it with her. No... No, I couldn't wait that long!
"It's about time someone told him off. His nose is always in that stupid notebook." Muttering to my friend beside me, she returned it with a small giggle. Of course, I'm right. I turned around to examine him for a minute. It was so creepy how dull his eyes were just then. Well, it wasn't any of my business. He could deal with it. Every time I looked at the guy, he was drawing, who wouldn't think it was weird? No friends, no other hobbies, he's a wallflower whenever I see him at a party unless there's music. Even then, something is... Off.
Sometimes I consider talking to him but when I finally get the nerve to do so, I decide it's not important. I mean, who cares what someone like him does?
"Do you ever wonder what he's drawing?" My friend spoke after a second. Looking over her face, she looked genuinely curious. I could only reply with a shrug. "Who knows? If you want to find out Sabrina, go look for yourself."
"Are you alright?" She tilt her head and adjusted her glasses. Yeah, I think I was.
"Why wouldn't I be? Just irritated."
The girl answered with a hum and didn't say anything more. At least she knows when to keep her mouth shut, I really just wanted to be left alone. As class went on, the question lingered in my mind. What was in that notebook that was so important to that guy? Is it a diary instead? Maybe he drew really messed up stuff like dead animals or something. With a guy as weird as that, I wouldn't put it past him.
I had to know now. Giving a glance to the clock, I noted how close it was to class being over and gave another glance to the red-head in the back of the room. His head was down and he looked visibly shaken. It was just a stupid notebook, what was there to get worked up over? I only stared for a few seconds before nudging Sabrina.
First fixing her glasses on her nose, she blinked and waited for me to speak. What was there needing to be said though? She should know exactly what I wanted. I only had to give her a nod and glance over to the teacher's desk before she understood.
I had to know what was so special about that dumb notebook.

"I'll make a distraction." She whispered as quietly as she could before raising her hand. So I guess I just had to wait for an opportunity? Well, whatever.
Once the teacher called on her, Sabrina stood up. "May I go to the bathroom?"
After receiving an 'okay' she stood and exit the room. What sort of lame distraction was that? I was almost disappointed until I heard her scream echoing from down the hall. With that scream, panic erupted in the classroom and from the sounds of things, everywhere else around the school as well.
 Everyone rose, chairs scraping the ground in unison before following the teacher out. I stood up as well but before following everyone else, I raced to the teacher's desk and retrieved the notebook, tucking it under my sweater. Although I wanted to check it out now, I should probably rejoin everyone else so I hurried out of the room and followed the commotion to the center of the school where Sabrina looked visibly shaken. What kind of distraction was this? It seemed... Way too overdone, even for her. "What's wrong?" Multiple people asked. I released a sigh and rolled my eyes and that's when... A bright flash of purple caught my attention. "That's..." I stopped myself, the butterfly circled the air like a hawk stalking its prey.
With a shaking finger, Sabrina pointed up, announcing the presence to everyone else as well.
"An Akuma!" Someone called out. Who's it after? What's it here for?
"Stay back!" The teacher called, her ragged voice filled with hostility.
Of course, the butterfly wasn't going to obey, what point was there in yelling at it? In a swoop, it vanished into the crowd. I tried to look around at where it landed, it didn't take long to find out. Students separated, revealing the struggling boy it had captured. Of course...
"Run, he's going to change!" Another yelled. Didn't have to tell me twice, we scattered like beetles to light. I didn't want to run far, especially in heels so I ducked beneath the staircase to watch in silence.
He held himself tightly, the battle to just stand was apparent. "Fight it, Nathaniel." I found myself muttering. Not because I actually cared or anything, that would be ridiculous.
I just... Didn't want to be in danger. That's all. In a flash of light, I could see his normal attire evaporate into darker, more... What's the word? Devilish, perhaps. I held my hand over my mouth to prevent a scream and crouched as low as I could.
 When he opened his eyes, face mostly hidden behind a black mask, I was struck with fear. Where was Ladybug and Cat Noir? What can I do?
He frowned, looking around slowly before raising his voice. "I lost something precious to me, so now I'll be taking something precious of yours." His voice echoed loud and proud before he gave a large jump and vanished. I didn't realize I was holding my breath until I exhaled heavily. A sudden sound made me jump and when I looked down, I noticed I had lost my grip and the notebook had fallen to the ground. Was this was he was so worked up over?
It had to be. Why was it so important? I picked it up as gently as I could, making sure not to make any noise as I scanned the pages. All these drawings... They were beautiful but I could see a pattern through them. What was that? Why did I...? Beautiful? No, they weren't! They were just amateur doodles, totally worthless. I continued to flip through them though. Pictures of people, heroes, even scenery. What... I didn't understand what the big deal was but if this is all it was, maybe I could just give it back. It's not like it's interesting to me anyway. I closed the book and started to stand, stopping when I heard a furious yell. He probably knows the book is gone now, I really didn't want to do this. I was... Scared. I was really scared. I inhaled, calming my nerves before crawling out from under the stairs. At the perfect moment too as the boy exit the classroom. It happened by accident as we locked eyes. Fear filled my body and I... Began to shake. Swallowing my nerves, I held the notebook out. "This is... What you want, right?" I attempted to keep my voice steady as I held it out. The villain jumped off the second floor with such agility that his feet didn't make a sound as he hit the cement ground. "Give it." He ordered, hand out. This... Was going well... I think.
I moved closer, offering it out. I didn't have a chance to get closer to return it because, at that moment, something shot between us, halting my actions.
It took me by surprise and I lost my footing, causing me to hit the ground painfully. I looked up to see the Yoyo of Ladybug, retracting back towards her. I luckily managed to keep a hold on the notebook when I fell. "Ladybug, wait!" I called towards her, starting to sit back up. I had this, I just had to give it back!
 "Don't worry, Chloe!" The hero moved closer, spinning her Yoyo as she walked. "No need to give in to his demands. I'll be taking that."
I didn't have an opportunity to protest before I found the notebook ripped out of my grip. "Stop!" I tried. I wanted to yell and argue against it because... That wasn't the akumatized object, I had it work me the whole time, the Akuma never came close to me! It was just going to upset him, please listen...
I saw the villainous Nathaniel lunge to grab it but he was too late as her hands ripped it in half. A could see the look of horror across his face, eyes watching the paper fall to the ground. I almost felt... Bad.
"No... All my work..." He muttered, shoulders shaking. For a moment, his fingers reached out as though he could still save it but it was too late. "You... Destroyed my world."
The confusion on Ladybug's face was apparent as well as she took a step back. "What? There's no Akuma?"
 His weak fingers recoiled into clenching his fists and with an angry yell, he charged towards her. What do I do?
Is there anything I can do? I failed, so I should just leave it to Ladybug but... I felt somewhat responsible for this.
I crawled back to my feet and watched the battle between them, their movements like a dance but they were both giving it their all to hit the other.
I examined Nathaniel carefully, checking everything on him. What could be akumatized? What else...?
"His pencil, Ladybug!" I called. It was still on him, sticking out of one of his pockets. That was obviously it! Ladybug ducked under one of his hits and swiftly stole the pencil, cracking it in half. It all happened so fast, the fight came to a halt as the villain looked confused and dazed. The Akuma rose to the sky, escaping the pencil and carrying the evil intentions with it. I looked around, other hidden students rising from where they had been in wait.
I couldn't help a relieved sigh.
It... Was back. It all felt like a horrible nightmare but... I couldn't remember most of it.
 I swear I saw my notebook torn to shreds but... Yeah, just a nightmare.
It was in front of me now, perfectly fine. I slowly traced a finger over the page, still empty of a model. Who should fit here? I still haven't decided. Once again, I found myself watching the gathering students into the classroom. As one of the girls entered, she smiled in my direction. I felt my heart stop for a moment as I saw it. She... Was the one that fit here. I didn't see it before, but after my nightmare, I couldn't help feeling different towards her. I didn't quite understand why that would be, most of it was hazy but... She was there, I swear she was.
 I pulled myself up from my seat and approached her desk, notebook in hand. "Chloe?" I started, looking to my feet. The girl huffed, crossing her arms. "What do you want?"
I had to... Find my words.
"Well... I'm working on this figure and... I was hoping... Maybe you could be a model for it?"
There was a silence that drifted between us before she chuckled. "You always have your face buried in that notebook, but fine. I'll grant you permission to draw me but afterward, you have to come with me somewhere, get yourself back to reality. Deal?"
"Deal!" I smiled without hesitation. Maybe it wasn't hard to be in both realities if you... Had someone to share that time with, right?
True Reality ((Nathaniel X Chloe One Shot))
Why is it just the world we live in we called reality? Thousands of realities all around us, thousands of people, thousands of voices, maybe even millions. These faces feel so lifelike, these eyes seem to look right at me. These don't count as real too? These fictional people are just in a different reality.
 Why can't they... Come together? ♚[© 2018 | Emily Jones]♛
He could feel the eyes behind him, peering into his back, watching him as he worked. He tried to ignore it but the feeling of that disgusting staring grew more intense, more like his soul was being observed. Still, he kept his attention on his work, his bony fingers piecing together the clues he'd found so far. Every so often, he'd release a small sigh or adjust his glasses. Hearing a small hiccup from behind, the male finally exhaled with impatient annoyance. "Can I help you?" He didn't bother turning around, knowing full well who it was. It was... Well, it was him. This was all just a dream, right? It was a complete dream that he met another version of himself and it was batshit crazy. The only reason he tolerated this counterpart around was that it was somewhat intelligent if it wanted to be, not spouting nonsense and whatnot. Even if he didn't want it around, it followed him everywhere anyway, usually not saying a word. He couldn't get rid of it.
Speaking of the "it", he'd yet to name it. Since they share the same name, sharing the name with this disgusting rubbish, he didn't want to associate his own name with the other's. Usually only referring to him as the It, the creature, or simply "he". It didn't mind and if it did, he didn't say anything.
The counterpart didn't reply to the question so he attempted to get back to work but he couldn't shake the eyes away. The irritation was growing into a feeling of being stalked. God, why was he stuck with this creep? Well, at least he was the smarter one. Spinning around in his chair, his eyes met olive ones. His counterpart didn't wear glasses like he did and they dressed differently. There was also a large difference in their eye color. If his counterpart has bright green, he had the opposing red. Last but not least was the slight hairstyle difference but everything else was uncanny alike. It was almost like looking back into a mirror. Almost.
" Do you. Need something?" He narrowed his eyes as he spoke in a slow, quiet voice, pausing in the middle. A small smile cracked across the other's face and he took a step back, cocking his head like some kind of mutt. "What are you working on?"
"None of your business. Go bother someone who cares." He almost turned back around when his counterpart released a sound that sent a shiver up his spine. A whine as he called his name. "Aw, but Komaeda-Kun~" Eyes going wide, it began to beg. He felt goosebumps at it and quickly shook it off. "Don't go off saying it like that. It's your name too, do you moan your own name when you touch yourself?"
With that, he spun around to face his work once more in an attempt to tune out the other but it didn't seem like he would get any work done when hands pressed down on his shoulders. It almost didn't feel like anything, being touched by another version of himself. Almost as if you held your held your own hand. It was... An annoyingly safe feeling that he tried to escape but then again, this was literally just him. Just... A creepy, psychopathic version of himself. "I'm so bored." It muttered right behind his ear.
Komaeda attempted to pretend it didn't bother him and fixed his glasses once more. "And? You're scum on earth, go find an activity worthy of the status. Here, I'll even give you some ideas." He rolled his shoulders to push off the hands but it didn't work. "Dumpster diving for one. And try to get stuck so I don't have to see you again."
It didn't miss a beat in responding, derailing the conversation in a swift swoop of a single sentence. "Have you ever thought about fucking yourself?" His voice sounded smooth, like he knew exactly what he just said. What kind of question was that? What kind of reply did that warrant?
"Are you asking for me to be your little pleasure buddy?" A frown curved over his pale lips but only a chuckle replied.
"But I'm not you, am I? We're totally different. Same name, same DNA, but that doesn't make us any more alike than Hajime-Kun and his other half."
"Don't go comparing me to Izuru Kamukura." Komaeda leaned over his desk, finally pulling away from its hands but they returned a moment later, dragging a single finger down the back of his neck.
"Please entertain me, you've been in here all day. I've been waiting for you to play with me and I'm really very bored."
Komaeda released an irritated sigh in response. Just so he wouldn't get in the way, he had been spending time with his counterpart every day but he had been especially busy with an investigation today so he hadn't even left his lab. He hadn't even heard the back door open and close when it came in like he normally would had he not been so deep in thought, only realizing it was here when he felt himself being watched.
After all that time spent together, he had learned many interesting things about his counterpart. For example, he treated himself horribly and wouldn't eat very much unless he was forced to. Despite being smart, he had low self-esteem and only wanted to be referred to as trash. Finally, he was much weaker. Both physically and mentally, he could overpower his insane counterpart if he needed. Which is what he decided to do by standing up, pushing the chair back. It scraped against the ground, most likely leaving marks in place. The room was rather dim since the only form of light in the large room was a desk lamp but there was no mistaking the surprise across the other's face as he was backed into the wall and swiftly, Komaeda slammed his hands beside his head, keeping the unnamed counterpart in place. "You're such an annoying bother." He narrowed his eyes before removing one hand to slowly lift his glasses off his face and slip them into his black jacket. "But you're not going to leave me alone until I play along, are you?"
It chuckled, eyes looking playful and innocent, the complete opposite of how he really was. It was annoying, he had no right to make that expression. "I guess you'll have to find out." Its muttered, keeping a constant eye contact. He understood now, his counterpart was purposely egging him on. Being the same person, of course he knew what pissed himself off. It was definitely working, but should he take the bait?
It suddenly reached up and wrapped his arms around Komaeda's neck, catching him off guard. "You're so..." He started before stopping with a chucking and pulling him closer. When his mouth was right beside Komaeda's ear, it kept whispering. "So horrible. You're too much like me, I can't take it. I hate you so passionately, I want to kill you."
He pulled back to look into his eyes, catching the flash of malice he revealed. "What hope would rise with the blood of me?" He found himself responding so naturally but the words didn't feel like his own, it was more like someone his counterpart would say but these were his own words for sure. Hope?
What was this guy doing to him?
How annoying.
Maybe they were more alike than he originally thought.
"I'd be happy to kill you too. You're repulsive." Clicking his tongue, he took hold of the other's chin and moved his head aside, exposing his neck like a canvas. Fantastic. Without much thought, he brought his face close and sunk his teeth into the pale skin, invoking a hiss followed by a small whine. The taste... It was like nothing. Why couldn't he taste a thing? Even when he swiped his tongue across the skin, it was... Just like tasting himself. He only kept going like that until a sufficient mark was made and pulled back, matching those olive eyes again.
"Are you going to kiss me or what?" His counterpart raised an eyebrow curiously, his voice leaking with impatience. Was his satisfaction really being with himself? Is that why he was bothered so much? Maybe that's the difference, Komaeda couldn't stand his other self and this counterpart regularly sought him out.
When he closed the space, it was exactly like he suspected, tasteless. He didn't ask permission, he didn't give a warning, wanting to finish this as soon as possible, he forced his tongue in, meeting little resistance along the way. It wasn't much enjoyable when the feeling felt numb, yet wet as they tangled together. Within a few seconds, he pulled away and wiped his mouth. "Are we done here?" For the first time, he didn't want to meet its eyes.
"If you want to be. Unless you want to go further, that's totally fine with me." He chuckled.
Komaeda pulled his glasses back out and slipped them on his face. He hadn't wanted to see perfectly while being so close to himself. "Vile. As though that'll ever happen. I can't stand the sight of you."
"The kiss says otherwise." Saying that last thing, he hurried out of the room before Komaeda could reply. He signed once more and crossed his arms.
Perhaps... He could have a name. If he was Komaeda, he'd call his counterpart their first name; "Nagito".
Yeah, the name worked. He sat back down at the desk and looked over all the evidence he had lying about. The newest case wasn't easy. After all his thinking already though... He needed a nap. Giving a yawn, Komaeda set his glasses aside and set his head down.
In a split second, he found himself in a warm bed. He didn't want to move but he forced himself to sit up as memories flooded his head. That... Wasn't him.
He crawled out of the bed and stumbled to the bathroom, still half asleep.
He wasn't Komaeda.
The mirror in front of the sink said it all. He brushed some hair out of his face and slowly examined all of his features. What kind of dream was that?
He had only slept. Gone into bed, got out of bed. What happened in between was a mere dream. He checked all his features. His fluffy white hair, his bright pale skin, he quickly pulled his shirt down to look over his neck, clean of any mark.
He wasn't Komaeda, he was the it.
It ((Beta Nagito X Canon Nagito One Shot))
I regret this, I ain't going to Heaven. 
In a strange turn of events, beta Komaeda meets his alternate self.
♚[© 2018 | Emily Jones]♛

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The monster was coming towards me rapidly. What do I do? How do I fight this thing? I barely know how to use my weapon! Shit shit shit shit- I froze up. I couldn't take my eyes off the monster that wanted to kill me. I don't think I could even run if I could. The sand around my feet stuck me to the ground. I couldn't die yet. There was so many places I haven't been. One more year and I could enter a strip club! I wasn't ready to die.

Out of the corner of my eye, something jumped out. The figure slammed into the monster's side and knocked him over. It pulled out two strange sticks and stabbed it into the beast swiftly before it could even get up. The movements were so fast, blood covered the ground before I could comprehend what had just happened. The monster seeped away and in it's place, giant Gushers © hovered in the air. I blinked, shaking away the terror I had just faced, and observed the stranger. It was a female, with long black hair. It looked soft and flared out towards the middle of her back. She turned her head, smiling towards me. Should I be scared? It wasn't any kind of girl I've ever seen before. Her skin gleamed a silver- or was it gray? She had green irises and the rest of her eye was orange. The girl wore a long white dress, draped in silver cloth and a golden necklace. Golden jewelry littered her arms and around her head was a crown I had heard of before, called Eye of Horus. An Egyptian crown that was rather beautiful. But the strangest thing was she had a pair of... Horns.

Her horns were long, one long spike on each part of the lowest part of them then a smaller one that led up to a round curve on the top that looked like the pinchers on an earwig. I had never seen anything like it. I know for sure it wasn't human but ally or enemy is the big question. She fought off the killer monster that wanted to devour my soul or however it kills I don't even know. But I'll have to find out. "Alttahia, friend!" She grinned widely, showing off two rows of very sharp teeth. I felt hesitant as I approached, stopping a couple feet away from her. It was silent. as neither of us spoke. What do I say to her? Do I.. Do I say a pick up line? She tilt her head, black hair fell over her cheeks. "I've never seen a human before. You look so strange." The girl whispered, laughing a little at the end. "Strange? If anyone's strange, it's you." I blurt out, realizing what I said, I bit my lip. Would she be upset? Instead, the girl nodded. "Yea I suppose I would look weird to you. I've seen paintings of humans in my castle. But they look a lot better in real life-"

"Did you say castle?"

She smiled again. "My name is Amiera Cicada. It means Princess and Loud Insect Of The Night. Nice to meet you..." Amiera trailed off so I finished. "Mike Kauffman. Just call me Mike, okay?" I offered my hand. She looked at the gesture, slightly confused, then took my hand. "Nice to meet you, Mike. You must be lost. Come to my home. I'll explain everything." Amiera gave a tug. I decided to follow, I mean, what's the worst that could happen? She seemed nice. And maybe I could get some answers.

  I trudged through the hot sun and desert sand, her hand tightened on my arm with no sign of her letting go anytime soon. How could someone live here all by themselves? Especially a girl as young as her. I cleared my throat and she slowed a little, letting me catch a breath. "You have questions. Go ahead and ask. Sawf 'ujib."

Upon seeing my confusion, she spoke again. "It means 'I will answer'. It's Arabic." Amiera explained with a smile. Whatever. "So. What exactly are you? And how did you get here?" That would be first of... Many.

She released her hand, and I noticed as she pulled back, long nails that could have easily ripped into my skin. I hadn't even noticed them before. She must had been careful. "I'm called a troll. From a planet in another universe." Amiera looked up at the sky. "When I lived there, it was called Beforus. A simple world, led by a single ruler. But she was a horrible-" The troll cleared her throat and nodded for us to continue walking. "Anyway, a revolution started with some of the people. They wanted to overthrow her. It was a bloodbath. I was one of the peasants sentenced to death." The girl paused, lowering her head. "I wasn't part of the riot. But I was a low blood. And that was enough reason for me to die then."

I raised a hand as if I were in a classroom. "What is a low-blood?" I quickly interrupted. Amiera let out a sigh. "Beforus was separated by two sides. The high-bloods, whose blood color was cold. Purple, blue, violet, they were our leader's associates if you could even say that. She worked alone. Low-bloods were forbidden from disobeying them. Whose color was warm. Orange, red-"

"Red? But everyone from earth has red blood." I didn't quite understand but I let her continue.

"And my color, gold. The revolution started when low-bloods wanted equality. They were led by a red blood. I tried to stay out of it but high-bloods started storming homes. Khalia. Khatf." Amiera clutched her arms, shaking her head. "It was horrible. They came to my place. I had been hiding my my closet. Two of them. The door was ripped off and I was dragged away. My manzil became my zinzana." I walked faster, trying to gaze over her face. Eyes closed, bright yellow tears trickling down her face. I felt a tug at my heart. What was this? Sympathy? I barely even knew this chick. Why would I feel sorry for her?

"I-It means 'My home became my prison." Amiera sniffed, wiping her eyes. "Sorry. Anyway, I was thrown into a box with other low-bloods. The high-bloods thought that destroying all of us before we joined the fight would make the battle fall in their favor. There was twelve of us in the box. We all knew each-other too. Such a small neighborhood." The troll shook her head. "We all tried yelling for help. That maybe, the rebellion would hear us and save us. They never did though. But since I was the smallest one there at the time, being so young, everyone was able to make a small hole by working together. They pushed me out and I started to run. I barely understood what I was doing and looking back on it, I should have gotten help. I should have stayed and maybe even died with them. But I took the first aircraft off the planet and ended up crash landing here." She looked towards the sky, "Sometimes I can still hear their voices. Whispering calming words to me." A small smile broke out onto her lips. What do I say in a situation like this? "I'm sure they'll love knowing you're safe." I awkwardly muttered out, trying to calm the saddened girl. Amiera sighed and nodded slowly, gazing down to her feet. I didn't mess that up, did I?

The troll forced a bright smile. "What about you? What's your story? How did you end up here?" She raised an eyebrow. That was a story I didn't like talking about. But... Ugh.. I guess I owed her since she said hers.

"My family was poor." I slowly started. "My mom and dad owned a small Mexican food place. 'Como Muchos Tacos' they called it." I wanted to roll my eyes saying the name. Ridiculous. "One day, the store was robbed and my dad was killed protecting us." I remember the day well, like it was yesterday. The man had worn a white mask, his voice was deep. My father had pushed me into the cupboards under the desk as the robber pulled out a gun. I had heard the whole scene from my spot. My mom had been there with him. The robber ordered money and my father spoke out. He was shot without a second thought. The crack of the bullet sound still echoed in my ears. My mother had screamed and I froze up. I couldn't move, like I had been glued down. Fear was dripping into my heart. I wanted to start crying, but nothing came out. My voice was stuck, my hands began to shake uncontrollably. I swallowed, trying to pull myself together. I couldn't stop the tears quietly streaming down my face, soaking my arms. The robber made his request again and my mother opened the register. The robber was gone quickly and my mother slowly opened the cabinet, so many emotions mixed in her eyes. I squeezed my eyes shut, seeing my dad lying motionless on the ground.

It wasn't long before my mother remarried. I had been so angry at her for replacing my dad, I ran away that night after the wedding.

 It was cold that night, street lights flickered on and off. Graffiti lined the brick walls over business and tall apartments. I had stopped, almost passing one of the portraits. made with spray paint. I shoved my hands in my hoodie pockets, the chill having bitten at my fingers. An orange scarf covered my neck, keeping it warm from the cold. It used to be my father's. The ragged cloth was falling apart, the colors growing dull. But it worked as well as any other scarf. I took a step closer to the art. My foot had hit something on the ground. A surprise washed over me and I had looked down. The artist had left behind a can of paint. I pulled out my left hand to pick up the bottle. The metal of the can was cold. I looked back to the drawing. A tall willow tree. It's tendrils home to all kinds of life. Children slept against the trunk, shaded from the sun. Their faces smudged out, but their hands together, the picture was nice. I looked down to the can in my hand, and let out a long sigh before shaking it up. What was I doing? I would get in huge trouble if I were caught. What more could the world do to me anyway? I aimed the can at the wall beside the tree and hit the nozzle. Red spray began to cover the wall. I twisted my arm around, turning the can to the side, letting the drawing flow out. It was done in a matter of minutes in the perfect time as the spray ran dry. I tossed away the can and observed my work. "Love."  I muttered aloud, reading the word I spelled out. The long Old English letters weren't half bad. I returned my hand to my pocket. Perhaps I should return home. I closed my eyes, taking in a long breath. I've calmed and my mom must be wondering where I was. Just then, someone nearly knocked me over, pushing themselves right past me. The stranger kept walking, though I called out. "Hey!"

The hooded stranger didn't even slow down to my voice. I burst into a run, catching up with them. Short, the stranger looked like a young kid. Younger than me. I set a hand on their shoulder, and the kid whipped around quickly, pushing my hand off. Their hood fell, revealing pure white locks. Their hair looked shaggy, falling over their face. Eyes, shining red behind a pair of rectangular glasses. It was hard to see at night, but the flickering street lamps aided me in catching their porcelain white skin. "Why don't you bother someone else, you moronic Raven!" He spat, taking a step back.

What does that even mean? Should I bother asking? The boy sighed, crossing his arms. Did he see my confusion? He shook his head and nodded towards me. "Your hair. It's black. Like a raven's." He explained, annoyed. Upon observing the stranger's hair, I smiled. "Then does makes you a dove?" His white strands glowed, even in the dark. I ignored the comment about my intelligence. In fact, the boy fascinated me. He huffed, looking to his feet. "What do you even want?" He muttered quietly. I shrugged, letting my gaze fall to the empty streets. "I don't know. I was going to tell you off but you seem chill. What are you doing out here?"

The boy shook his head hesitantly, sliding his hands into his long sleeves and letting his arms fall to his sides. "I was running away, I guess." He admitted. I gave the boy a smile. "I'm Mike. Honestly, I was doing the same thing. What's your name?" I offered my hand. He looked at it suspiciously then took it in his. "Alex."

"We're bros' now, okay?"

"Fine. Bros'"

"This is it." A final beat, and the inner walls of the beast exploded out, letting the vibrations of music spill into the outside world. I was flooded with light and had to look away, letting myself adjust to the sun, then looked outside. The beast suddenly rumbled, a weak roar curdled out, and the beast fell. I held myself down until the movement stopped, and carefully stepped out. Guitar around my chest, I looked around. This... Wasn't the beach.  What was this? The ground was covered in soft soil instead of warm beach sand. I couldn't see past tall trees ahead of me. And behind me. Surrounding me around trees. I didn't need a sign to know where I was. "The Amazon." I breathed out, looking back to the beast. It's red eyes were dulled, and it lay unmoving. Perhaps a blast like that could kill something. I mean, maybe. It didn't bleed though, its insides spilled out. Did the beast walk here? Or was in something else?

Anything could happen in a glitched session. So, am I closer to finding my friends? Or further? I couldn't tell anymore. I pulled out my cellphone. A long crack ran down the screen but when I pressed the button, it still seemed to work.


-trigunTrooper began pestering greatGaspian-

TT: Alex. I haven't heard from you in a while.

TT: Are you okay?

TT: Alex?

TT: Bud?

TT: I hope you're okay.

TT: Mike told me he's in a forest. Maybe i'm in the same one now.

TT: We'll find you. I promise.


With no luck on Alex, I dialed Mike.


-trigunTrooper has begun pestering grainTrain-

TT: Mike!

TT: Mike are you here?

TT: Shit

TT: Are you okay?

TT: Are you here?

TT: Are you okay?

GT: Duuuuuuude chill holy fuck  ಠ_ಠ

TT: Mike! Thank god. You almost gave my a heart attack.

GT: Are you okay?

TT: Yea. A monster tried to attack me but I got away.

TT: Well it ate me

TT: But I totally broke out. You should've seen how rad I was!


TT: But that's not right.

TT: I haven't heard from Rose yet. But monsters shouldn't be here. They're too strong for the beginning of the game.

TT: There's supposed to be small things. Imps and stuff.

GT: I don't know what you're talking about but i'm assuming you're right.

TT: Killing enemies gets us grist, or money.

TT: We use that to buy things online.

TT: More specifically right now, a way to enter Skaia.

TT: Our houses didn't come with us like they were supposed too. So I'm assuming we're all on the same level. Maybe another planet I dunno.

GT: What ಠ_ಠ

TT: Hm?

GT: What's Skaia?

TT: Oh!

TT: Well, Rose, the girl who wrote the walk-through, she sent me a link to her page. It seems to be the only page my internet will connect too. Okay, i'll explain.

GT: Please do madam

TT: Eww I don't being called that. It sounds weird.

GT: Just explain the goddamn game.

TT: Hwrgasrgdthjwrtjrwsedyh

TT: Fine.

TT: Okay you listeniong>?

TT: *Listenijngh

TT: *Listening

GT: YES! ಠ_ಠ

TT: Okay

TT: In the normal game, there's supposed to be a medium for each player. They all fight simple monsters to build a ladder and find each other in their own medium.

TT: They're also supposed to get a sprite. And when a sprite is prototyped, Skaia's space increases. It's kinda like a huge chessboard. When we get to Skaia, we beat the game.

TT: Got it?

GT: Yea.

TT: There's also the two moons around Skaia named Derse and Prospit. Which are the dark and light who fight on the planet.

GT: What?

TT: Okay it's super confusing but I promise, you'll understand. I hear something coming.

-trigunTrooper has ceased pestering grainTrain-

After speaking to Mike, I felt my nerves calm a little. But my worry was growing more and more for Alex. What happened to him? Please tell me he's alright.

Well, there was no point in staying here any longer. I should find a clue on how to get out of here. Maybe not even that. I needed something to do next.

The game is really messed up, isn't it?

I started walking, my heeled boots digging into the wet mud. It was pulling me down, making it hard to do anything. "Damn." I muttered to myself, pulling myself forward for another step. At that moment, I couldn't move. It was like my feet were glued to the ground. My heart skipped a beat, I had to swallow a lump on my throat. "No no no-" The words hissed from my lips.

 I looked around, trying to find something that could possibly help me out of this situation but everything that was even possible was out of reach. Was this... Quicksand!? Right. I just had to stay calm. Struggling would drag me down. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. I escaped death once but who knows how lucky i'll be the next time. What was I supposed to do!?

As I began to feel hopeless, something flashed in my eyes and a strange object was before me. When I gazed down, atop the sand was a thick rope, a knot tied at the end. "Well what are you waiting for!" A voice called out from the trees. "Grab on!"

Without hesitation, I gripped onto the knot and let the stranger pull. I felt the grip on my body shake and within moments, the suction dispersed and the rough ground was below me again. My chest felt tight and I couldn't hold back a cough, letting my lungs clear. That was a horrifying experience I never wanted to go through again. Yet somehow, I seem to have a recent problem of getting trapped in things. First the beast, now the sand. What's next? A cave? Wait. I won't jinx it. I pulled myself up to sit on my knees and rubbed my head slowly, feeling the fear subside for now. "T-Thanks." I looked up to a figure stepping out of the trees. He reeled in the rope and slung it over his shoulder. "Glad I caught you in  time!" He smiled brightly. It was a boy, looking no older than me. With black hair, small framed glasses, and bright green eyes. "When I came over, I expected to find a wicked beast to challenge. I saw you jump out though like some kind of nutter!" He laughed quietly, then held his hand out. "What are you even doing all the way out here?" I accepted the boy's offer and let him pull me to my feet. "I'm not sure." I admitted slowly. "This day has been crazy. I was on some kind of beach but when the beast tried to eat me, I found myself here.... Which is..." I looked around, only seeing trees around. "Where exactly?"

The boy smiled again, then rubbed his chin. "Ehh... Pretty dodgy story but whatever. You must be in the game too, right?"


.... He's a player!?

"You're in Sburb too? This server? How did you get here?"

"Blimey!" He suddenly interrupted. "I'll explain what I can. But first, check out this wicked thing I found." The boy started away and I had to run to catch up. "Alright let's go slow then. I'm Zara." I pointed to myself.

"Name's Jake." The boy nodded. "Jake English."

How is this possible? I was holding the stars. I could SEE the stars! They looked so small in the palm of my hand. Each one sparkled peacefully. In the darkness, it was almost like looking at the sky again. "Trust your heart." The woman whispered again. My heart? What was I supposed to do now? What kind of power was this? I used to be an ordinary girl before this all happened. I wasn't ready for this power.

I was scared.

I didn't know the first thing to do. I felt my heart thumping in my chest. I couldn't back down now. I had a real friend and they needed my help. I could see Dave's blade sticking up in the ground, too far for him to grab with beasts surrounding him. Actually, it was more difficult to focus with my vision back. I had to squint. The small light in my hand glared everything else.

One of the beasts lunged, and I felt my heart jump. Dave slipped to the side and the monster's jaws snapped together. Then another slashed its paw. What do I do?!

In a sudden impulse, I thrust my hand out. Without warning, my whole body was burning. I couldn't cry out though. It didn't hurt. From the tips of my fingers, the heat traveled up my arms, then spread out over the rest of my body. I couldn't move, because I was watching in bewilderment. The stars on my hands flew off. In a spiral tunnel, then spun towards the beasts. The light attracted their attention from Dave and they were now charging at me. The stars clung to their fur and as they came closer, I felt a panic rising in my gut. As the beasts reached me, I could finally move again. And I jumped back, tightening my hold on my spear. Then there was a blinding light. The beasts roared out, then the stars exploded. The beasts vanished and what was left of them transformed into strange objects. Was this grist?

 Before I had time to figure it out, the small stars flung at me, and it went dark again before I had a chance to move. Was this the power my mom gave me? While I was busy trying to understand what just happened, there was a voice. "I didn't need help." Dave muttered, sounding close by. "But thanks I guess. Pretty wicked power you have. Is that a god tier?"

What's​ a god tier? I wasn't sure if I could explain what it was myself. Honestly, I was scared. Those weren't animals I had ever seen before, or ever wanted to see again. They were just like the imps when I first met John. Speaking of which... I shook my head and hurried back towards Rose's house without answering Dave.

A gentle snow twinkled down from the sky above. The flakes fell in a synchronized cluster, piling up in the earth below. A watchful pair of eyes narrowed against the cold air. The figure crouched down and set a hand against the cold pavement. "Winter is finally here." He muttered. A pair of sliding doors from behind made a creek as they opened and another being exit. "What are you doing out here?" A woman's soft voice asked. The male let out a sigh and stood back up, not looking back. "Praying. You heard what the doctor said, didn't you?" He crossed his arms and rested on the gate of the tall balcony. The woman stepped up beside him. "Yes. I don't understand how this could be an issue though. It's just a little problem. Easily fixable." She tilt her head and smiled, attempting to reassure the man.

But he shook his head. "Not this time. We own the largest company in the world. We are the face of it." He paused and clenched his fists. "If this child is how the doctor claimed he will be, then he have no choice but to try again."

The woman let out a quiet gasp. "Are you really considering leaving our first born?" Her voice grew louder with anger. The man whipped around and glared into her eyes. "We cannot have him own the cooperation one day if that's how he is! What other choice do we have!?"

The couple fell silent then the woman looked away, down into the city below. "What's so bad about a few different looks? Who says it'll be bad for the company?" The woman whispered after a few minutes. Her husband raised a hand to his head and plucked a single strand of hair. He held it up to his wife. "Itś not just his looks. Do you see this?"

The woman looked down to the strand of hair yet didn't speak, her husband continued. "Our genes IS who we are. This red has been the face of the company for generations. This color is why we got married, so we can continue the gene that makes this family who we are. We may have been an arranged, but, I love you. We have to do what's best. This child will be weak, blind, unfit to uphold a company."

The woman watched as the strand slipped from his fingers and was carried away.

"I... Understand." She looked down.

Since before the company was created, the family always had fiery red hair and deep sea green eyes. According to the doctor, the newest baby wouldn't have neither, in fact, it wouldn't have anything. The genes were recorded and after a long test, been confirmed the child would be born albino. Snow white hair and ruby red eyes. The woman placed a hand to her stomach and leaned on the railing. Without a word, the couple observed the snowfall in silence.

But that was a long time ago. Ten years ago. A young boy rolled over in bed, the sunlight shone through the small window. A few moments passed and he finally pushed himself up. "It's too early to be up." The boy muttered, rubbing an eye and letting out a yawn. He finished completely waking up and examined his room. There was his dresser, tidy with a table lamp and a laptop. Beside it was a dresser that belonged to his roommate. It was littered with notebook paper from last night, still not yet cleaned. It was hard to believe his roommate actually worked hard on school. The boy pulled his legs over the bed and stood up completely, stretching one last time and approaching his dresser. "What time is it?" A voice yawned from the top bunk. The boy looked back to his sleepy roommate and frowned. He didn't want them up yet. "Go back to sleep."

His roommate huffed and rolled over. "Quit being your bitchy self, Alex. Nobody likes that. That's why you haven't been adopted." The second boy trailed off as he slipped back into the dream world. Alex froze for a mere moment before yanking clothes out of his dresser. "You're so nice, tell me why you haven't been adopted either." Alex spoke low enough so the boy couldn't hear. He grabbed his glasses off the dresser and slipped them on his face. Of course, nobody would come to visit Alex today. All the adopters are warned against choosing him, so he was free to do whatever he chose today. Of course, he would be alone again. Alex slipped out of his room and started down the hallway. The window at the end of the hall allowed the orphanage to light up and not seem as gloomy as it really was. Even still, he couldn't stand being in it's walls, trapped with so many other people around. He didn't stop in the lunchroom for a quick breakfast like most kids did when they woke up, making his way hastily out the doors before the receptionist noticed. She was too busy on the phone to watch the doors. Once outside, Alex looked both ways, deciding where to go that day. Both sides didn't seem very interesting to go down but anywhere was better than here.

With a quick decision, he swerved right.

So many happy people were out today, dressed nicely, with their families or on their phones. Alex had a hand-me-down donated laptop at least. It didn't work well but he was able to access the internet. Before he received it, he had barely known what music was. And now it was all he was thinking about as he was walking. Imagining the beats and lyrics in his mind, he completely tuned out. When he blinked, remembering the real world, Alex realized fast that he had no idea where he was going. Normally, he would have been scared but for some reason, today, now, the boy smiled. This was his chance to be free. Nobody would ever adopt him, nobody even wanted him before he was born, so now he had his chance to find his own way. He sucked in a deep breath and ran. As fast as he could, he made sure not to stop as long as he had the energy to move. His heart pounded faster, his lungs screamed, but he didn't plan on stopping. Nobody would ever find him! But finally, he had to stop for a breath. Alex began to feel thirsty as his throat was dry and his body was tired. He didn't know how far away he ran or where to go now, so a break would be ideal. He sighed and swallowed, trying to compensate for the lack of water around. He didn't have to go much farther to find a sidewalk bench beside a cafe'. His eyelids felt heavy but he couldn't stop now. He threw his hood over his head and after a short break, stood up again. It was sundown already. How long had he been out? Were people looking for him? Probably not. He didn't intend to go back. Not ever. With a small groan, he shook his head and kept going. Maybe he would find somewhere to sleep soon. The boy pushed his glasses up his face, closing his eyes as he walked. Suddenly someone called out to him. "Hey!"

  No. Whatever they wanted, they're going to bring him back there if they found out. And who knows, they probably weren't calling for ME anyway. Or so I thought until a hand was on my shoulder, gripping tightly. I pulled away and turned back, seeing the stranger behind me. My hood fell but I didn't care. Let them see who I was. I gazed up to them, seeing long, smooth hair fall over their shoulders. I couldn't help but stare. Black hair, contrary to my white strands. And darkened skin that looked well with their emerald eyes. Unlike me, this guy had color. He probably had a family and a home, with people who loved him. My own family thought I was weak, and I would be blind. Unfit to survive under the sun. But him... I spat the first thing that came to mind.

"Why don't you bother someone else, you moronic Raven!" I stepped backwards. He just stood there, staring at me. Did he think the same as those other people too? I huffed and crossed my arms. Obviously, he didn't understand what I meant. "Your hair. It's black. Like a raven's." I pointed to his own black hair.

  "Then does that makes you a dove?"

A.. What? I felt my cheeks get warm. I was not a dove! I lowered my gaze before he saw how I was getting flustered. "What do you even want?" Just who was this guy?

"I don't know. I was going to tell you off but you seem chill. What are you doing out here?"

I shook my head at his question, pulling my arms into my sleeves and holding my hands to my chest under my shirt. "I was running away, I guess." I admitted.

The boy lightly smiled. "I'm Mike. Honestly, I was doing the same thing. What's your name?" He offered his hand for me to take. I gazed down at his palm. He didn't judge me. I don't understand. Did he really want me around? "Alex." I muttered, reaching out to grip it.

"We're bros' now, okay?" Mike tilt his head, letting his long hair flow with.

"Fine. Bros'"

I had a friend now. A real friend that I could call my own. Mike suddenly gave a light tug, pulling me with. "Come with me. If we're both running away, let's go together. Do you have a place to sleep?"

With my other hand, I pushed up my glasses and shook my head. "N-No. And let go!" I pulled back and ripped my hand from his hold only to fall back and hit the ground. My glasses fell off my face and I heard a shatter right beside my head. My body hurt but I forced myself up anyway, pulling up to a sit, and rubbing my eyes. Everything was a blur now. All the colors just merged into one painting. I felt Mike's hand on mine again as he helped me to my feet then he chuckled. What was there to laugh about!? "Man you're stubborn." He voice was behind me then I felt him move. His shape picked up my glasses and offered them back. "I don't have any money to fix them for you. But my mom does. Let's stop at my home. We'll get you fixed up." His voice sounded so nice, the feeling in my chest told me to trust him. I nodded and forced a smile. He began to lead me in the opposite direction, and I followed. As we walked, Mike began to make conversation. "So what's your story?" He wondered.

"I'm not really sure." I shrugged. "All I got when I was dumped at an orphanage was a dumb note from my parents. Apparently they owned a huge company and couldn't keep me." I closed my eyes, remembering the day I was told about the note. I couldn't believe my ears. My own parents couldn't keep me because I was a liability to the company. After all, if I couldn't even handle sunlight, how could I handle a job like that? Would the people really accept a new face for the company when I came of age to take over? I didn't even look like the people there. Unless I told you, you wouldn't even know I was from India. They even went as far as to sail me over-sea so I couldn't come back. When I explained it to Mike, he huffed, sounding annoyed. "Bull. You look pretty fucking cool if I say so."

Cool? I couldn't help the smile growing on my face. "You think so?"

"Yea. It's not everyday you see a kid with snow hair like yours. So what if you can't be in the sun or you can't see well? There's such thing as glasses and sunblock. You're parents must have been pretty low. Maybe it's a good thing you're not there now, don't you say?"

What Mike said... It made me think. Was it true? Was I really better off? Even still, I wish I had met my family. They gave birth to me. I needed to know, even if I didn't stay. "Do you have a family?" I suddenly asked. Mike hesitated a moment before replying. "Sort of. My dad was killed not long ago. My mom hurried to remarry before our restaurant went out of business. But my step-dad is an ass. That's why I was running away. She didn't even consider how I felt and just married for the money. It doesn't feel like much of a family now. All she cares about is pleasing him so he can stay, regardless of what I say." I felt Mike's arms draped over my shoulder. "We're close now. So here's what i'll do. I'll just quickly slip inside and grab a few bucks then rush out before i'm caught. You just wait here, okay?" Before I could reply, he vanished and I was left alone in the darkness of the streets. What could I do now? I suppose I should just listen and wait. I couldn't seem to focus though. Even when I thought about music, his story kept replaying in my head. It felt like forever before I heard the doors creak open and Mike returned, waving a credit card around. "We'll get around with this. There should still be some money left so let's get you some new glasses before we find a place to sleep tonight."

"Here. Try these." My new friend adjusted another pair of frames on my face. I blinked and tried to focus but it was still blurry. "I can't see." I pulled them off and handed them back. Someone else suddenly approached. "Are you looking for glasses?" An older man asked. He must have been an employee. "Yea. What of it?" I quickly blurted, trying to get him away. The man didn't though, and instead chuckled. "Well, if you feel up to it, we put out contacts for sale. Colored ones as well, if you're interested."

"Colored ones?" Mike turned to me. "How 'bout it? An eye color change might help you feel better."

"Well.." If Mike was suggesting it, maybe it wasn't all bad. "Fine. Let's see them."

The clerk led us to a table and waved his hands to the merchandise on it. "Pick your color. Pink, grey, purple is very popular right now."

I turned to my friend, letting him choose. I felt so attached already. He didn't judge me at all, and was so nice to me. He didn't even speak about my mean words when they came out. Was this a real friend? A boy I met on the streets at night was so nice. "How about this?" Mike picked up a box. "Here hermano. It's blue."

"Hermano?" I moved closer so he could help me put them on.

"It means brother in Spanish." I twitched a little when the first one was in but the second one didn't feel to bad. I blinked, making it comfortable, then looked around. I saw better than I ever had in glasses. Everything was clear, without a smudge at all! "Check it." My friend picked up a mirror and held it to my face. The boy that looked back at me had bright blue eyes. I gave it a grin and nodded. "I like it!"

"Aw I knew you looked nice with a smile." Mike suddenly ruffled my hair. I shook him off and looked away. "I wasn't smiling." I wouldn't let him tease me like that.

"If only you were a girl." He sighed. "Oh well. Who says I can't." Mike suddenly smirked. Before I could ask, he leaned close and gave a small kiss on my forehead.  I felt my cheeks burn bright, jumping away and narrowing my eyes. "What was t-that for!?" I spat. "Don't think you can touch me whenever you want!"

He rolled his eyes, fixing an orange scarf around his neck. "Relax. I was being nice. I don't swing that way."

What did that mean? I didn't care enough to ask. "Just don't do it again without asking at least." I let my guard down again. I wasn't used to such affections from someone else and I wasn't going to let them happen that easily.

It didn't take long... Only a few nights with Mike on the streets before I was caught by the police and taken back to the orphanage. Mike managed to escape and I felt the worst pain in my heart I had felt in a long time, thinking i'd never see him again. Until one day, it was late at night. I heard the laptop ding quietly. I rolled out of bed and opened Brainpad, the only social media I used. How...

Mike: bro. are you okay?
Alex: How did you find me?
Mike: pretty easy. your profile picture and matching area. but that's not important.
Alex: ?
Mike: this girls tits were huge. you should have seen them.
Alex: ?????????????
Mike: oh right.
Mike: i should tell you.
Mike: i got a job. when i'm 18, i'll get you out of there.
Alex: Huh? Why would you do that for me?
Mike: because we're friends.
Mike: do I need another reason?
Mike: anyway, until I see you again, remember to smile, just how I like it.
Mike: okay?
Mike: try to be happy, even if it's fake, pretend for a little bit, and maybe your life won't be so hard.
Mike: i think they're going to keep close watch on you now. my parents aren't looking for me so i'll be okay.
Mike: just promise me, okay?
Alex: Okay
Alex: Until we meet again
Blazing Stars Chapter Eight ((Homestuck Story))
Ally is a girl taken from her hope at birth to be raised in the wild. She grew up never seeing another human except her father and learned the ways at life until a fire destroyed the only hope she ever knew. On top of that, Ally is faced with blindness during an eclipse which forces her to travel to the city with help of her guardian, Father Forest, the ghost of her father. In doing so, throws her into another universe as a meteor shower destroys the world. Meanwhile three friends are introduced to the face of death. A glitched SBurb session, a blind girl, and the ghosts of those before. The time is coming for fates to be revealed or will the four kids forever be... Homestuck?
♚[© 2016 | Emily Jones]♛

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"This is.."

"A bridge!" John tapped on the new structure, finishing the girl's sentence. "We just have to climb up this and we'll reach Rose's medium in no time."

Ally put her palm over the tower-like building and tilt her head. She pushed lightly, as if to test it out. "Is it strong?" Her voice came out in a hushed, exhausted whisper. "Oh yea. Totally." Dave butt into the conversation proudly. "We've been working for hours."

John nodded and crossed his arms. "You were asleep the whole time but we were totally men!" He laughed jokingly. Ally shook her head but she was trying not to laugh too. It's nice to have friends, right? Someone to really talk with and understand.

 Although growing up in such different worlds, it's not a bad feeling when I'm with the city people. I want to learn from them. They weren't all bad. I don't understand what father was afraid of. But... I wish I knew what they really looked like. Dave clapped his hands. "Let's get going. I betcha Rose is waiting."

I felt his weight vanish from the ground and clanking as Dave began climbing. "Well what are you waiting for?" He sighed. John gasped. "Oh right! Oh my way!" His weight vanished and I followed his lead. Carefully, I found a gripping place and pulled myself up. My foot found a ledge and I started up. "How are you doing down there?" John called back, not long after starting. "I think I'm doing okay." I replied back, stepping up a little more.

"Great! How about you Dave!"

"I'm fine man."

I pressed my spear against my palm to use my fingers to climb. It was like one big ladder. This was easy!

I just have to... Relax. Keep in contact with my friends. And wait for Rose. I wrapped my Guitar around my back and backed away from the beach. I need to find them. Who should I go to first? Mike in a jungle. Possible predators..... And Alex. I didn't know either of their exact locations. But the cold would be constant and Mike could handle himself.. I hope. I had to find Alex first! The map can't be that big right? I heaved big sigh and shook my head. A sound behind me made me jerk around. At that moment, I wished I had just run. Because what emerged from the failing ocean was a large demon-like monster. Shaped like a large worm, it's eyes sparkled green and it's jaws gaped open to reveal rows of razor sharp teeth. Slime dripped from two tongues, sticking out of it's mouth. I slipped off my only item, my instrument, and raised it up. Maybe I could give it a good beating? The beast charged forward, mouth agape. I fell back to avoid the hit and quickly crawled back up. I swung my guitar around, ready to hit on the next time it attacked. One of my nails ripped at the string, making my whole hand ache in pain as my nail ripped down the the skin. I balled my hand up and hissed angrily. Stupid string! The vibration suddenly triggered the beast to roar and vanish below the water.

I let out a heavy breath and looked down to my guitar. "What was that?" Before I had time to question the strange moment, the beast leaped from the water. I barely had time to scream before everything went dark.

What.. Is this? It was cold here and dark. Did I get away from that creature? Wait... Where's my guitar? I looked around the strange place but I couldn't spot it. I couldn't see the ground below me yet I was walking on a degree of support. "Hello?" Almost as soon as the words left my mouth, a splitting headache consumed me. I let out a gasp and closed my eyes to numb the pain but it started to get worst. It felt like a stabbing shock and my vision grew blurry. Before I knew it, I fainted.

  I remember this well. I was always around it. It was the silence. Where was my family? I released the red crayon in my hand and listened as the object rolled away and tumbled off the table. The silence was broken for only a moment before it returned in it's crushing grip. I glazed down to my lifeless portrait. I admit, I wasn't that good. But it got my point across. There was me in the middle. Mom was on the right. And dad was on the left. I let out a heavy sigh and lowered my head to the table. "What is that you're doing?"  Hollow footsteps trekked towards the dinner table. I didn't need to look up to know who it was. The only other person inside the whole huge house, Randy. My butler. "I'm tired." I muttered out without lifting my head. There was a hand on my shoulder as he chuckled. "Let's get you to bed then, young master."

I was tempted to follow but then shook his hand off. "No. I want to wait for mom and dad." I struggled to keep consciousness but felt it slipping away faster than I could catch up. Before I knew it, I was being carried up the stairs. Randy entered my room and set me on my bed. "I'll tell them how you waited tonight. But you need your sleep. Farewell  Zara." The small candle beside my bed vanished and I pulled the covers over my head. With the blankets, the monsters won't find me tonight.


"Cancel my morning appointment and change my one o'clock to three." For about the five or sixth time this morning, mother had paced past, intent on her phone call. I sighed and pulled my large headphones off over my head. "Mom." I tried to whisper. There's no way she noticed that. She halted at the end of the room then turned and returned back only to repeat the process once again. "No I said I DON'T want to meet with him today. I'm already scheduled with Erica, the metal work from Indonesia... Yes I know, but-"  Forget it. Her business phone calls were too important for her to pause. I lifted the computer from my lap and returned upstairs. I was so close to a breakthrough in my work. "Randy!" I called out as I set the computer on my desk. A moment passed and a figure entered my room. I turned to face my butler. His silver brown hair was slicked back in an overly fancy style and wore a normal suit and tie. Unlike many butlers in movies though, he didn't bother tying his tie and it just hung loosely around his neck. Randy's clothes were loose and he slouched a little. Nobody really inquired about how he dressed, but if I were having to clean a whole house and cook the food, I wouldn't care if I looked nice doing it either.

Randy closed the door behind him and crossed his arms. "Yes, mistress Zara?" He inquired in a monotone voice. I looked around my room a moment then turned back. "Where's my notebook?"

The butler walked across the room and pulled open a drawer against my wall. "I put it in here when I cleaned. I hope you don't mind?" He raised the book and handed it over. I took hold of the notebook and set it beside my laptop. "No. Thanks." I flipped it to the recently filled page.

"Are you planning another mass lock down perhaps?" He stepped beside me. I couldn't help but reply with a chuckle. "Nah. That was a one time thing. The website was going to the dump anyway. I was doing some decoding and planning to hack a random account on BrainPad."

I was fairly good with BrainPad. The security was terrible for a social network site. Inside my notebook was filled with codes I picked up and runnable links. I plopped down in my chair and opened the website. As the login page popped up, I opened a second program. I had built it myself. It was a hacking god that took me months to program. But it could infiltrate anything I desired. Even NASA, the worldwide space center. Though, I had no desire to pin it against them just yet. Maybe a later date, but not now. The black pop-up began decoding. I entered the account link I wanted to enter then waited for the program to burrow inside.

In less than a moment, an email popped up in the first bar.

Following after was an eight digit password and the website loaded into the homepage. What did I have to work with? It wasn't all that interesting. Just a BrainPad of an average teenage boy. On the side, I noticed one of his friends was online. I clicked the chat and noticed the conversation was currently in progress.


Alex: Morning!

Mike: Eww ಠ_ಠ

Alex: What?

Mike: Mornings

Mike: Waking up

Mike: People

Mike: Sunlight

Alex: Don't be so gloomy!

Mike: Existence itself ಠ_ಠ

Mike: Why not?

Alex: There's so much to be happy about!!

Mike: Eww

Mike: You don't have a right to say that. ಠ_ಠ

Alex: Yea I know

Alex: It's just hard, y'know :/

Mike: What is? Being raised in an orphanage? Or being abandoned? ಠ_ಠ

Alex: So rude

Alex: But yea

Alex: You know the story. I was left on the stairs with a note explaining my heritage and why I couldn't stay.

Alex: And that was that.

Mike: /://::/#/:/.///:::/

Alex: Uhhh what? Did you leave your soda on the keyboard again?

Mike: No man I didn't type that. ಠ_ಠ

Mike: /:/'/;/;/:/:/;/:):

Mike: Dude what's going on!?

Alex: Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike that's not funny!

Alex: You're scaring me T_T

Mike: I swear on Jessica Harbor's tits i didn't do that ಠ_ಠ

Alex: =_=..... Who?

Mike: //://"/;:/#/;/#/;/:

Alex: SCREEEE!!!!

Mike: You've been hacked baby HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Mike: what the-? ಠ_ಠ

Mike: What do you mean? I totally hacked you.

Alex: Should I go let you argue with yourself? :0

Mike: Who are you? What did you do?

Mike: mwhahahahaha my name is Zara. Nice to meet you.

Mike: How did you.....

Mike: I'm the world's youngest tech god! You've probably heard of me ^^

Mike: ಠ_ಠ No

Mike: Aww really?

Mike: ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ No

Mike: Hnm. Fine. I'm 12 and with my information, you're 15?

Mike: ಠ_ಠ Begone demon

Mike: mwhahahahaha

Mike: ಠ_ಠ Stop that

Mike: Hehe you seem cool. Wanna be friends? I've never had a friend before.

Alex: O_O

Mike: Dude I thought you left.

Alex: I was lurking.

Mike: Friends? With someone who hacked me?

Mike: No no no I swear I was just bored. I'll totally log off right now if you'll be friends.

Mike: ಠ_ಠ Fine whatever just get off. I have to get to my new job today.

Mike: Yay!


That was months ago. I'm so excited that my 13th birthday is soon! Last night, dad came home and said he had a present for me. I always liked his gifts though, like the notebook. Father got it for me when I was young. Although the notebook was nice, I hope this gift will be cooler. I logged into BrainPad and entered the group chat, still inactive. Nobody had spoken in a few days for unknown reasons. So I started it up again.


Zara: Wakey Wakey

Alex: Zara! Where were you?

Alex: I missed you T_T

Zara: Sorry :3

Zara: My 13th birthday is soon! I'll be the same age as you!

Alex: Hurrah!

Mike: It's early ಠ_ಠ

Mike: Go back to sleep

Zara: I'm in a different timezone than you. It's not that early.


 Just then, there was a knock at the door. I looked up from my laptop, slightly confused. Who would be knocking at this time? "Come in!"

 To my bewilderment, my mom entered the room. Her bright blonde hair looked dull and unkempt and her deep hazel eyes appeared saddened.


Alex: Zara :?

Alex: Where'd you go?


For now, I ignored the chat messages and stood up. "Mom? What is it?"

   A strange thing for my mom to speak to me, something must have been very wrong. What happened? Is everything okay? I'm afraid to ask. My mom shut the door behind her and lowered her head. "I have some unfortunate news." She started, barely catching her breath herself. I began to feel anxious, slipping my fingers together and tapping my thumbs against my palms behind my back. Mom paused for a moment then let out a heavy sigh. "Today's parade downtown was shut down after an accident... A drunk driver plowed through the street and..." She stopped herself and sniffed. I didn't understand at first. Then, it slowly grew on me. I wish I hadn't understood. I hoped it wasn't true. But the more silence that filled the room, the more the ache crept into my heart. "No way." I muttered out. This couldn't be true. It had to be a joke! "D-Dad?" I scanned my mom's face for any sign that he was okay. But it revealed nothing but sorrow. The more I looked at her face, the more it hurt. I finally had to look down. Why did this have to happen!?

 I pressed my body against the wall, listening intently to the conversation on the other side. The muffled sound shifted into understandable voices. One of them, my mom. The other was someone new. I folded up a ball of money in my hand and shoved it in my pocket.

"Perhaps you should start thinking of a new home." The new voice inquired gently.

My mom snapped in reply. "Never! This is our home! The only memory we have of.. Him." She trailed off with a gruff.

"Of course it has sentimental value. But your paycheck can't afford it anymore. If you don't start looking for a new house-"

"That's not going to happen. We're fine. I can work overtime..."

I looked around the room. It was an extremely expensive room. Perhaps just this one alone cost more than a simple house in the suburbs. My mom was a CEO. And my dad had a bank full of money in case we needed it. But that was years ago. Since, it's gone dry. We can't loose our home though! I knew the insurance company would come at some point to get us to move. That's why...

I felt the money in my pocket. Rightly earned for playing the guitar on street corners. Its not much, but perhaps it could help a little. I pulled the strap over my head and set my electric guitar propped against the wall before pulling the door open and entering. The two women looked up as I entered. The insurance woman stood up, clipboard in hand, and looked down to my mom. "Well it's been an eventful evening, but I must be on my way. Please consider what I said today." She walked past as she exit the room. I heard the front door close as she vanished then looked to my mom. "You're not gonna sell the house, right?"

Mom stared off into space then suddenly pulled her phone from her pocket. "It's my boss. I need to take this." She raised the phone to her ear. I didn't bother staying to listen. Instead, I turned and left, taking my guitar with me and returning to my room. Alex and Mike weren't online yet, so I opened an online shopping website. I wouldn't buy anything, but browsing made me feel better. Later, I'll return to the street. I really think I've gotten better at the guitar.

At the top of the website was an Ad for a few game. Curious, I clicked the link and a new tab opened. The page flooded with news about the game, still in progress and nearly ready to buy.   I found myself bewildered about the reviews. Some saying it was a revelation in gaming culture, amazing in every way, 5/5 stars, and these were before it was even published! I scribbled the name down in my notepad that no longer left my side, Sburb.

Perhaps I'll buy this later.

 Zara blinked slowly, her eyes explored her surroundings. It was quiet and cold. What was this? The girl's hands glided over a her strange surroundings, feeling a rubber-like substance. Was she inside something living? Then in a sudden flash of realization, Zara remembered something. "Where is it?" She kicked around at the floor. It was moist and slippery, causing her to slip a few times. "I need it!" Zara clenched her fist and swallowed. "My guitar... Where are you?"

"Don't look down!" John called from above. Ally pulled herself up another bar and sighed. "I don't think that will be a problem." She muttered. Dave scoffed from above. "She's blind, man. Remember?"
She nodded in reply and reached for the next one. "I'm fine. It's just like climbing my treehouse. Except I'll die when I fall." Dave suddenly stopped and John hit into the boy's shoe. The two gazed up, a grin forming over Dave's lips. "We're here." He pulled himself up another bar then tossed himself over Rose's yard. John followed then turned around and lowered his arm towards Ally. "Here! I'll pull you up!"
The girl hesitated before guiding her hand in the direction of John's voice and grabbed his hand. The boy heaved her up until she got her footing and stood up on her own. "This is the establishment of Rose?" Ally asked slowly. John nodded and crossed his arms proudly. "Yup! Aren't you glad we did it? Now we just need to get Jade." He explained. Dave already begun to walk towards the house, leaving the two having to run and catch up. John eyed the large almost penthouse-like house. Rose was obviously rich; or at least her mom was. A ladder around back looked like Rose had already begun building on her own but it was unfinished. "Rose!" Dave called up to the balcony.
In an instant, a girl's head popped out. She waved her hands quickly, her short blonde hair waving as she shook her head, gesturing for them to be silent. Then she waved them towards her and pointed down to a door below her. John scurried forward and pulled the front door open. Ally followed without a word into the house. Dave shut the door behind them and Rose came running down some spiral stairs. Her house was exquisite with everything looking expensive. The young girl let out a sigh. "You're here. You have to be quiet though." She looked around cautiously. Rose's eyes were painted with fear and she grabbed Dave's arm. "Follow me. This way." Rose gave a tug then raced back up the stairs. "This... Is Rose?" Ally asked, confused. "She sounded smart and confident in Pesterchum. Something must have happened." John tapped his chin and began walking in the direction Rose and Dave went.

"Great. Just great." Mike gripped the handle of one of the blades and swept it through branches in his path. "Couldn't have been the nice beaches of Hawaii or maybe California? No. It's this god damn-" A raindrop fell on his face and the boy let out a groan. "Forest!" He picked an overgrown leaf up off the ground and held it over his head as the rain came down again. His phone went off and he pocketed his weapon to check his messages.


-grimAuxiliatrix began pestering grainTrain-

GA: What A Curious Name You Have There.

GT: Don't even go there  ಠ_ಠ

GA: Oh My Apologies. It Must Be An Important... Semblance Of Yours; I Presume?

GT: Not really. Just proof of me being a moron, desconocido

GA: I See. I Won't Ask Again Then.

GT: Who are you and what do you want?

GA: Oh Yes. Excuse My Manners. My Name Is Kanaya Maryam Of Alternia. You Are From Earth, Correct?

GT: No. I'm from Uranus  ಠ_ಠ

GA: Oh Are You Now? I Had No Idea That Planet Was Inhabited. Then My Apologies.

GT:... You can't be serious. ಠ_ಠ

GT: Do you think I'm really buying this?

GT: I'm too busy to deal with trolls right now.

GA: Oh Is Something Bothering You?

GT: You know what? Yes. Yes there is. And I'm kinda pissed off right now.

GT: I didn't sign up for this shit.

GA: ?

GT: I guess my friend did some stupid shit and broke our game session and now nobody is responding so they're either dead or ignoring me.

GT: So unless you can actually help me, piss off will you?

GA: Well Actually, I Can Do Something For You.

GA: I Could Connect To Your Game And Send Items Over. Maybe You Can Find Your Friends.

GT: Dude really?

GA: Indeed. One Moment. I Need My Friend To Track Your Session Location. I Shall Return.

-grimAuxiliatrix ceased pestering grainTrain-


 Kanaya closed the tab she had been talking to the human on. This hadn't been part of her plans to assist the human boy. In fact, she only began messaging him to ask about his strange screenname. But now that she decided to help, she selected Sollux's name and began to type. Her fingers glided over the keyboard, nails painted green. Her lips curved into a smile and she paused for a moment to pick up a tub of lipstick and lather herself in the deep green lipstick.


-grimAuxiliatrix began pestering ‎twinArmageddons-

GA: Salutations.

TA: Oh iit'2 you. What do you want Maryam?

GA: Could You Track Someone For Me?

TA: Yea II can. But why 2HOULD II?

GA: I Believe I Came In Contact With Another Game Session.

TA: Oh yea?

GA: In All Honesty, I've Been Growing Fascinated By The Humans

GA: Though, I Was Baffled When I Found Another Session Of Living Players.

TA: ugh

TA: IIf iit wa2 anyone el2e a2kiing, ii would have told them to pii22 off.

TA: But 2iince iit'2 you,

TA: Fiine

TA: but iim bu2y

TA: giive me a moment

GA: Of Course. I Shall Abscond For Now. Farewell.

-grimAuxiliatrix ceased pestering ‎twinArmageddons-

  Kanaya picked herself up from her computer and gazed out the window. The sun shone high above the sky, burning the planet below. The troll traced her tongue over her teeth, feeling the fangs in between. As a rainbow drinker, she was one of the only trolls on the planet that could even touch the sunlight. But Kanaya wasn't interested right now. For now, she had to wait for Sollux to return before even considering it. Around Kanaya's room was an assortment of fashionable clothes in her open wardrobe. Her recuperacoon was neatly organized with every drop of slime inside. In fact, her whole room was tidy and comfortable. Suddenly her computer went off and Kanaya went to examine the message.

  A hand wrapped around the neck of the electric guitar. Painted with blue flames, the hand strummed a few strings, the melodic rhythms sent visible vibrations in all directions. The owner hoist her instrument up and tightened the strap around her chest. The girl's long hair fell over the neck; she flipped it behind her shoulder and set her hands in position. "Can you do it again?" Zara muttered, feeling the strings once again. Could her guitar really be used to fight? "Come on baby." She sucked in a deep breath. The strange monster's stomach rumbled, bubbling up the bile. Only one chance, and if it was just a fluke that her guitar blew up like that, she'd be dead for sure. "What do I play?" The girl bit her lip and sucked in a breath. "My first life was so boring just forget mentioned it." She started to sing, pressing a finger on the instruments neck and using her other hand to flick a cord. Zara recalled a song she had heard by another performer one day while she was on the street corner.  " And my second seemed to let me do all of the things my first life didn't..." She sucked in a breath and hit the notes harder. In a flash, the guitar vibrated, visible streaks erupted from the inside. The pressure nearly pushed the girl back but she dug her feet into the inner lining of the beasts stomach.
The white streaks slammed into the side and the beast rumbled, the bile rose and encircled Zara's feet. Time was running out. She had to get out before she starts to digest into mush. She hit a note again, running her fingers down the neck. "Third life was a hateful man all poison to the bone." These were the words she believed. It was getting weaker. Not long now.

"Wet. It's all wet." Mike grumbled. "This isn't the kind of wet I wanted." He hissed, hacking a branch out of the way with the sickle blade. The piece disappeared at his feat in a cluster of plants covering his path. "Alex better respond because I'm getting pissed." The boy continued to mutter, brushing some of his black hair behind his ear. He raised an arm back, ready to hit the next plant in his way. As his arm came down, it sliced clean through the plant but the branch didn't fall. Mike tried again, whipping the blade but again, it fell right though, as if the plant didn't even exist. "What in the..?" The boy retracted the weapon into the duel sword, letting the chain retaliate inside, then hooked it to his pants. Once he was sure the weapon was secure, he waved his arm around the tree, trying to grab anything that he could but his hand disappeared inside. "Glitch." He finally confirmed and prepared to continue when all the trees suddenly vanished in a blink of an eye. Drenched to the bone in jungle water, and now strange sand soaked at his feet, making it stick on and add weight to his legs. Mike looked all around at his new surroundings. Was this teleportation perhaps? It wasn't a forest at all anymore. In fact, it was more like a desert. Soft sand twinkled under a hot sun from above, the glittering gold grains moved with a gentle wind, nearly pushing Mike over. He fell to his knees, using a hand to hold himself up as the sand shifted from under his feet.
 "Where do I go from here?" The boy muttered, grabbing a handful of the sand, letting it trickle down his hand and falling back to the ground. "Where am I?"
A strange sound caught his attention and he listened carefully, raising his head and glancing around. It sounded almost like a low groan then in a sudden explosion, a large black beast erupted from the sand. It roared, showing razor sharp teeth, two small eyes glowed ruby red but they didn't seem to lock onto anything. Until the beast charged at him.

Ally glided her hands over the strange objects in Rose's room as the three others spoke in hushed voices. "What is it?" John asked from the other side of the room where a window cast over Rose's small island. The blonde girl crossed her arms. "After I installed the game, my mom went missing and my house was almost destroyed by a fire. I had Jade teleport me, seeing as she's my server player. But after I got here... They showed up." She nodded outside. The two boys followed Rose's gaze into the yard around the back. The ladder that had already begun construction was surrounded with beasts. Strange shadow-looking creatures, drool dripped from their mouths. "Tar Basilisks." Rose explained. "Dangerous to us right now, since we don't exactly have any weapons or armor from the game. Of the Underlings class of monsters, along with Ogres and Giclops."
"We don't need a lesson." Dave scoffed, unsheathing his sword. "I got this." He approached the window, grabbing the seal and popping it open. "That's not a wise move-" Rose began but Dave held up his free hand. "Dude, I got a sword. Watch me fucking shank these asses." He smirked, adjusting his sunglasses and vanishing out the window. John and Rose peered out, spotting Dave running out into the yard, his sword raised and ready to attack. One of the beasts turned, raising the awareness of the others. The largest one charged forward, its mouth agape. The monster looked like a long dog with the face of a flatheaded fish and teeth of a lion. It had short legs with paws and a tail of a salamander. In all, it was a terrifying creature. Ally raised her head, hearing the growling of the beasts and made her way to the window. Rose narrowed her eyes, brushing some short hair from her face. "I cannot see where they went. It's too dark." Which was indeed an issue. Dave had swept around the beast and vanished into the dark corner with then in toe.
 John carefully pulled his glasses off his face and lowered them to his shirt to wipe the lenses before putting them back on his face. "I have my pogo-hammer. I could go help!" He grinned which Rose only shook her head in reply. "You don't know how to use it. Besides, it's much too dark."
Ally finally sighed, switching her spear into another hand. "I'll do it." Her voice was quiet but confident.
"Right!" John grinned. "You can do it! You don't need to see to fight."
The blonde female turned skeptical, eyeing Ally before sighing. "In you insist. I haven't seen you in action but at least you have a chance."

 Why did I say that? Why did I agree to help him? I didn't know Dave well but I don't know what compelled me to do it. Perhaps, it was all those years ago in the forest. I remember it well, even now. The day I almost died in that tree. The rabbit that saved me was made by Dave's brother. Perhaps I owed him. But whatever it was, I had stepped up to speak. I pulled at the fabric of clothing around my neck. I still couldn't get comfortable in these. My feet pressed against the grass, my toes felt the vibration of the beasts. I was getting closer. I could feel a lighter movement of Dave running around them then it vanished. In a split second, the boy hit the ground beside me, his sword zipped through the air then stabbed into the ground nearby. He let out a painful groan and dragged himself up. "Strong motherfuckers." He shook his head and reached for his sword. "What are you doing down here? It's dangerous." The blond asked in a monotone voice. What could I say? I stayed quiet and raised up the spear side of my weapon. The sounds approaching told me the monsters were coming closer. Wait for it... "Ally, what are you doing?" He asked, backing up. A little more... The monster roared and snapped his jaws together, directed towards me. I jumped at the last possible moment, falling down on the creature's snout. Quickly giving it a sharp stab with my spear. It opened it's mouth again and jerked it's head up, trying to knock me down. I clung to my spear, the beast shaking it's head. I lost my grip and hit the ground. A sharp pain struck my side and my breath was knocked out of me.
"Use your power." A voice muttered in my ear. A man's voice, one I knew well. "Father.." I gasped out reaching an arm into the air. Where was he? "Use it." He repeated. Tears threatened to fall. "What power? What do you mean?"
"Ally!" Dave called out. I could hear the monsters surround him. "Set your hand over your eyelids " The voice of a woman spoke. I didn't recognize her, so, who was she? I didn't have time for questions though. I had to save Dave. Without his sword, he couldn't even fight back. I covered my eyes with my hand, feeling my chilling fingers over my face. "Now open your eyes. Take the stars from yourself." The woman and my father spoke at the same time. How could I even do that?! I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out. "You're running out of time."
 A beast roared from a little ways away, reminding me of what I had to do. I opened my eyes and instantly, something tugged from them. It didn't hurt, thought the feeling was uncomfortable. "Now, lower your hand."
I obeyed and as I did, a white flash overtook the darkness. What was happening? When the light dimmed, I blinked, I could... See. I could really see. I turned my head, observing my surroundings. The ground in this area was stone and rock, a darkness fell over the side of the island, nothing could be seen from beyond. I wish I could see the sky from here. Dave backed away from one of the beasts, it swayed it's tail and licked it's lips, as if it could already taste human in it's mouth. I observed Dave for a moment, taking in the strange looks. His hair was neat and combed, a color of hair I had never seen before. Like a light yellow. And a pair of sunglasses hid his eyes. Father had explained sunglasses before when he was alive but I never found a use for them. He wore a long white shirt with red sleeves, and pants that resembled the ones John had given to me. "Now!" Father quickly ordered. Now that I could see, I looked around quickly to find him but nothing showed father or the woman was here at all. "What do I do?" I nearly stuttered out the words. I wasn't ready for this! Just as I was adjusting to being blind, I have my sight back. But how? What did I really do?
 "Control the stars." The woman whispered in a soothing voice. Dave called for help again and a beast snapped it's jaws. He jumped away in time but another one came closer. Control the stars? I looked down to the hand I had used; my heart skipped a beat as I saw what there was.
 I was holding the small stars that had been in my eyes.
"Don't forget your promise, okay?" A girl whispered.
"I swear! We pinkie promised, 'member?" A boy held up his hand. "My fingers don't lie."
 The children were older than last time, the boy was a young adult and the girl, not far behind. The tree leaves swayed in the wind of the night. The girl smiled, carefully setting herself down in the grass. "This place is so nice." She sighed happily, falling silent to listen to the forest around her. The boy sat himself beside her and nodded. "I wish we could stay here forever, don't you, Ares?"
 The girl chuckled, setting a hand over her chest. "I do. But we can't. We have lives back home." She leaned on his shoulder and closed her eyes. "It would be nice though."

He looked away with a frown. "If we didn't have anything to return too, I'd build you a house right here. With my own hands. I'd make a room for the baby too." He nodded confidently. The girl rolled her eyes. "Always ambitious, aren't you?" She lowered her hand to her stomach. "The doctor said it'll be a girl. Aren't you excited?" She turned to examine his face. Ares grinned with a nod. "Of course! Have you chosen a name yet? I'll like whatever you choose."
 The girl went silent, then gave a small shrug. "It's too early. A name should fit the person. I think i'll wait until she's born." She explained. The boy sighed in response. "Aww Ally, can't you pick now? I think I'm going to die of anticipation before she's even born." He gave a pout to try and convince her but Ally shook her head quickly. "I can't! It wouldn't be fair to name her before we can even see her!" She playfully pushed against him. "Don't worry though. It won't be long now." She felt the pushing on her stomach. "After all, it's already been seven months."
 Ares let out an annoyed groan and fell back into the grass. "Why must we go back again?"
"Something is going wrong." A doctor lowered his head. Ares looked up from his chair quickly. What was that? Wrong? "What is it?" He swallowed back. "Is the baby okay? What about Ally? Are they okay?" The man stood and took a step to the doctor. "The baby is going well, but perhaps you should come in." His voice lowered to a whisper. A scream came from the room a few feet away and a furious anger hit Ares in full blast. "Fix this! You're a doctor, aren't you!?" He grabbed a handful of the doctor's coat. The man grabbed Ares's hand and pushed him away with a frown. "The nurses are with her now. Her body is weak, she's having trouble." The doctor backed away and pushed open the room door.
Blazing Stars Chapter Seven ((Homestuck Story))
Ally is a girl taken from her hope at birth to be raised in the wild. She grew up never seeing another human except her father and learned the ways at life until a fire destroyed the only hope she ever knew. On top of that, Ally is faced with blindness during an eclipse which forces her to travel to the city with help of her guardian, Father Forest, the ghost of her father. In doing so, throws her into another universe as a meteor shower destroys the world. Meanwhile three friends are introduced to the face of death. A glitched SBurb session, a blind girl, and the ghosts of those before. The time is coming for fates to be revealed or will the four kids forever be... Homestuck?
♚[© 2016 | Emily Jones]♛

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 Cold. Still so cold. I burrowed into the ground to avoid the snow. But how long will I be able to hold out? I could feel the snow from above get weaker. I could be buried alive at any time. Where are my friends? Are they okay?
 I tightened into a smaller ball and covered my face with my shirt so my skin wasn't touching the bare ground. How long have I been here? It's felt like forever.
I thought the vibrations I felt were my imagination but as I began to pull myself back into reality, I felt them even stronger. Are they real? My T-shirt and sweats weren't going to save me forever. I crawled out of the hole and lifted my head to examine the area. Still snowing, but a strangely odd shadow was in the area. Then I felt it. The rumbling of a growl... I turned around slowly. In a flash, a beast ran for me. I had no time to move.

"Rose's house in in the next medium isn't it?" John asked. I followed behind slowly. Feeling the weight of the boy's steps in the ground. I've been getting better. I could feel the pressure and movement in their steps. Dave was ahead of John, walking slightly faster. I sent out a sensor to examine the area. It was messy and I had to be careful not to trip. Much different than John's house, Dave's was carelessly thrashed. "Yea. My bro has the other copy of the game. But that stupid bird came in the window and took my game so I borrowed his. But Davesprite, being totally rad, got it back and I just gave it to him."
I heard Davesprite chuckle. According to the boys, a sprite is a human or object fused with eachother and stay with them to assist in the game. I had thought that perhaps my father was my sprite, but that couldn't be possible. I wasn't playing the game when he visit me. And he wasn't a fusion. A spirit or ghost perhaps. I was lost in my thoughts and forgot about the mess, tripping over an object and falling into John. We both fell over and hit the ground painfully. I sat up and shook my head, dazed. But I was okay. "Are you alright?" Dave spoke. I heard John crawl back up. "Oh yea we're okay. Just an accident." He laughed.
"Sorry bout the mess. Bro leaves his stupid puppets everywhere. I can't even leave my room without seeing a pile of them." Dave sighed.
"Why not put them in the attic?" John suggested. I didn't know what that was but I nodded in agreement.
"Full." I felt Dave continue walking a few more steps before coming to a full stop and opening a door. "Here's my room. I'll message Rose and tell her we're on our way. After Rose, Jade is the final medium right? John, could you handle her?"
John smiled. "Sure! Ally-" He looked back to the girl. "The bed is clean. You can sit down and rest for a few minutes if you want."
Ally gave a short nod and fell back into the bed. She seemed confused for a moment then relaxed onto the pillows.
John pulled out the PSD and clicked Jade's username.


-ectoBiologist has begun pestering gardenGnostic-

EB: jade! :)

GG: oh hi john! where is everyone? T_T our group chat suddenly vanished. you don't think it was..

GG: 2ollux do you???

EB: It's sollux

EB: and I don't think so :(

EB: he's actually a pretty cool guy. we've talked a few times :)

GG: how could you talk to those meanie trolls!? karkat is so rude! i blocked him but somehow he keeps messaging me

EB: karkat isn't so bad. neither is vriska. she's bossy but i think she's cool too. i don't think they like cleaning supplies though..

GG: :|

GG: john

GG: how in the world would you know that????

EB: it happened a long time ago. but I video called vriska. she didn't put on her camera. but I had a mop and bucket in the back because i was in the laundry room. she sounded really offended and asked me to get rid of it


GG: john


EB: yes jade?

GG: WHy did you MeSsAge me In The FirSt pLace? :/

EB: o_o

GG: sorry. i was typing fast

EB: oh yea! i'm at dave's!

GG: gasp! so cool! but what does that have to do with me?

EB: well you're in the game, right?

GG: yea. i was just reading rose's walkthrough pages. i've been doing good!!

EB: okay well, we're two mediums below you. me, dave, and ally are gonna get rose next. then come find you. okay?

GG: hu? ally??

EB: long story. anyway, you get it?

GG: sure! >W<

EB: :)

EB: cool! we'll be there soon! what's your house like?

GG: it's alright. my grandpa and me lived on an island
GG: so we didn't get any visitors. how do you even reach another medium?

EB: well rose sent me a jetpack and i cheated my way here by flying. but usually, you'd have to kill enemies to get money called grist. then ask your server player, that would be dave for you, to buy attachments for your house. he can build on it then you could just climb to the next medium :)

EB: that's what we're gonna do. since the jetpack can't carry three people

GG: oh cool! okay. well I'll be here building my grist amount ^W^

EB: thanks! when we reach your house, then we have to work together to build and find skaia. that's the best part of the game!

GG: this isn't? :O

EB: no XD

EB: this is the pre trial now. where we set up. you should find a weaponkind and get ready for the game!

GG: okay! thanks john!!!

EB: *tips my cat elegantly*

EB: wait

EB: *hat


GG: goodbye john

-gardenGnostic has left the chat-

EB: just so you know, i don't tip cats

EB: She left while I was typing...
-turntechGodhead began pestering tentacleTherapist-
TG: Bustin' shit for y'all, I quickly spit
TG: But the fellas you are with,
TG: They ain't even legit, (because)
TG: I'm a Strider and there ain't none finer
TG:  All you other rappers try, but this gap is even wider than
TG: This role
TG: impossible
tT: Dave.
TG: Hold on. Don't interrupt. That's rude.
TG: Try to step to the knight with the clock control
TG: I digress, putting you in distress. You know I got the finesse.
TG: Always dress to impress (The best)
TG: Got a sword, but I ain't gonna use it
TG: Got my lyric weapon here, you know that I'll never refuse it
TG: (It's) too easy to dunk on you clowns
TG: When my sick rhymes always keepin' me down (Oh shit)
TG: Bustin' old school style
TG: Now the class is in session. So stay for a while
TG: (Cause I'm) too fresh, here in the flesh
TG: Here it's better than the epic of Gilgamesh
TG: You think you're clever or better but that's whatever
TG: Rhyming ever is forever but never a self-aggressor (Yeah)
TG: Should I count all the reasons you're a zero?
TG: You've got no cash and a troll body-pillow. Got the honey and the money so much that it ain't funny
tT: Dave.
TG: This is why I'm on top and I ain't gonna stop (Here)
TG: Got this rhyme and it's keeping in time
TG: In the words of myself; it is truly sublime
TG: It's prime, it's a crime
TG: to keep it this real
TG: Better lock me up
TG: 'Cause I ain't gotta reveal (this steel)
TG: Ideal, but you can't relate
TG: How 'bout you go back to your pillow and masturbate (Ooooh)
TG: I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?
TG: It's too bad that my lyrics are supremely endowed
TG: So let me say that in conclusion, if you have any confusion,
TG: there's no optical illusion; all these words are no exclusion,
TG: if you want a bad confusion, I can give them in profusion,
TG: that there ain't no collusion. My vocal electrocution
TG: has the lyric restitution, not your lame-ass air pollution.
TG: There, I got the whole solution, with the high-class execution.
TG: Under constant evolution, start a Strider revolution,
TG: 'n yo jumpass institution with wisdom that's so confusion...
TT: Are you done now?
TG: yea i'm good
TT: Fantastic. Now what do you want?
TG: oh yea
TG: john just visit my house with some chick. we're getting ready to enter your medium. just thought i'd give you a heads up
TT: Marvelous. But I know.
TG: what?
TT: I've been following John for a while. The game offers a very advanced program where I can watch my client. I've been here, bored and listening.
TG: dude
TG: why didn't you tell me?
TT: Because I do not approve of you spying on Jade.
TG: bruh- I would never
-turntechGodhead has left the chat-
TT: Heh..

While the boys were busy, a silence over-fell the room. I let my mind wander back to my old life. Could things have been different if father never moved to the forest? If mom never died? Would I have ever came to the city if the fire never happened? I don't think i'll ever know. But, not every story has all the questions come to a close. Does it?
 I let myself fall into my surroundings. My back pressed against the soft bedding and I let out a sigh. Father... There has to be a reason. Why did you leave? It couldn't have just been mother. There had to be... A bigger secret.
Those days he sat on the roof and we watched the stars together, he almost never spoke of the city. But he would always speak of mother. He would say she was kind and happy and... Will I ever know the true reason? I needed to find father again and get answers. I held my spear close and closed my eyes so I could feel the pressure but calm feeling of exhaustion. I haven't slept in a while. This day has been something right out of a story.
Nobody objected to my rest so a few minutes past, and my body felt the weight of sleep.

"You're strange, y'know."
 "Am I? You're the strange one to me."
"Pshh no way! Look at you! Are you a viking?"
"No! I'm a pirate!"
What? What are these voices? Children. Their voices echoed in my head. A boy and a girl.
"Look how pretty!"
A picture dripped down into view. I could see their faces. The girl was petite. Her long brown hair fell over her back and her bangs covered her eyes. She wore a loose red dress and had a bright smile. The boy stood before her. His hair was also a dark brown. His bangs curved around his face and his eyes were a chocolate brown. He wore a weird looking hat that could only be described as crumpled up newspaper. It was hard to make out what it was supposed to be.
The boy laughed and grabbed her hand. "Come on! I found this really cool place! It's this way!"
The girl looked hesitant about following him and pulled back. "I can't. It's getting dark. I have to go home soon." She looked down the the ground, covered in fresh grass. The boy looked crestfallen. "But it's even better at night! Pleaseeee just this one time? You'll like it." He grinned hopefully. The girl bit her lip and looked back up. After a moment of thinking, she nodded. "Kay. But just this once! Mamma will be mad."
The boy laughed and grabbed her hand again. "Follow me! It's not far!"
 The kids stopped running as they reached a forest clearing. Willow trees grew tall and encircled the area. Grass grew healthy and a fresh pond of water was sparkling under the moonlight. A tree in the center grew pink petals and warm, juicy fruit. The girl's eyes widened at the sight. "It's so pretty." She looked up to the night sky. The stars twinkled up above. The boy crossed his arms. "What'd I tell ya'? Isn't it awesome?"
She smiled and nodded in reply. "Yea!" Then she trailed off, looking back to the stars. "My grandma and grandpa are up there." The girl sighed slowly. The boy, confused, tilt his head. "Huh? What do you mean? In the trees?"
The girl laughed and shook her head. "No silly! Up there." She pointed to the sky. "There. In the stars. Mamma told me their spirits became the lights of the stars so the can light the path for us all. There's a lot of people up there."
The boy scoffed. "No way! Even the bad ones?"
"There's no such thing as bad ones!" The girl frowned. "They just got lost themselves. They're up there too. One day, I'll be up there. You too. We can watch together. Okay?"
The boy held up his pinkie. "Okay. You promise you'll be with me?"
The girl hooked their fingers together and giggled. "Promise!"

  I jumped up in a cold sweat. I wiped my forehead clear of liquid and pulled myself to a sit. What was that? I looked around the room. I don't know how long I was asleep but it but have been a while. The room was an eerie silence. I felt alone. I swung my feet over the side of the bed and jumped down. Losing my balance for a moment, I stabbed my spear into the ground and stood up straight. "Hello?" My voice echoed but there was no reply. I whipped my spear into the air, finding nothing in my path, and made my way to the door. Houses are so inconvenient for movement. "John?" I muttered his name. Just then, a strange noise divert my attention from behind. "Hello?"
It was a strange beeping. I heard the object approach. It sounded small. Sending out a sensory signal, I scanned it's mass. The weight it put on the ground wasn't much. "An animal?"
I reached my hand out. A freezing soft surface hit my hand. I shivered and ran my hand over the object. "This.. It's familiar."
"Hey." Dave approached from my other side. "You're awake. He's pretty sweet ain't he?" Dave reached down to pick up the odd animal. "Oh yea. You can't see. What do you think he is man?"
I looked in Dave's direction and frowned. "I don't know. But I feel like I know him. What is he?"
"His name is Lil' Sebastian. Bro built him." I felt the object move towards me. "Here. Hold him. He's chill."
I opened my arms so I could hold the Lil' Sebastian. Now in my hands, he felt similar to a rabbit. "What is he?"
"A totally awesome robot. He's a bunny." Dave chuckled quietly.
I remember now. It happened so long ago. A while after the fire. When I couldn't move... The strange creature that saved my life. I lowered my head to press my cheek on his head. I heard a quiet buzzing from the inside. Lil Sebastian suddenly jumped down and scurried away. I felt a wrench in my heart as I heard his movements disappear into the house. Dave set a hand on my arm. "C'mon. We've been collecting grist for a while. We're nearly ready to travel to Rose's.

Karkat peaked out his window into the darkness outside. "Just great!" He hissed as a drone flew past from outside. Karkat lowered his head to stay out of sight and looked back into his room. "Well they shouldn't be visiting tonight. Where the hell is Crabdad?"

From somewhere else on the strange planet, another troll sat on the beach sand. His eyes closed as his he were asleep, yet, his breathing was soft as he was waiting. Waiting for what? A loud siren shocked the troll up. He looked around then back over the waters, as he had been doing for hours now. The boy looked down at his computer. "Oh shit man I completely spaced off." He clicked on the notification of new messages and read down the chat quickly.


   -gallowsCalibrator  has begun pestering terminallyCapricious-
gC: 4R3 YOU 3V3N TH3R3?
gC: YO
gC: YO
gC: 1LL COM3 B4CK L4T3R >:]
-gallowsCalibrator  has ceased pestering terminallyCapricious-

The troll closed his computer and looked up where a drone was coming near. No time to reply now. He pulled himself up and held the computer to his chest as he ran for his home. The troll slammed the door behind him as the drone flew by and vanished. He had completely forgotten about curfew. When he was sure it was safe, he opened the computer again and sent a message.


-terminallyCapricious has begun pestering gallowsCalibrator-
tC: HeY lIl MaMa
gC: F1NALLY! WH3R3 H4V3 YOU B33N G4MZ33?
tC: SoRrY sIs
tC: I aLl Up AnD mOtHeRfUcKiNg SpAcEd OuT
gC: >:o[
tC: hEhE yOu GoT mY nOsE sIs! :o)
tC: WoAh ThErE
tC: wHaT?
tC: mAn I dUnNo
gC: K SO
gC: TO B3 ON MY T34M
tC: SoUnDs LiKe FuN sIs!
tC: WhO eLsE iS oN oUr MoThErFuCkInG tEaM?
gC: NOT L1K3 1 3V3N C444444R3
gC: cHiLl BeAnS
gC: WH4T? >:?
tC: hEaRd It FrOm OnE oF tHe HuMaNs
gC: YOU W1LL NOT B3L13V33333333333333333333333333333
gC: R3M3MB3R WH3N W3 PL4Y3D TH3 G4M3 TH3 F1RST T1M3?
tC: YeA
gC: OK4Y
gC: 3X4CTLY 413
tC: wOaH
gC: 3X4CTLY!
gC: 1T C4M3 FROM TH3 UN1V3RS3 W3 CR34T3D
gC: G4MZ33
tC: mOtHeRfUcKiNg AmAzInG
tC: sO wHaT aRe YoU gOnNa Do AbOuT tHeM?
-gallowsCalibrator has left the chat-


  "What's this?" Mike pushed a branch over his head and approached a strange object. The object was slick with rainwater and shone with the sun peaking through the trees. He pulled himself though the wet dirt and reached towards the item. "A weapon?"
What was a weapon doing here? In the jungle? He raised it in his hands, letting the glint make the item sparkle. "This could be helpful." Mike smirked and ran a hand up the rounded blade. "A scythe and chain? I like it."
The two blades were stuck together as the chain was neatly wound up and ready for anyone to use. Mike pulled the two halves apart and the chain leaked out. He dropped one of the blades so the weapon could swing by his feet. The boy shot out the blades and whipped it around, as if using nun-chucks. The curve sliced into the air and flew back towards him. Mike jerked forward and caught it before the blade hit him then reset the weapon so it was ready for battle use. "I like it." He nodded and hooked it to his pants. Mike knew he would use this later.
 Then he flipped open his phone.


-grainTrain has begun pestering greatGaspian-

GT: alex you won't believe this  ಠ_ಠ

GT: check this  

GT: i was investigating where i am and found this cool weapon

GT: i felt totally unprepared for the game until I found it

GT: Ii hope you're managing too bro

GT: think they'll be any hot babes here?

GT: i guess you aren't online right now. that's fine I guess. talk to you later

GT: I hope you're okay ಠ_ಠ

-grainTrain has ceased pestering greatGaspian-


 Zara had begun research. Upon searching for information on the game, she started to read down the pages. Luckily someone had written a walkthrough. But this hadn't been helpful for a glitched session. There was no way to sync up a server or client as it had explained nor any Alchemeters to build or fuse. There had to be something! Then the girl noticed the contact information of the author. "She has pesterchum!" Zara sighed in relief and searched her username in the app. The name popped up and Zara sent a message.

-trigunTrooper has begun pestering tentacleTherapist-

tT: You have to help me!

TT: Hello? Are you okay?

tT: Oh thank god! Thank you for replying!

TT: What's going on?

tT: Look, you wrote those online walkthroughs for Sburb didn't you?

TT: Yes. That was me. I'm Rose Lalonde. How can I help you?

tT: Look, something happened and me and my friends, we need your help. My name is Zara Hainan. I live, or lived in Arizona and me and my friends, Alex Brisbane and Mike Kauffman started Sbrub...

Zara proceeded to tell Rose everything that had happened all the way up until the current moment. Rose didn't speak until Zara finished her explanation.

tT: And now I don't know what to do. I totally fucked this up. W-What do I do?

TT: Well, according to your description of the situation, I concur that you indeed, did make a mistake. I will have to investigate this and get back to you with a solution. If things are indeed what you said, try to avoid dying if all possible. And don't leave your friends alone for too long, if you will. In a game like this, a glitch could be deadly. Alright?

tT: Yes. YES THANK YOU. Thank you! I'll do that! I'll be waiting for your response. Goodbye.

TT: Farewell Zara. In the meantime, here's a link to the walkthrough. It should be helpful to compare the glitch to the game:

-tentacleTherapist has ceased pestering trigunTrooper-

  In the darkness of night, a troll sat on his couch. He stared at the wall, deep in thought. What was he thinking about? It's possible that not even he knew. The troll felt his mind wander but he couldn't keep up. A sound suddenly shook him back to reality. The troll blinked and gazed around his room. What was that sound? He pulled himself up and made his way to the window. The nighttime air was in no way tired. In fact, there was a lot of activity tonight. "Oh joy." He grumbled and eyed the drone, blaring it's sirens while passing the window. Did he really need a reminder of curfew? Why was curfew at such a ridiculous time anyway? With the moon up, the streets should be bustling with activity. But he knew why the drone came by as the sun went down. Trolls were nocturnal of course. It was all thanks to their leader. Sure, you could go outside with the sun up, if you want to be burned alive and blinded. Night was safe. But now with curfew, nobody was ever allowed outside anymore.

 He knew exactly what they were doing. He wasn't stupid. The troll backed away from his window and looked back into his room, eyeing the computer, flashing with the notice of new messages.


-‎apocalypseArisen has begun pestering twinArmageddons-

AA: Hell0

TA: oh aradiia. 2orry. how long have you been waiitiing?

AA: hm l0ng en0ugh i supp0se

AA: n0 w0rry th0ugh i d0nt really have anything better t0 d0 than wait

TA: Alriight. 2o what2 up?

AA: n0thing i guess

TA: geez. youre a2 depre22ed a2 ever.

AA: D0 I s0und depressed?

AA: well I'm fine

AA: despite being dead 0f c0urse

TA: Hmmmm

AA: 0h f0rgive me i f0rg0t what i messaged y0u f0r 0_0

TA: Well ii'm bu2y. Could we talk later?

AA: yes i supp0se. 0u0

-‎apocalypseArisen has ceased pestering twinArmageddons-

Blazing Stars Chapter Six ((Homestuck Story))
Ally is a girl taken from her hope at birth to be raised in the wild. She grew up never seeing another human except her father and learned the ways at life until a fire destroyed the only hope she ever knew. On top of that, Ally is faced with blindness during an eclipse which forces her to travel to the city with help of her guardian, Father Forest, the ghost of her father. In doing so, throws her into another universe as a meteor shower destroys the world. Meanwhile three friends are introduced to the face of death. A glitched SBurb session, a blind girl, and the ghosts of those before. The time is coming for fates to be revealed or will the four kids forever be... Homestuck?
♚[© 2016 | Emily Jones]♛

Journal History

𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓁𝓀 𝓂𝓎 𝓅𝓇𝑜𝒻𝒾𝓁𝑒 𝐼 𝓌𝑜𝓃'𝓉 𝓂𝒾𝓃𝒹.

Yo yo yo mah homies! If y'all are lurking on my journal, welcome and good job on stalking. I'm quite the stalker myself ;)
 Nah just kidding. Anyway, check out my stuff if you want or check out some of my fave Deviants. If you like my work, just pop me a llama badge!
And my friend,

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I am Anuyushi. My real name is a little secret for now.
Name: Anuyushi
Birthday: April 6th
Gender: Female
Favorite anime: Naruto, Devil Is A Part Timer, Kamigami No Asobi
Favorite Show: Miraculous Ladybug, Gotham
Favorite Music Genre: Death Metal, Orchestra 
Favorite Movie: Pirates Of The Caribbean, Johnny Depp's Alice In Wonderland
Favorite Book: Vampirates, Warrior Cats
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Favorite game: Borderlands, Danganronpa, Skyrim, Legend Of Zelda, Alchemist Code

 You may find copies of my stories around the internet. No need to fret. I post them on many accounts on many websites. 
 I am Anuyushi on Wattpad, Archive of our own, Tumblr, Soundcloud, and Deviantart. And ApocalypicAnuyushi on Quotev. And Twitter as ApocalypticAnu.
 If you don't see my name on any of my stories or art you see on any websites I listed, PLEASE report it to me. The only person I've given permission to post my stuff is my good friend Mituna who has some stuff of his own. Follow him on Twitter , Quotev, Wattpad, and Google+
  You're free to email me whenever you want at
 Don't be shy! I'll be happy to talk about whatever you want! :D I put random stuff in my profile comments if you wanna see what's on my mind.



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I love writing and reading and play video games or mess around online in my free time. I'm up for any video game but when needed, I'll buckle down and write a few fanfictions. I'm currently in the Naruto, Miraculous Ladybug, and Danganronpa fandom. You can message me whenever you want too on any of my websites! I don't bite ;)


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