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A Second Chance ((Hajime X Nagito One Shot))
~1654 AD
Don't stop, don't look back, they're coming, I can't slow down. Even with my feet blistered, even when I'm out of breath, I can't stop. I don't know how long I was running, I just knew I had to keep going. In my arms, my prized possession. Heavy, but I couldn't let them get their hands on it. Even if I had to carry it a hundred, no, a thousand miles. I wasn't even sure if we were still being chased any longer. The blazing sun eventually melted to a night sky and I finally couldn't go on any longer. I didn't want to stop, I wanted to run forever, but my body wash screaming in protest. As gently as I could, I placed my possession atop the grass and collapsed beside it. It didn't matter how calm I tried to force my breathing, I just couldn't slow down my chest enough to sleep yet, even if I was exhausted beyond belief.
My eyes rose to the stars and I allowed myself to count each individual one that crossed my vision. Though, that was nearly impossible, it was calming to say the l
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Never ((KamuKoma One Shot))
A feather, deserted, rippled to the ground in silence. Ever so softly, it perched atop a stone. The grass the rock sat in flowed nonchalantly, as though the ground were to be dancing.
For a long moment, the white fringe sat before being plucked by the bitter wind once more and carried elsewhere. Nobody cared to notice such a lone feather until it fell to the ground once more, landing on a brown shoe. The owner peered below curiously before making a sound of repugnance and shaking the feather off.
It fell to the ground and he sighed out, raising his eyes back up. Everyone around him may as well been shadows. Their dull eyes, masked behind their happy smiles and friendly greetings. Yet, here he was, alone, much like the feather.
It was tempting to turn around and go home but nothing would be gained from that. The male closed his eyes a moment more before slouching his shoulders and moving forward to the massive school, crushing the feather as he did.
 Nothing more could be done, not
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Mature content
Into The Forest ((Izuru X Nagito One Shot)) :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
In The Rain ((Izuru X Nagito One Shot))
A slick glow twinkled upon the pavement. Ever so quietly, crystal drops slid down fresh green leaves, patting against the ground only for the next to repeat the calm process.
The grass waved along with, as though each blade danced to the music of the shower. Not a hint of sunlight peeked through the gray clouds but it was far from dull.
Heavy footsteps kicked up some of the water as the thin male ran, arms above his head to protect himself from getting wet. The water pelted his sleeves before rolling down his arms and falling upon his chilled cheeks, pink with the cold.
He found himself in luck before ducking under the small roof of a quaint shop. He took a few breaths to calm down his racing heart before releasing a sigh, carrying his breath through the air in a small puff of fog.
Though out of the rain, he still shivered. He hadn't planned for it to rain so he hadn't brought an umbrella. The method to block his head was, in hindsight, relatively futile. His hair was still wet and the
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Mature content
Stolen By Myself :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
Secret World
 "What is that?" Sparkling eyes peered through a large hole in the backyard fence. Behind it lay the unmoving forest.
The overgrown grass of the yard's garden almost kept it hidden but the young child had managed to spot it upon his playtime. "Rose, come look at what I found!"
 From across the yard, an older girl looked up from her book with a sigh. Her feet hung over the lawn chair before she pushed herself up and set her book down face up to avoid page loss.
She strode across the garden slowly, careful to avoid trampling any growing plants, unlike her childish younger brother.
The older girl lowered herself down to the hole and examined it for a second before giving a heavy sigh. "It's just a hole in the fence, Bam. It should be fixed. Don't go near it." She stood up again and crossed her arms.
Bam frowned and rose up. "You're so boring these days. I bet Violet would want to see it! It could be a portal or something!"
At her name, the young Violet looked up from her bowl of
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Mature content
Mystery Assassin To Lover ((KomaKamu Smut)) :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
Song Of A Steamship ((Izuru X Nagito One Shot))
The smell in the air was thick with must. Rust grew through the walls like a forest digging into the metal.
Darkness loomed, swallowing up any light like a vicious monster.
The room swayed gently, only those who were truly paying attention would be able to feel the minor movements. Rocking, swaying to the movements of the ocean waves.
So he did pay attention, feet grounded, he listened, he relaxed his feet into the solid ground of the ship and let the movements lull him calmly. A hand to the wall, he ever so softly traced a finger down the metal plates, stopping for a second each time he touched a bolt.
The sound of crewmembers whispering behind him wasn't all that important to the teenage boy but he tuned his attention to them all the same.
"This is seriously the guy we have to look after?" One man scoffed before the boy could feel the eyes glaring down his back. The second man sighed and shifted his feet, scraping against the floor.
"Apparently he's supposed to have some sort of tale
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Poker Face
Time marched on, ticking, never stopping.
Then nothing. Nothing but the sound of soft breathing.
No notice was paid to the silence of the clicks. Brown eyes to silver, the tension in the room could perhaps be considered suffocating.
But was a move made? Hardly even the rise and fall of the two chests. Like statues they sat, only staring at one another.
Then, a crack of a smile. The silver-eyed female slowly reached out and placed her delicate fingers on one of the cards before her. She slid it back before pulling it off the table. Her movements were slow, steady, and ever so careful.
Only looking at the card for a second, she giggled quietly before flipping it around to show the other. "King of Hearts." A voice almost robotic, monotone, stoic, but somehow revealed her playful tone at that moment.
The other woman blinked and dropped her gaze to the card. Card after card, lined up perfectly, waiting for her. "I know what you're playing." She muttered before reac
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Mature content
Danganronpa Halloween :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
The Change Of Season ((Nagito X Izuru One Shot))
There's something hidden in the clouds like a secret mother nature is trying to sing to the summer winds.  
 If I looked carefully enough, I can see the cute sheep and bunnies in the white fluff but sometimes I like to find lots of different pictures and make a story. I see... I can see a dragon. Of course, the dragon must have kidnapped the sheep and the heroic bunny wants to save him. It's fun how something so simple can be so exciting. Especially on a day like this, a warm summer day by myself. While most people would want to swim or hang out with friends, I was content here. If I closed my eyes and relaxed into the grass, I could feel the earth itself breathing ever so softly.
I didn't mind being alone, sometimes the silence brings me a peace I don't find often but if I were asked, I wouldn't hesitate to run into the water with some friends. Yet, nobody asks. I don't expect them to invite someone like me and so I got used to the silence. Is that bad? I'm not sure. A gentl
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True Reality ((Nathaniel X Chloe One Shot))
What do you call this reality?
What do you call real life?
In a sense, every fantasy world is a reality on its own, isn't that right? It exists, doesn't it?
Why is it just the world we live in we called reality? Thousands of realities all around us, thousands of people, thousands of voices, maybe even millions. These faces feel so lifelike, these eyes seem to look right at me. These don't count as real too? These fictional people are just in a different reality.
Why can't they... Come together?
I never felt attached to my reality, like I was imprisoned in the middle with no real escape. When I created, I could enter that special reality I made on my own but... Why did my head feel so fuzzy?
I couldn't think straight. It was like a drug, entering that alternate reality. It made me angry if I... Made a mistake. The small flaws if my hand shook, if I spaced off, if I couldn't get the hands quite right, I couldn't let those flaws exist.
Not in my reality.
It's all mine.
It has to be perfec
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It ((Beta Nagito X Canon Nagito One Shot))
He could feel the eyes behind him, peering into his back, watching him as he worked. He tried to ignore it but the feeling of that disgusting staring grew more intense, more like his soul was being observed. Still, he kept his attention on his work, his bony fingers piecing together the clues he'd found so far. Every so often, he'd release a small sigh or adjust his glasses. Hearing a small hiccup from behind, the male finally exhaled with impatient annoyance. "Can I help you?" He didn't bother turning around, knowing full well who it was. It was... Well, it was him. This was all just a dream, right? It was a complete dream that he met another version of himself and it was batshit crazy. The only reason he tolerated this counterpart around was that it was somewhat intelligent if it wanted to be, not spouting nonsense and whatnot. Even if he didn't want it around, it followed him everywhere anyway, usually not saying a word. He couldn't get rid of it.
Speaking of the "it", he'd yet to n
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Mature content
Blazing Stars Chapter Eight ((Homestuck Story)) :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
Mature content
Blazing Stars Chapter Seven ((Homestuck Story)) :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
Mature content
Blazing Stars Chapter Six ((Homestuck Story)) :iconanuyushi:Anuyushi 0 0
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Little Chimera by TsaoShin Little Chimera :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 3,514 395
September 9, 2017.
Time of day; 13:33 in the afternoon / 1:33 PM.
I laid on my bed, my slim and skinny bodily structure completely sore after last night. No, it wasn't that type of "fun".
I barely remembered the events back then. All of it was very blurry and hazy, almost just after waking up from a comatose state for more than a year.
I didn't even know the time.
I had tried fishing the other details back up to the surface.. but they were heavily anchored to the depths of the ocean. Sorry for my figure of speech.
It looked like I had to drop the fishing rod and move on. Now is the time to face the "unpredictable" events this day has in store for me.
Speaking of unpredictable, life really hits that category. You really don't know what is going to happen within the next few seconds.
Only four minutes had passed when I finished that one thought in my head. Having lifted my head from the soft pillow that was being crushed by my head..
It was then my grip on reality started t
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'Mirror mirror on the wall' (Komaeda+Kokichi) by TheKikkaKibaz 'Mirror mirror on the wall' (Komaeda+Kokichi) :iconthekikkakibaz:TheKikkaKibaz 57 17
Urushihara x Reader x Alciel pt 2
"Ah I see, so you go by Urushihara now?"
You sat at the table inside the apartment with Lucifer, Satan, and Alciel. You smiled at him.
"Oh I see. I still go by ________. It's apparently unique in this world."you told them. You then glanced at Satan and Alciel.
"So lord Satan, Demon general Alciel, what names do you go by?"you ask them.
Satan smirked and pointed to himself.
"I'm Sadao Maou!" he announced.
Alciel smiled and bowed his head slightly to you, his hand pressed to his chest.
"And I go by Shiro Ashiya."he tells you.
"Oh wow, though I must say, I like your original name way better." You giggled and he blushed.
"W-well thank you.."He scratched the back of his head in embarrassment while you turned back to Lucifer.
You scooted closer to him and raised your hand above his head.
"Hey! You're shorter in this world!" You laughed as you poked his cheek. Urushihara pouted and smacked your hand away.
"O-only by an inch! It's barely noticeable!"He snapped. You laughed more and mov
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Canada Flash Game by sunflowercake Canada Flash Game :iconsunflowercake:sunflowercake 1,139 694 Not Alone by DestinyBlue Not Alone :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 21,442 925 Game: Superhero or Villain Creator by Missangest Game: Superhero or Villain Creator :iconmissangest:Missangest 135 25 Star Days Sim Date by Pacthesis Star Days Sim Date :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 1,057 577 Commission for Comeontoshi (LariatRekt) by xearo-tnc Commission for Comeontoshi (LariatRekt) :iconxearo-tnc:xearo-tnc 317 26 INTERACTIVE ZELOS WILDER by SonicRocksMySocks INTERACTIVE ZELOS WILDER :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 2,501 811 [S] RUBY: STRIFE by Turbo740 [S] RUBY: STRIFE :iconturbo740:Turbo740 9 2 FLASH! : Enter Tsuruu (FA application) Page ( 12 ) by TuliothePillbug FLASH! : Enter Tsuruu (FA application) Page ( 12 ) :icontuliothepillbug:TuliothePillbug 20 21 HSO collab round - choose character by ChibiEdo HSO collab round - choose character :iconchibiedo:ChibiEdo 230 81 DEIDARA AI.Chat-bot by Amena-chan DEIDARA AI.Chat-bot :iconamena-chan:Amena-chan 4,236 5,019 Komaeda Flash by shadowxneji Komaeda Flash :iconshadowxneji:shadowxneji 55 18
All my favorites :^)


~1654 AD

Don't stop, don't look back, they're coming, I can't slow down. Even with my feet blistered, even when I'm out of breath, I can't stop. I don't know how long I was running, I just knew I had to keep going. In my arms, my prized possession. Heavy, but I couldn't let them get their hands on it. Even if I had to carry it a hundred, no, a thousand miles. I wasn't even sure if we were still being chased any longer. The blazing sun eventually melted to a night sky and I finally couldn't go on any longer. I didn't want to stop, I wanted to run forever, but my body wash screaming in protest. As gently as I could, I placed my possession atop the grass and collapsed beside it. It didn't matter how calm I tried to force my breathing, I just couldn't slow down my chest enough to sleep yet, even if I was exhausted beyond belief.
My eyes rose to the stars and I allowed myself to count each individual one that crossed my vision. Though, that was nearly impossible, it was calming to say the least.  
Suddenly, my possession stirred and I turned my gaze to look upon it.
"Don't move too much, you can open your wound again."
As I said that, he winced and held his arm over his stomach.
"What... Where are we?"
"You fainted after they stabbed you." I tried to be slow, letting him take in the information as I said it.
"I don't know where we are. I carried you as far as I could go."
He slowly pushed himself up and hissed, holding the wound harder.
"Green Sun... It hurts." Tears pricked his eyes and his thin frame shivered. As tired as I was, I sat up and held him tight in my arms.
"It's okay, Calm Sea. We're safe for now. We can find help tomorrow."
"No-!" Calm Sea suddenly pushed me off, falling over in turn. As dark as it was, I could still see the liquid seeping out of him.
"Calm Sea, don't panic, you're hurting yourself!"
He didn't respond, hands digging into the grass.
"You... You shouldn't have saved me. If they just killed me, you'd still have a home and a family... You should have let me go..." Even as I could see his face, the weak tone in his voice told me enough that he was crying.
"I wouldn't do that. I won't ever let them hurt you again." As gentle as I could, I set my hand on his shoulder. "I'm a samurai, it's my duty to protect. And now just that... I love you. You are mine, aren't you?"
Calm Sea was quiet until he swallowed. "You're born into the Sun clan. I'm from the Ocean clan... It should have been obvious we shouldn't have found love together. We're in the middle of a war, Green Sun, and I-!"
"Hey..." I let my voice become a whisper to comfort him. "I don't care about that. I chose you for you."
"And look where it got us-!" He suddenly groaned and pulled his legs to his chest. I hated seeing him in so much pain. I wasn't really sure what to say, so I kept quiet. For a long time, the both of us sat quiet. Without warning, Calm Sea turned his head and I caught a glimpse of his olive eyes under the moonlight. "I'm sorry. I do love you. I'm just... I'm scared." He exhaled and rolled to face away from me. "I don't want to die. All my life I was shunned and deemed not good enough, and I had to work even harder to just get a low rank. No Lord wants me to protect them, they all think I'm weak because of... My lack of color."
This... I knew this. When he kneeled before me when we first met and begged me to kill him, I couldn't raise my sword when I saw his soft snow hair. Even I thought he was weak then. Too weak to be a threat.
"You proved that wrong though." I started carefully.
"Not just anyone would sneak into enemy territory to share a bed with one of the samurai. Even if you were caught... You stood your ground."
It was so vivid. He was going to be killed right there in town but but I had jumped in. They wanted to kill me too for a treason of forbidden love with the enemy and just like a full fledged samurai, Calm Sea jumped in front of the sword and took the blow to protect me. After that, I just scooped him up and started running.
We were going to be found out sooner or later, I just wish it wasn't like this.
"It's all my fault." The male muttered, soft as he could. "How stupid I was to disregard the war. I was blinding by my own selfish feelings and now we're both-"
He was interrupted by a bout of coughing and didn't continue.
 I didn't know what to say. Sure, he was a little reckless today but this... It wasn't his fault. It was the close minded clans that couldn't see two feet in front of their mindless bloodshed.
What a pointless war this was...
I laid down beside him and ever so carefully put my arm over his chest, careful not to go anywhere close to the wound.
It was.... Time to sleep for now.
 It didn't last long.
Unsure of the time, I was awoken by quivering and quickly sat up.
"Calm Sea, Calm Sea are you alright?"
He answered in a groan and rolled onto his back. I could see the thick blood soaking into his uniform.
Without thinking, I pulled out my knife and cut the shirt open, exposing the stab wound.
"The... The sword...." He started, wincing when I put pressure on it to stop the bleeding. "It went completely through my body. I... Green Sun, it hurts so much."
No matter how hard I pressed, it didn't seem to be doing anything. He was crying, the tears rolling down his face as his agony was plastered on his pale skin.
I suddenly felt.. Useless. "Dammit!" I tried again to stop the bleeding but it was coming out so fast on both sides, I didn't know... What do I do?
A soft grip sudden took hold of my hands and I rose my eyes to Clear Sea. He had a weak smile, but forced.
"You don't... Need to keep trying. It's okay if I die here. We're free now so... As long as I die free."
 Why... Why was I letting myself listening to him? Why was I just giving up?
I didn't want this to end, I wanted to be with him forever.
I gripped his hands, finding comfort in merely holding his delicate fingers. "Please don't go yet." My voice cracked as I spoke. He didn't say anything in response but I had to do it, at least once.
I leaned close and shared with him a kiss. The first one for both of us. And when I pulled back, his chest slowed down.
It was... Quiet.
 "Calm Sea-" I tried to hold back my tears but it was impossible.
They came out so quick, and I had to scream. I screamed until my lungs were sore, I screamed until my voice grew hoarse, I screamed because I couldn't do anything but scream.
When I was finally exhausted by screaming, I heard a voice behind me.
Wiping my eyes, I turned around to a cluster of samurai, all wearing the same uniform as Calm Sea.
The largest man stepped forward and his eyes narrowed. As quick as I could, I dropped my knife.
His eyes suddenly widened.
"You... Sun clan degenerate, you killed Calm Sea!"
No... No, I didn't!
I tried to pull myself to my feet but the blisters across my skin caused my to collapse again.
The samurai drew their swords and I... Felt no motivation to defend myself.
I lost my lover, my home, my family, my honor, there was nothing for me anymore.
So kill me...
Kill me because I couldn't protect Calm Sea.
Kill me, but don't forget my name.
Green Sun... It's all I have left of who I am.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Modern Day
"Akane, wait up!"
Pushing past me, a girl raced ahead of the students entering the school. I stumbled but quickly caught myself and watched ahead.
Ultimates... Acting like children. If only I had the luxury to play like them.
I, on the other hand, had to work even harder.
Because I'm a reserve course student. I wasn't particularly good at anything. I was any normal highschool student, I suppose. There was nothing about me that really stood out.
After the ultimates vanished into the school, I continued down the stone path to the gates. I let my feet drag as I did, as though, maybe I could skip the day if I was sluggish enough to get there.
A ridiculous thought, but who wanted to go to school, really? Even as amazing as this school is, it was still a normal school to the reserve course.
Another student passed me, standing out once again. An ultimate of course. But I suddenly got a strange feeling and stopped in my tracks. The student didn't even acknowledge I was there but I couldn't stop staring.
He was albino, a weird enough trait as it was, but I got an annoying feeling of deja Vu.
I quickly shook it off.
Perhaps I saw him in town somewhere.
 I arrived to class on time at least and took my usual spot.
The teacher began going on about the same topic we discussed yesterday. Some sort of history.
I was really listening until I heard my name called and quickly jumped up.
"Can you tell us the answer?" The teacher asked with a smile.  
I looked around to the class but they all seemed to be waiting on me.
"I know the answer!" A blonde girl rose her hand. "The two ancient clans of Japan were the sun and ocean clans. They were in a war about a failed marriage between the chiefs. The ocean clan son refused to marry the sun clan's daughter and war broke out over who would claim the remaining land."
The teacher clapped at her detailed answer. "Good job, just please don't interrupt next time. Does anyone have any questions?"
A boy with black hair rose his hand.
"Why did the son not want to marry her?" He questioned curiously.
The teacher thought the looked around to the class. "According to history, the son was weak at birth but still wanted to be a samurai. He was killed in battle, leaving the clans without an heir."
  The bell rang and the class began to pack up before the teacher quickly called out.
"Don't forget, you need to write a report by next week. Please do your best!"
 At least first period was over.
Second and third was just as painful to sit through but once they were over, it was lunch time. It was a good time to start working on my report and get it out of the way. I got my lunch and made my way to the library.
I wasn't even sure what I was supposed to be looking for... In a school like this, there was books for everything. There was books about the books.
"Wow..." It escaped my mouth before I could stop it.
As amazing as the library was, it still looked like hell to find anything in.
There were a few students here already, working on their own, I suppose one of them may have an answer. Just as I was looking for someone to ask, I spot that odd student from earlier.
His hair stood out the most, being pure white, just like snow.
He seemed to be boredly flipping through a magazine until I approached and his olive eyes rose up.
"Can I help you, reserve course?"
He... Didn't seem very amused that I interrupted him. I suddenly felt pretty intimidated.
"Sorry to bother. I'm... Looking for the history section about the historical Japan tribes. Do you know where they are?"
The student seemed a little hesitant at first before he closed his magazine.
"Don't bother with those. They all lie because nobody knows how it really happened. Well, I do. But what will I get for helping you?" He raised an eyebrow, the fluffy white hair blowing ever so softly with the library fan on.
"Uh... My gratitude?"
"I want that." The student pointed at my lunch bag.
"But... My kusamochi."
I dejectedly handed over my lunch bag where he opened it and examined the contents before grinning. "Yeah, this is enough. Alright, I'll help you."
He stood up, appearing a little taller than I.
"I'm Komaeda Nagito, Ultimate Lucky Student."
"I'm... Hinata Hajime-"
"Yeah sure." He pulled out a bag of fruit snacks I had packed and gestured me to follow as he led towards the computers.
Komaeda sat at one of the open ones and pulled open a page.
"It's actually pretty interesting, if you like this sort of thing. A historical blade was found a while back. Guess what they found on it."
He opened a page, pulling up a picture of the knife. It looked rusted with age but in otherwise good condition.
"I... Have no idea."
"Well, it's said the ocean clan's son was killed in battle but this knife says otherwise. It was supposedly found at the site of the murder but... There was only blood on the side of the knife."
I... Had no idea what he was saying.
"Can you... Elaborate?"
Komaeda sighed. "Reserve course... Look, if you want to kill someone, you're not going to use the side of the knife, are you? You'd stab them. Plus the two bodies found there is contradictory too. Both bodies were stabbed clean through, no slash wounds."
"Wait-" I had to stop him before I heard anymore. There sounded to be a pretty good contradiction.
"Sure, this could be good evidence if the bodies were fresh but these people died hundreds of years ago. How could there be skin to even examine? And how could nothing be tampered with all this time?"
 Komaeda quickly turned his eyes away. I wasn't a detective but that seemed like he was hiding something. Did he know something?
I tilt my head to look across his face. Suddenly, he stood up and looked towards me intently.
"Come with me to the museum after school. I'll tell you the rest then." He popped a fruit snack in his mouth and turned away to exit the library. That was... Weird.
Are all ultimates like that?
 I couldn't help a sigh. I guess I don't really have a choice. Seeing as Komaeda took my lunch, I didn't have much else to do than go to my next period early and wade through the rest of the day.

It all felt so over the top for one report.
I get history is important but I don't recall every putting in this much work for one assignment before.
Even as I walked with Komaeda, that thought didn't leave my mind. I kept letting myself glance over to him. His eyes seemed intent, yet lost, like... He wasn't all there. They were dull in color, and dark rings rest under, tainting his pale skin.
I didn't know him at all, I couldn't even say I knew him for a day yet, so why did I feel like I knew Komaeda for a long time now?
 Once we made it to the museum, Komaeda bee-lined into a particular room. I had to jog to keep up. He approached a glass case and looked back to me until I caught up.
I gave Komaeda a look, then turned to the glass. That same knife we saw online rest in the case, along with a cloth stitched picture. Two people were on it, but there wasn't much detail.
"What's that?" I nodded to the picture.
Komaeda narrowed his eyes in thought before he opened his mouth. "The truth. The son never died in battle. I think the reason he didn't marry the daughter is that he had someone else." He set his hands on the glass and leaned closer. What was he looking at?
I moved closer to see all the details I could.
"Is that the son there?" I gestured to one figure with bright looking hair.
"Yeah." Komaeda stepped back from the case. "The other is a warrior from the sun clan. They died together."
"And how do you know this?"
I was beginning to have my doubts about all this.
 Maybe it was believable at first but I felt my leg was being pulled about now.
Komaeda was quiet. I waited a minute before before turning around. What a waste of time. Suddenly a hand grabbed my shoulder.
"His name was Calm Sea from the ocean clan. The warrior is Green Sun from the sun clan.
 I know because... I keep having these dreams."
"So what, you're a history report prophet?" I turned back, making sure I was glaring at the ultimate. Komaeda seemed serious as could be though.
"It's like I'm reliving these things, and I keep having then over and over. Every time I research it, it turns out to be true, so I decided to trust my dreams. I think I'm Calm Sea."
 I couldn't help a small laugh. "You know how hard it is to believe all of this?"
Without a warning in advance, he took my hand and squeezed. Before I could argue, he began talking again.
"I'm telling you, it's true. It's okay if you don't believe me, I know how hard it is to believe trash like myself, but I'll do anything for you to believe me."
I examined his face for any twitches that could indicate he was lying but...
"I guess... Reincarnation isn't...  A totally ridiculous thought." I finally spoke out. Komaeda's shoulders relaxed and he released my hand with a small smile. "I'm so glad you think that. Come see this." When the boy nodded back to the case, his eyes focused on the cloth. "I don't know for sure but I think whoever stitched that had hope the two lovers would stay together after death. Maybe it was Clear Sea's mother.... Wouldn't that sound nice?"
 I took a close look at it, then to the knife.
 It felt a little familiar but I don't remember seeing it before.  
"So if you're Clear Sea, where's Green Sun?"
"That's-" Komaeda quickly stopped himself and looked at the cloth. "I'm not sure. I only know what I do because of my dreams but I can't find them. They only tell me the past. How despairing..." He dropped his head and bonked against the glass with a sigh.
 "You're really invested in this, aren't you? I guess you're lucky I'm here." I stepped closer as Komaeda looked back up, appearing confused. I grinned in his direction.
"If you have me believing you're some ancient prince, why stop now? I'll keep looking when I get home. How about we get out of here for now?"
With a wide smile, Komaeda agreed and we parted for home.
I had a lot to think about, but once I got home, I quickly crashed. I need a break after that information bomb.  
I found myself somewhere unfamiliar.
Trees all around me and the scent of pine in my nose. I felt sore but not enough to stop.
 I had to find out where I was.
I'm not really sure why, I just felt like I needed to know.
I suddenly felt like I couldn't walk anymore and fell to my knees.
Why am I hurting so much?
I clenched my eyes shut and tried to wait it out but it didn't seem like it was going to just let up.
As I opened my eyes, someone was suddenly laying in front of me.
I jumped back in surprise but with the rise and fall off their chest, they seemed to be alive.
I moved closer again and looked down at a gentle looking face.
"You're Clear Sea." I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing.
He winced and slowly opened his eyes where he looked right into me. "Green Sun..." He muttered. "I hurt so much..."
My eyes lowered to his shirt that looked blood soaked. I didn't have any medical training but something pushed me to see how bad it was.
As I began to lift up his shirt, I was stopped as I felt something in my hand.
What was...
The knife... What was it doing here? I don't remember picking it up.
I think this would be helpful at least. Taking the cloth in my hand, I pushed the knife into it and made a clean cut into the shirt.
When I saw the stab wound....
I found myself in bed again.
What was that?
It took a moment... I had to think.
Komaeda said he was having dreams, and now I was too?
Am I...?
That can't be...
I slipped my shoes on and raced out the door as quick as I could.
I remember.
I remember everything!
I ran as fast as I could to the school and it still wasn't fast enough.
I was early, definitely super early, but that didn't stop me. Once I made it to the school, I ran right up the school gates and fell into them as I caught my breath. Can't time move any quicker?
I looked down to my watch and started tapping my foot in attempts to fill the waiting with something to do.
It almost seemed like an eternity before students began arriving. My eyes dart about, hoping to catch sight of Komaeda.
Ten students, fifteen students, thirty, forty more, then- "There!"
I broke into a run once more once I saw him start up.
I could see Komaeda looked a little bothered I was calling him out, being a reserve course student and all, but he just hasn't heard the news yet.
He didn't move as I wrapped him in a hug, catching the attention of multiple curious stares.
"I remember." I told him quietly. "I remember all of it. I was holding the knife, I was next to you while you were dying. I remember how in love we were, and how long I've been waiting to see you again." I hugged him tighter, trying to keep myself from crying.
His body tensed, white hair tickling my nose.
Then he relaxed before hugging me back.
"So you're my Green Sun... I've been waiting so long, ever since I saw that knife for the first time. It was yours, wasn't it?"
I couldn't speak, I probably would have started to cry if I tried.
How ridiculous it sounds to suddenly remember a previous life. It's crazy, but I truly believe...
I finally let him go and took a step back to look over his face.
He looked slightly different than I remember but there was no mistaking him.
I didn't really wait to ask before I took a kiss.
I tried to be slow, letting it last as long as it could.
This was a kiss we've been waiting to relive for hundreds of years but in a way, this is really our first again.
We finally had to break apart for air and I almost went for another but... They could wait. There'd be plenty of time to share a hundred kisses later.
"Promise me you won't leave me again." Komaeda quickly spoke up, eyes wide in worry. I returned a soft smile. "Yeah, I promise. I'll never leave you, and you'll never leave me, okay?"

Komaeda nodded quickly and I flaked his side to slip my hand in his. I still had a project to finish, I think it'll be a lot more interesting now.

"I think we've decided."
"Who will participate in our project then?"
"Only Hajime Hinata would survive. He will be our test subject. Are we in agreement?"
"Yes. Let's bring Hajime Hinata in. He will be our Ultimate Hope."
A Second Chance ((Hajime X Nagito One Shot))
What would you do if you were given a second chance to love? 
What if you found out your previous life? 
What would Hajime Hinata do if Nagito Komaeda told the truth to their history?
♚[© 2019 | Nathan Jones]♛
A feather, deserted, rippled to the ground in silence. Ever so softly, it perched atop a stone. The grass the rock sat in flowed nonchalantly, as though the ground were to be dancing.
For a long moment, the white fringe sat before being plucked by the bitter wind once more and carried elsewhere. Nobody cared to notice such a lone feather until it fell to the ground once more, landing on a brown shoe. The owner peered below curiously before making a sound of repugnance and shaking the feather off.
It fell to the ground and he sighed out, raising his eyes back up. Everyone around him may as well been shadows. Their dull eyes, masked behind their happy smiles and friendly greetings. Yet, here he was, alone, much like the feather.
It was tempting to turn around and go home but nothing would be gained from that. The male closed his eyes a moment more before slouching his shoulders and moving forward to the massive school, crushing the feather as he did.
 Nothing more could be done, not for him, not for anyone.
How could he forget?
 The incident last night left him in shock, yet, he couldn't bring himself to care at the same time. It wasn't like it was the first time he had seen something like that, it probably wouldn't be the last. The world... Is full of hatred and darkness.
 Even as he sat in the lively class, students laughing together, he found no joy in the activities. The boy slouched in his seat lost in thought. But even as he tried, and tried as he might, it was impossible to take his mind off the incident.
He had really watched someone be mugged. Right in front of him, and he could only sit there in fear until it was over. And he just... Ran. Why did he run? That person... knocked down by a bat, robbed of their stuff as their blood spilled onto the sidewalk, and he ran.
The boy quickly shook his head as a book was placed on his desk. Looking up, a smiling face greeted him.
 "Hey hey, dude!" The girl gave a thumbs up. "Check it, we got some new books!"
Upon looking down at the new book, still in mint condition, he frowned. "History? Ibuki is this really-"
"Don't worry about it, Nagito." Ibuki interrupted, brushing her long raven hair behind her shoulder. "This year is gonna be rockin'!"
She skipped away with a happy spring to her step but as pondered down to the book, Nagito's mood began to drop even more than it already was.
 A book of horrible events of the past. It only enhanced how he felt about humanity at this point. Greed, hatred, darkness, bloodshed... He couldn't look at something like this right now.
Nagito raised his hand, catching the attention of the teacher. When she asked what he needed, Nagito stood up. "Can I go to the nurse? I'm afraid I'm not feeling well."
The look upon the teacher's face crossed with confusion, yet compassion. "Very well, please hurry back though."
With that, he stood up and strode out of the room without another word or even a glance to his fellow students.
It's not as though Nagito hated them. Well... Not totally, they were nice enough, but everyone had darkness, everyone was susceptible to evil. That was just how the word was. Hiding in a bath of light to pretend it's not as bad as it really is. That was the most disgusting part, the way it tried to hide. It was that darkness he really hated within people.
 He stumbled down the hall, as though only just getting fresh air for the first time. Not even a few steps and he found himself running into someone. With irritation, he rose his head from looking at his feet to see a face that seemed like it didn't care at all.
"Excuse me." Nagito sidestepped but the stranger did so as well, blocking his path once more. He let out an irritated sigh but held down the negativity he was feeling. Yet another person showing off humanity's hatred, right? "What do you want? Did I bother you? Is that it?"
The stranger merely narrowed his shining eyes and blinked. Nagito repeated his action of moving aside but so did the stranger. Finally having enough, Nagito ducked and tried to run past them but it was unexpected as the stranger swooped him up as though he weighed nothing and held him tightly to his chest. "Be quiet." The stranger muttered while covering Nagito's mouth. He was almost tempted to bite down on the hand but decided against it. He hated being restrained like this, someone he doesn't know, holding him tighter than anyone even bothered to hug him, but he didn't struggle.
"I've been looking for you." The stranger started. "I'll explain everything. You will listen if I release you, correct?"
It wasn't as if Nagito could argue. The most he could do was muffled speaking against the hand. The stranger slowly released him and once he felt free, Nagito took off running,  He wasn't sure why he ran. Instinct, probably.
Running again...

 Down the hallway, his feet pounded against the hard ground. He wasn't sure where he was going until one small slip caused Nagito to fall to the floor painfully. He grunted with pain and pushed himself to sit on his knees. His hands felt wet and when he looked down, scrapes ran across his palms, dripping hints of scarlet. Well, he should have expected to be struck by bad luck at some point.
Before he even had time to compose himself again, a shadow cast over him and Nagito turned back, the stranger standing behind him, appearing like he hadn't run at all. "Are you done?" He narrowed his eyes.
After a long pause, Nagito sighed and pulled himself to a stand once more. "What, then?"
He wiped his hands on his pants, cleaning them of the blood. Something like this should heal fine.
The stranger looked around the halls before gesturing with his hand to follow. The whole situation felt suspicious but what did Nagito really have to lose? He followed the dark stranger down the stairs to the first floor, being his classroom was originally on the second. The boy took in the stranger's looks carefully as he walked behind him. Midnight hair, and fairly long as well. It was like he was walking behind a shadow. Aside from his hair, Nagito couldn't help but notice his professional looking suit. It wasn't any student he knew, so... Was this some sort of agent?

 It could be, but why? Why here, why him?

The stranger led Nagito outside before finally stopping at the front gates of the school. "I was tasked to tell you something." The stranger didn't turn around to face him, instead lowering his eyes to the ground. "Nagito Komaeda... I'm a member of the Future Foundation. You haven't heard of us, we fight in the background against threats nobody knows exist. We are the shadows of the government, but..."

Nagito tilt his head, admittedly a little interested.

But how could he be interested? Being as hateful towards the world as he was.
He took a silent step forward and tried to crane his neck to look over the stranger's face. Without warning, the dark man turned back, capturing his eyes in an intense gaze.
"Recently, an enemy of ours has been working on a compound to create an undead army. We were only aware of this recently but it's already too late to stop them. The test subjects were released south of China. Eventually, that man-made disease will be everywhere. There is no cure, we have to kill them."
 Nagito couldn't believe what he was hearing. Undead army? A secret society?
"If this is some joke-"
"I'm far from joking." The stranger stepped closer. "We need your help. I won't ask twice."
 How cruel to make him scared like this... Nagito narrowed his eyes and backed up.
"This isn't some horror flick, how could you expect me to believe you? You're a liar. You and whatever 'group' you're in. Why are you trying to hurt me-!"
He was cut off with the stranger grabbing his wrists. Nagito twisted his arms to try and break free but the stranger was significantly stronger of course, just like last time.
"I'm not lying." He lowered his voice to a whisper. "Your talent can help us. What proof do you need?"
That voice... It made him feel somewhat relaxed. Nagito sighed softly and stopped his struggle before looking into the stranger's ruby eyes.
"Who are you?"
The stranger let him go to reach into his pocket and pull out a badge, holding it for him to see. "I am Kamukura Izuru of the Future Foundation's fourteenth division of field agents. I am member fifty-seven, ex-student of Hope's Peak."
That last part caught him by surprise. Ex-student? "You used to go here?" He couldn't resist asking, eyes wide. Izuru seemed a little pleased but the sparkle in his eyes vanished as quick as it came. "I'll tell you more if you come with us." He repocketed his badge and turned around. "There's a helicopter a few blocks from here. I didn't want to draw attention to the school... Or from it. This is top secret until further notice. Will you join us?"
It was... A lot to take in. His mind still felt a little overwhelmed. Nagito turned back to his school and suddenly felt... Cold.
It was only then did he remember how much he hated them, hated everyone actually. Humanity itself.
This job wanted him to save them, but perhaps he was being selfish when he told Izuru he accepted and followed him to the helicopter. Selfish in the sense that he'd rather escape from everyone now and have to save them later instead of refusing and returning to those students again now.
Why did he hate them all though... It was hard to remember but it was perhaps...

Nagito could see himself again, as a child, his eyes dart around. It smelled sickly in the air, like smoke, like fire. He pulled himself to his feet and struggled to stand once more. His body ached but was quick to see he was unharmed.
It took even less time to see the bodies around him. The child coughed and pulled his shirt over his face. "Mom? Dad?" Why did he call for them?
They were so mean to him sometimes, but he didn't want to be alone. Even if it was them, he couldn't handle this by himself, not this.
He only took a few steps forward before tripping and falling back to the ground. He couldn't stop the tears that began to flow.
How could... How could he be the only one alive?
All around him, it smelled of death. Every passenger, even the hijackers, all dead.
And what lay in front of him... In front of this crying child, a small stone.
He picked it up and gripped it in his hands tightly. Not just any stone... It was easy for Nagito to see this was the stone that caused this tragedy. The one caused by his luck, that struck the plane.

 But... Why did it have to end?
He was alone, all by himself, and it was dark. Every so often, he felt himself being handled inside the bag. It was hard to breathe, hard to move, but he couldn't even bring himself to cry out.
Even when the kidnapper purposely hit the bag into a rock or tree, Nagito didn't make a sound.
It... Hurt. Inside of his heart.
Why him? Why did he keep having to be hurt? Why did he have to lose the people he trusted? His dog, his parents, it wasn't as though he had any friends either. What was so bad about dying anyway?
That thought left him asquick as it came.
He actually hated it all. He hated people, he hated the officers that didn't even care about the plane crash or about him. How cruel they were to write a report and just leave.
And all those students that avoided him and bullied him because they were scared of his luck.
All the animals that would attack him, all the adults that spat in his direction.
It was all so...

"... Disgusting." Nagito closed his eyes. "After that, I couldn't stop my hate from growing. The world is dark, the humans are darker. And they try to pretend they're justified or hopeful. They don't even know what hope is."
Even after Nagito ranting about his past, Izuru merely listened carefully, eyes focused on driving the helicopter. When he was done, the white-haired boy turned to the agent. "I'm sorry, did I talk too much?"
He was answered with a hum. "No, I asked after all. Tell me... If you hate everyone, everything, do you also hate me?"
Nagito opened his mouth to answer but the words didn't come out. Surely he's filled with darkness too, he even looked dark. But why could Nagito not say it aloud?
After a moment, Izuru continued.
"I don't care if you do. You're also helpful in that way. You won't have any mercy on the infected."
Nagito wanted to take it as a compliment but it somehow felt... Wrong. He turned his gaze away to look out the window.
"Can you tell me more about these infected? What will it do to them? What happens if we don't stop them?"
"... The disease travels slowly. Those that have it won't know for some time. Imagine this undiagnosed disease, and people wanting to travel. One person in China will take a plane to... Let us say Canada. They sneeze, the disease spreads. They use the restroom and don't wash their hands... It spreads. Any human contact, any exerted bodily fluids, suddenly it's spreading like the cold. Those infected will begin to rot. Their body will grow cold, their skin will decay, the host will die, but they will not rest."
Izuru grabbed something from the console before tossing Nagito a tablet.
"This is a recording of a test subject we managed to capture and study."
The boy turned on the device where video footage began to play. A woman stood in a test tube, looking utterly confused. She tried to say something but her voice couldn't be heard from behind the glass.
"This is subject seven, Marilyn Johnson, taken from Paris, France. Age, 24. Victim to Enoshima's undead army, yet to show signs of infection." The doctor's voice spoke from behind the recording before he moved the camera to approach her.
"Mary, can you tell us why you're here?
The woman looked directly at the camera, her blue eyes showing some fear. She spoke, but still couldn't be heard. The doctor spoke for her.
"Mary has not physically shown signs of decay and her behavior is normal but when doing a blood test a few days ago, the virus was discovered multiplying in her blood at a horrifying rate and was immediately put under confinement. She claims she remembers nothing of being the virus' test subject or about Enoshima. We worry the victim's memories are being tampered with before being released. If that's the case, the victims wouldn't even be able to look for help."
The screen faded to black as the camera shut off. Nagito turned up but Izuru simply nodded.
"It's not over yet."
Once looking back, as he had said, it kept going.
The tube looked different, stained in reds and greens. That same woman looked... Horribly rotted, pounding on the glass and screaming. The doctor now sounding more panicked.
"Mary took a drastic turn this morning when I arrived to work. It seemed to happen almost overnight. She looks like a rotting corpse and her behavior is that of a... A monster. There is no cure."
He zoomed into her face where the woman snapped her teeth and her eyes looked... Lost.
"Textbook zombie, wouldn't you say?" Izuru interrupted in an oddly calm voice. "The final recording isn't on that, it's too gruesome. But..."
"The doctor. Is he..." Nagito actually felt a little concerned, which was a surprise to even himself to be worried about a human.
"Dead." His worries were confirmed. "She broke out of the glass and tore him to shreds. The room was put on lockdown so they wouldn't escape. That was until the soldiers arrived and gunned them down. There's nothing we could have done. We have to stop this though before it affects more people. The test subjects should be showing signs at this point. We have to stop them now, or it's over."
 Nagito exhaled heavily and set the tablet down. "I'm afraid."
"We all are." Izuru hit a red button that began to beep. When he looked out the window, Nagito could see they were approaching a large facility on an island.
"You promise you'll... Be there with me, won't you?" He couldn't help but ask Izuru. Though he hadn't known him long, Nagito couldn't say he exactly hated him.
Even though he couldn't answer when asked, he was sure he didn't hate this agent. In fact, he found himself trusting him.
Izuru blinked and nodded slowly. "Yes. We're partners now, so it will be my duty to work with you. I won't leave your side"
Nagito sighed out, relieved at the response, and returned to looking out the window.
The speakers in the helicopter suddenly cracked, making him jump in surprise before a voice came on the other end.
"Welcome back Agent Kamukura. The loading deck is clear for landing."
 The dark man picked up the speaker to respond back in his normally calm voice.
"Thank you. I'm bringing a passenger. Do not be alarmed."
The voice went silent and Izuru began to lower the helicopter into the facility. It basically kissed the ground being so soft to land. He switched off some controls, then removed the key. The helicopter began to quiet down and the agent opened the door to hop out. Nagito copied him, opening the door and hopping out.
 Almost immediately, two professional looking men approached, arms behind their back. "This must be the passenger." One of them smiled. "Glad to hear you decided to come along. The office was talking a lot about you."
The first thing Nagito noticed about these two men was that they were dressed in the similar black suits as Izuru but unlike him, both wore dark shades, hiding their eyes.
"Talking... About me?"
"Your luck is something to be marveled at. You were a high request among the other agents." The second man chuckled.
Izuru stepped up beside Nagito and waved his hand, causing the two men to step aside.
"We will talk about it in the conference room with the director.

Beginning off once again, Nagito had to run after to catch up. It was such a strange place, heavily guarded, agents all dressed in the same tuxedo and sunglasses. Some woman, some men, but all looking dark. In fact, only Izuru stood out. His long hair and shining eyes, Nagito let himself cling to him.
Quite literally as the boy took hold of Izuru's arm. The agent didn't complain, or say anything, really.

The conference room looked like something out of a movie.
Nagito had to pinch himself just to make sure he wasn't dreaming the whole thing. The director was already there, smiling at his entrance.
"Komaeda! Thank you for accepting our invitation. And thank you, Izuru, for bringing him."
The agent nodded calmly and took a seat. Nagito quickly did the same, unsure how to actually act.  
"So you probably already got the run down." The director sighed. "Our enemy making her army, the escaped virus, zombie take over, yadda yadda. Do you have any questions?"
Of course, he did. If given the chance, Nagito would have asked a hundred questions. But only one stood out among the others.
"What will I have to do?"
The director crossed his arms and sat down across from them.
"Izuru here agreed to take you on as a partner. You two will be sent to the heart of the outbreak. Take out as many infected as you can. If possible, bring back one living for testing."
He slid a gun across the table and Nagito quickly caught it. "We can't be there for you, you'll have to be there for each other. Can you do it?"
Nagito could have laughed. Killing infected wouldn't be a problem, not with his intense hate towards humanity, and considering it isn't a large outbreak yet.
"I think I can manage." He nodded and stood up. "We should go before it's too late."

That was how it all began, a plane dropping the two off in southern China among people who had no idea what was going to happen.
So many people, it suddenly felt impossible to check. They all looked the same, all normal people going about their lives. Nagito turned to Izuru but the agent looked just as annoyed as he felt.
"We need a better way of finding out who's infected." Nagito clenched his fists. Izuru looked around the street before nodding to a building.
"A hotel there. Let's get a top floor and scope the area out better."
Well, it was better than nothing. Buying a room and requesting a top floor, the agents looked out the window, carefully observing every passing person. It was unsure how long they sat in pure silence, observing face after face, but eventually, Nagito let out a yawn, catching Izuru's attention.
"Break time. Would you like to use the bed?"
Nagito looked to the single bed then back to Izuru. "Where will you sleep?"
"I won't."
"You have to."
"I don't require sleep."
The sudden answer caught the boy by surprise. "What do you mean?"
A huff from the agent, then he looked boredly out the window. "I'm not a real person, simple. I was not born, I was made in a lab. I don't require as much sleep or food as you do. In fact, I say I can go six or seven days without feeling tired."
The news felt surprising, at least not as much so as the dead walking. But, Nagito felt something else as well. Sympathy, and perhaps fondness.
How funny it was, the darkest shadow of a person he knew could really be brighter inside than anyone he'd met before.
Izuru stood up and approached the bed where he pulled the covers down. "If you need sleep, go sleep. I will be fine."
Nagito stood as well, moving to stand in front of him where he frowned.
"I won't sleep if you don't. Artificial or not, you're still a human."
"I was under the assumption you hated humans."
"That's-" Nagito quickly stopped himself. Carefully thinking, he turned his eyes away. "Maybe not all humans. I don't hate you."
The two remained at a stand off until Izuru finally sighed.
"You won't give this up... Fine. We'll take shifts. You sleep first, I'll wake you up to take the next and we'll swap."
It was better than nothing. Nagito could agree to that. He climbed into the bed and pulled the covers up as Izuru took back his spot by the window.  

In the end... They failed.

It was impossible to know who had the virus before it spread or showed any signs and the Future Foundation? Well, they didn't want to risk exposure and left the two agents behind.
Nagito and Izuru could only watch as more of these monsters began to grow and the world around them crumbled apart before their very eyes.
 Too many to shoot, too many to kill, and nobody to help them.

"It's clear." Izuru waved for Nagito to follow.
How long had it been already?
Months, probably.
The virus began to mutate and being bitten by one of these creatures, even without breaking skin, could still contaminate.
 Nagito adjust his gas mask and followed Izuru to the next wall cover.
"Do you think we'll find food next time?" The boy couldn't help but ask.
That was something even an agent like Izuru couldn't answer. He was intelligent but predicting the future?
"Wait." He narrowed his eyes behind his own mask. "There's one." Izuru nodded out. Nagito craned around to see a zombie standing idly in the street. Swaying back and forth, its neck twisted grotesquely.
"I got this." Nagito nodded pulling out his gun.
He aimed carefully, lining up the red laser to the zombie. Once he got the head in shot, he pulled the trigger, throwing the zombie back as its head exploded against the wall. It doesn't matter how many he shot, it never got any less gross.
"Good, let's go." Izuru took the lead again and while crouching, the two made their way through the silent street.
Without warning, Nagito had to stop as a headrush hit him.
He held his face in his hands and could only see repeated white flashes even with his eyes closed.
"Hey." Izuru called his name but it seemed... Distant. What was this?
There was a hand on his shoulder then felt his weight lifted off the ground.
It was embarrassing but he didn't argue. Not until it passed and he lowered his hands. "Izuru, you didn't have to carry me..."
The agent sighed out, sounding annoyed. "Or you could say 'thank you'. What happened back there?"
"I'm not sure." Nagito admitted slowly. "I felt like I wasn't on Earth for a minute. Maybe I'm tired."
It certainly could be the case. He couldn't remember the last time he got a full night's rest. How could he with the dead walking?
Izuru didn't say any more until they returned the base and set him down to walk on his own. The first thing noticed was the metal lock on their hatch was shattered. Izuru narrowed his eyes, pushing around the pieces.
"Seems like someone was here."
Nagito quickly opened the hatch and hopped down. It was...
"Robbed." Izuru finished his thought aloud.
"Damnit!" The boy couldn't help but yell out. "All the food, supplies, weapons, they took everything!" He turned around and pushed the walls before beginning to let tears roll down his face. "It's all my fault... Me and my bad luck. I'm sorry, I'm a horrible partner, worthless trash. I only drag you down. If I weren't here, then this-"
"Quiet." Izuru suddenly hushed and turned to the hatch.
Nagito wiped his tears quickly and approached. "What is it?"
Instead of answering, the dark agent climbed out. Nagito followed where a gun was suddenly pointed at his face.
"Out of the hole." A stranger ordered. Izuru pulled himself out first, then Nagito.
"I'm guessing you stole our stuff."
Only a single person stood there, shivering in fear. "Oh yeah? Why do you think I did it? Could've been anyone."
"The butt of your gun is dented. The spot you hit against our lock." Izuru nodded to his shotgun. The stranger froze before cocking the gun quickly.
"Alright, sure, so what? I have a weapon and you don't. I think I have the advantage here."
Without thinking, Nagito pulled out his pistol sniper and pointed it at the stranger, quickly getting the shotgun pointed at him instead. Once distracted, Izuru leaped forward and grabbed the shotgun. The two wrestled before the stranger pressed the trigger, a thunderous bullet shooting into the air.
He quickly released the gun and turned around. "Shit, this isn't worth it." He took off running.
Nagito rose his gun to the stranger and looked to Izuru who boredly looked like he didn't care one way or another. Simply, Nagito pressed the trigger and the stranger fell.
Izuru tossed the shotgun away and looked back where he made an irritated grunt. "Perfect. The noise attracted them. Let's go."
Not far off was a silver ladder leading to the roof. Izuru went up first then leaned over the edge to watch Nagito. The boy looked back to see the herd coming close. From the right and left, they were going to be surrounded.
He began climbing as quick as he could.
That was until...
The ladder broke.
And Nagito hit the ground with a thud.
It all seemed to move slowly.
This can't be happening.
That's too far for Izuru to jump back down without being hurt, and no way he could jump back up with extra weight. Perhaps in normal circumstances, he could, but not with their days without food already.
Nowhere to run.
Too many to shoot.
There was nothing...
"Izuru..." Nagito looked up. "I think this is it for me. I guess i'm not as lucky as Future Foundation said." He swallowed back from crying. He didn't want to die. Perhaps a few months ago, he would have welcomed it, but not now when he found someone not filled with darkness. Nagito pulled off his gas mask so he could see clearly. It was tossed to the ground without a care.
The dark male narrowed his eyes, not replying.
"I want to tell you something though, okay?"
Still, no response.
"I don't hate the world, not anymore. You stayed with me all this time and took care of me. You're my light, and I really saw the beauty of humanity, even with all this happening! I should have told you sooner but..." Normally, he would have looked away shyly but if this was the last time he was going to see him, he didn't want to look away for even a moment.
"Izuru, I think I began to like you when I first met you. And I mean... I really liked you."
He suddenly closed his red eyes.
"You should hate me." He removed his mask as well and set it next to him. "I'm breaking my promise. I'm going to leave your side."
"No, that's not it. I want you to promise me something else, okay?"
Nagito looked to his sides. They were scarily close. He turned back to Izuru though. He didn't want to be scared of this.
"Keep going when I'm gone. Don't be lonely, I'll always be there for you."
The agent looked down on him again, and there Nagito let himself say it.
"Kamukura Izuru of the Future Foundation's fourteenth division, I'm in love with you!"
 There it went dark.
Pain all over his body, and darkness.

Am I not dead?
Nagito opened his eyes and found he was looking up at stars.
 He pulled himself to a sit and quickly jumped in fear to see they were also below him but calmed down. He wasn't falling. Actually, where was he?
He looked around and jumped once more to see an odd creature looking at him. It almost looked like a reflection of himself, except with white robes, longer hair, black horns, and... A face blocked by odd glitches. Yet it was like it was staring right into him.
"What... Are you?"
The creature tilt its head. "I am the god of nothingness. I am nothing, I rule nothing." The voice seemed to echo in his head instead of speaking at all. Nagito quickly remembered and scrambled to his feet. "Izuru, where is he? I need to know if he's okay."
"I... Zu... Ru?" The creature appeared utterly confused. "But... You are dead. Nothing exists anymore. Time is meaningless, your world is meaningless, those little people upon it, none of it really existed. You're all just a mere nothing."
"What do you..."
"Come." The creature turned and Nagito followed after. It wasn't a long walk before the creature led him to a globe, perched upon a golden stand.
"This... Is your world. And you all... Are nothing. Everyone in your world was of one mind. You all have one soul. So, if one of you dies, you all die."
"What..." Nagito looked to the globe, then back to the creature. "That doesn't make any sense! People die all the time!"
"And I explain this to each one." It lowered its head.
"Perhaps I should explain in better words. Your world is an experiment and only one soul was put upon it, split between all the humans, animals, and plants. So when one of you dies, the world you knew ceases to exist. So your world... Is no more. Lets say... You awoke from a simulation."
Nagito looked back to the globe and placed his hands on it softly.
It doesn't exist...?
But what about Izuru? What about Future Foundation? Hope's Peak?
They're all just-!?
"No... That can't be!" He closed his eyes tightly but that couldn't stop the tears.
"You needn't cry. You don't exist any longer."
"I don't care." He turned back to the creature. "I don't care if I'm fake, or my world is fake, the memories and feelings I felt were real. And so what if I am!? So what if the whole world is some damn cheap simulation!? What makes it any less important? It's real for me, my love was the realest thing I ever felt, you have no right to say it doesn't exist!"
He hadn't even realized he was backing the creature up until he stopped shouting, panting with anger and tears pricking his eyes.
The creature suddenly chuckled. "Bold words for someone like you to say. I've seen you. You're just scum, right? Trash. You're probably the most unlucky person in your world, you hate the planet and everything in it. What hope could someone as depressing as you have?"
"That's..." Nagito looked away, biting his lip before anger hit him again and he turned back. "That's wrong. I don't hate them. No, I love them all, I don't care if I'm hurt, I'm going to love and have hope for everyone and everything. If you were really watching, you'd have already seen the light I found. I spent months with him, learning everything about him, trusting him with my life, and saying my last words to him with a smile.
Is any of that fake to you? Am I still fake?"
The creature didn't move.
"Even if I'm not real, isn't that more of a reason to be happy? Because I'm not bound to reality, I can find hope however I desire. I don't have to follow the rules, I don't have to suffer. Why can't I be happy too!?"
Suddenly a new voice whispered in his head.
"Simulation complete."
Without warning, everything began to melt around him. Everything losing color until it was only a white canvas.
And then Nagito found himself lying down again.
This time, he heard whispering voices around him.
He quickly sat up, the crowd around him jumping back in response.
"Nagito?" A familiar voice questioned.
"That's..." He rubbed his head, feeling a headache. "That's me. I think..."
"That was...."
"I've never seen anyone feel so strongly at the end!"
He looked around, seeing his class looking at him starry-eyed.
It was actually a bit... Intimidating.
And among them all... That can't be... "Izuru!" Nagito tried to sit up but was halted by numbness in his legs. The male approached the bed he was on and allowed Nagito to wrap him in a hug before looking quizzical. "I don't... I don't understand. What's going on?"
"Oh, you're probably super confused." Ibuki chuckled, rubbing her head. "We all got rockin' simulations but yours was the raddest!"
That wasn't... Very helpful at all.
"We all agreed to participate in what-if scenarios." Izuru explained slowly, taking a step back. "You're still disoriented, you'll remember soon enough. Be slow though, you were in there for some time."
"Wait." He reached up, grabbing the long dress sleeve quickly. "That simulation, you guys saw it right? But, you weren't actually there were you? So all our time..."
 "You could say I already knew of your fondness towards me. Considering we were given the same simulation."
"But... Then... Did you die?"
Izuru looked away for a moment with a frown. "I removed my mask. Airborne contamination. I eventually turned."
It was upsetting to hear but at least he was here, alive and fine.
"What did you do... When you met that thing?"
Instead of Izuru answering, one of the boys butt into the conversation, chuckling as he did. "Laid down and called the god a bitch for letting you die."
Nagito crackled a smile, somewhat happy with that answer, but he was still confused.
 Izuru looked back to him and Nagito smiled in return. To his surprise, a small kiss was set on his forehead while everyone was distracted by talking to each other. The boy didn't realize how comforting and safe it felt until that moment. A real affection... How amazing that felt, he wanted more from Izuru.
 Nagito pulled himself up, a little unsteady on his legs that had fallen asleep.
A scientist stood by the control panel, more focused on looking over the results than engaging with his test subjects.

So... His class were all given these scenarios and made to think they were real so... Their reactions would be genuine? It was starting to come back to him. Though his class was chosen due to being ultimates, the school had wanted to see how strong of hope they held.
Izuru wasn't some cool secret agent, but he really was an artificial human, made in a lab to have many talents, and sent to his class to test run them all.
That was information only his class was allowed to know.
It was embarrassing to remember though that Nagito basically said he liked Izuru every day and loved his hope.
But... Not that embarrassing. It was true, and he would keep saying it now.

Real, fake, why does it matter?
As long as I feel real towards it, as long as I believe it's real, if I treat it as real, that's enough.

As long as I'm happy.
Never ((KamuKoma One Shot))
{Zombie Apocalypse AU}
The world is full of darkness. Dark deeds, dark people, dark thoughts, but that world is falling apart while the dead rises. Will humanity survive? Will the ultimates? But... What if that world is only...
♚[© 2019 | Nathan Jones]♛

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"Through here."
A tug of a hand and the boy led his company through the overgrowth. Fresh green plants smelled of the forest itself. They grew into the path rarely taken. Though not many people would come to this location anyway. Not that people haven't, but being so deep into the woods, the hiking trail didn't come down this way. That was perfect for this pair though.
 The deeper you enter the forest, the more secluded it becomes, the more quiet.
 The sun filtered through the trees, casting a glow of warmth between the vibrant green leaves.
 The boy pushed up a low hanging branch and revealed more of their path down a short, muddy hill. He released the hand to descend down, sliding his feet carefully and skipping to meet solid ground once more before looking back.
The other male did the same, though with more grace. Short hops, feet sinking into the mud, then pulling himself back out with ease for another until he rejoined his partner.
"My shoes are dirty." He sighed out, looking down at his feet to his nice dress shoes, now stained with mud.
 "Sorry, Kamukura, they'll get cleaned easily though." The first boy offered a sheepish smile and looked down the path. "It shouldn't be far now."
"And where, Komaeda, are you taking me anyway? You've yet to tell me."
 Komaeda took his hand again to lead the male once more.
"It's a special place of mine, right in the heart of the forest. I think you'll like it."
Kamukura had considered it was a lot of walking for one spot but decided not to comment. At least they were close and it was hard to deny it was a rather nice setting. The over used hiking trails and litter that followed them broke the true beauty of the forest.
Suddenly, Komaeda stopped right in front of a large bush. "Here we are."
 Unlike Komaeda's large smile, Kamukura was not so amused. "You took me this far into the forest to show me a normal bush?" With a sigh, he turned to leave but Komaeda quickly reached out and grabbed his arm. "Not the bush, what's inside! Look."
The sun gleamed on his white hair, making it shine as he approached the bush and pushed the branches aside. What was revealed was something... Odd. For beyond the simple bush looked like a secret clearing. The boy turned back with a soft smile. "You gonna go in?"
Though hesitant at first, Kamukura ducked under the branches Komaeda held for him and entered the clearing.
The grass grew tall and fresh, and a silent pond sparkled with crystal water. His observations were cut short with a crack behind him and looking back to Komaeda pushing through the branches. He finally emerged and shook the stray twigs from his hair before standing upright. "So what do you think? Besides us, I don't think anyone has been here before."
His partner gave a small hum, looking around once more.
"You just come here alone?"
 Kamukura was answered with a nod.
"It's a nice place to get away." Komaeda's voice became quiet, as though he was merely lost in his thoughts while speaking.
 "Away from all the bad stuff. Nobody can find me here, no laws apply, I can just be free."
He blinked, waking up once more.
"Ah, I started rambling. Do you want to see the lake? It's good for bathing."
Before Kamukura had a chance to object, Komaeda was already running to the lake.
He followed once more to stand beside his partner who kneeled by the water. The boy dipped his fingers in and swished them around, causing ripples in the water. "It's warm. Want to get in?"
 The dark man didn't move, casting a glance to Komaeda. Enter a pond in the middle of the forest? It might look clean but it very well could not be. It also wasn't very suitable to undress and bathe with another outdoors.
When he didn't respond, Komaeda simply shrugged and wiggled out of his long coat.
 Finding little interest in him undressing for the pond, Kamukura moved to explore the clearing some more. A few various plants grew in the grass. A couple weeds, some flowers, every so often, he found a dandelion and brushed his foot over it, kicking the seeds into the grass.
The activity didn't quench his boredom but it was something to do at least.
 As he continued looking about, something caught his eye. Laying among the grass was a four leaf clover, barely noticeable. He reached down and plucked it from where it rested. Well, Kamukura was rather lucky.
Just his luck as well when he stood once more and spot a small rosebush. The clearing was surrounded by plants so he hadn't noticed it at first but it was a small bush, almost all the red roses yet to be in bloom. Except for one, that was. Of course there was a full bloomed rose, Kamukura thought to himself, sarcasm hinted. It would be weird if there weren't with his luck. He moved in and plucked the rose from its bush. Turning the flower over, he examined it carefully as a small insect crawled off and sat atop his hand.
For only a moment Kamukura's curiosity lasted. It seemed like the two were really staring at each other. When he didn't care for the bug any longer, he shook it off and looked back to the pond.
Komaeda was comfortably resting in the water, his clothes neatly folded beside him on dry land.
They were rather nice plants and the male wanted to show his partner his find.
He returned to the lake and kneeled down, holding out the plants to the white haired boy who gave a smile in return. "Spring is really nice. You don't see these often." He took the rose and left the clover behind, only to stretch out of the water and gently tuck the rose in the dark hair of Kamukura.
"Beautiful..." The boy muttered, eyes sparkling before quickly turning to face away.
Kamukura was aware it was to hide the growing blush on his face. They weren't official but it wasn't like Kamukura hadn't thought about it before. He wouldn't just follow anyone deep into the forest after all.
His eyes lowered to the small clover and thought for a moment before picking it up and placing it in Komaeda's hair as well. The boy took a glance back, somewhat confused as the gesture but gave a smile after a moment.
"It's understandable you wouldn't want to join trash like me but you're really welcome to if you-"
He was cut off by Kamukura's hand covering his mouth.
 Moments passed before he retracted his arm and stood up once more.
They came all the way out here after all.
Loosening his tie, it was pulled off his neck and gently set on the grass.
 A pink tint upon Komaeda's face deepened until it was a thick red. For a long time, he had a crush on Kamukura. Only recently did he feel it was something more. When he had the opportunity, Komaeda found himself staring, admiring his dark appearance.
 He attempted to find excuses to touch him when he could, and when he did, his heart would go wild.
 And here this man was, undressing right in front of him. He wanted to see but his mind was racing and he had to look down and pretend it didn't affect him.
The water rippled as Kamukura lowered himself into it, carefully testing the water as he did. The sun had been warming it this whole time, so it wasn't that bad, though it still contained a mild chill.
"How... Does it feel?" Komaeda began speaking, then quickly cleared his throat. "I mean, the water that is."
"It's fine." Was his reply. Kamukura became lost in thought. His eyes narrowed and he sat still, as still as a statue, or perhaps a tree, with the way his long hair float through the water like leaves on branches. Komaeda could only watch with interest before the dark male opened his mouth, almost catching Komaeda off guard.
"Why did you invite me?"
Kamukura knew the reason. He knew very well it was so Komaeda could confess his feelings. That he was in love and wanted to bring him somewhere special. But there was enjoyment in watching the boy squirm upon making him say it right now.
"I... Well I mean, I wanted to show you my special place and... Uh..."
Horrible at hiding his emotions.
 Kamukura pushed himself off the edge of the pond and waded in the water before inching closer and pinning him back, hands against the rim of the pond. Komaeda didn't struggle but he did turn his head to the side to avoid directly looking in his direction.  
 "I want to know why I'm here. So tell me," He intentionally lowered his voice to a soft whisper close to the male's ear. "...Or I'm going to take a guess."
He could see the physical reactions of what he was doing with the goosebumps on the albino luckster's arms and the hitch in his breath.
He smiled, internally at least, before pushing himself closer. With Kamukura against him so closely, he could feel Komaeda's racing heart.
A hum escaped the back of his throat when Komaeda didn't respond and the dark male began to back away. "If you won't tell me, I suppose I should just leave."
He turned his back and began to count, knowing well enough Komaeda wouldn't just let him leave. He guessed... Perhaps five seconds.
Much to his surprise, his arm was grabbed earlier than he expected.
"Please don't go. I..."
This wasn't the best moment to say "I love you", but the words slipped out anyway. Being the first time he said it, it didn't feel how he expected.
Really, not embarrassing at all, more... Natural, as though it was something Komaeda had said a million times over. It made him want to say it again, and again.
"I love you, I love you..."
And then... Kamukura felt a hug from behind. He couldn't help tensing up at the contact. It felt nice, but strange.
The top of his body was still dry and Komaeda's hands were wet, making it uncomfortable as his hug dripped water down Kamukura's chest.
"What are you going to do if you love me then?"
There was no answer from Komaeda, only a small movement of tightening the hug.
Silence fell better them before there was a new touch. A pair of lips against the back of Kamukura's neck, then moving to his shoulder where he was given a delicate bite.
When Komaeda's mouth was removed, his voice spoke from behind.
"Are you going to stop me?"
"No." Kamukura closed his eyes as he exhaled. "Do whatever you want."
If the raven haired man had been looking, he would have seen the smile that curved over Komaeda's face before he bit down once more and began sucking on his shoulder with the intent to leave a mark. Once he felt it was sufficient, he removed his mouth to look at his work with satisfaction but it quickly dissipated when the mark began to vanish.
"Talented and quick healing... Those scientists didn't leave anything out, did they?"
"If they did, it would have been a disappointing result."
Komaeda could only huff. Not that it was a bad thing Kamukura could heal quickly, but he was really looking forward to marking his body.
Well, Komaeda was known for being pretty unlucky. A situation like this... Was definitely more lucky though so he would just have to accept not being able to do something as small as that.
Instead, he continued kissing around the back of his neck and shoulders, careful not to get any of the black locks in the way as he did. In the meantime though, he traced his hands up the body in his hold until he found what he was looking for.
He pressed his fingers into Kamukura's nipples that seemed to perk up for his touch.
"You still react well to me though..." The albino chuckled, beginning a circle motion on both of them.
Without warning, Kamukura grabbed his hands and lowered them away before turning around to face him once more. "Not in here." He nodded his head towards the grass. Komaeda hesitated though.
"Are you sure? That would be uncomfortable-"
"We'll use our clothes."
After saying it so casually, Kamukura pulled away from the hug and hoisted himself out of the water where he grabbed both piles of clothes and carelessly laid them out in the tall grass. Komaeda followed after, shivering some while water rolled down his pale skin.
"K-Kamukura I..."
"What?" He turned back, black hair flowing around his body as though he were a flower himself.
"I just... Would you really want to do it with someone like me?"
 A silence overtook them both before Kamukura stepped forward and took the other's hands before guiding him to the makeshift cot of cloth.
"Lay down."
Once given the order, Komaeda complied, though using his elbows to sit up just a little.
He wanted to do this. He really wanted to, his entire body shivered in the mere thought of it. Except for the problem of him being possibly the worst person to exist.
Kamukura was the best, on the other hand.  
How horrible would he be to taint someone as amazing as him with his own filth?
Komaeda was already turned on at simply seeing the male standing above him but it was difficult to get hard at that thought pondering in the back of his mind.
 He bit his lip, unable to tear his eyes from staring.
Such a beautiful body...
Kamukura lowered himself down and sat atop The luckster's stomach, forcing him to lay all the way back. He twitched and inhaled deeply, already feeling excited.
Kamukura's fingers traced down his cheek before cupping his chin and leaning close. There was a small pause before he finally connected their lips. Komaeda quickly felt greedy and tried to deepen it but the dark male pulled away before he had the chance and began to scoot lower. A kiss was placed on his collarbone, then one on both his nipples, but it was almost a tease that he didn't play with them more before moving down. Trailing kisses in his wake until his mouth was right at the erect member.
"Now... Tell me again what you said in the pond. I want to hear you say it once more."
Hand gripping it carefully, he began to offer gentle strokes while waiting.
"I l-love you." Face flushed, his member twitched in Kamukura's hand.
"Say it again."
His thumb rubbed the head, earning a soft squeak from the boy.
"I love you." The luckster repeated, melting to the touches.
"Keep saying it and don't stop."
At that, he licked the tip before taking it in his mouth.
 A gasp left his lips but Komaeda did as he was told.
"I love you, I love you Izuru Kamukura, I love you..." His hips rolled, pushing Kamukura to allow more. His tongue was soft and he could work it well. The way it ran over his length drove Komaeda crazy. Yet he didn't stop repeating those words, but because he didn't want to stop anyway. The boy stretched and dug his fingers into the grass where the clothes didn't reach. He was careful not to rip any out of the ground but he felt a knot in his stomach and knew he was close, despite never actually doing something like this before. Just that feeling alone made him rip out some of the grass. He tried to hold himself back and not release while he was still in Kamukura's mouth but with how intense the knot was growing, it became impossible not to just give in right then. And he did.
His body relaxed and a moan escaped, interrupting his "I love you's" which he began only muttering the closer he reached that point.
Kamukura seemed to know he was close too because he quickened his pace until it finally hit and the hot liquid filled his mouth. He slowly pulled Komaeda's member out and swallowed most of it, wiping his mouth of the rest that had dribbled out. Then an idea hit and he merely licked it off his fingers before moving back up and stealing a kiss. A kiss that intertwined their tongues and he allowed Komaeda to deepen. He felt the arms of the luckster move around his neck and hold him close as he tried to keep the kiss going. While Kamukura had rather powerful lungs, not so much Komaeda and he was the one that had to break it to breathe.
The dark male looked down and watched his quickened breathing silently before he reached into his hair and removed the rose. It was set gently to the side where it wouldn't be harmed. As the for the clover... It should be fine.
 "What do you taste?" He turned back to Komaeda when he was done with the rose.
"I... I..."
 Kamukura licked his lips of the salty taste still in his mouth.
"I still taste it. What would you call such flavor?"
Komaeda turned his head away once more when a blush arose. The other male narrowed his eyes and watched until Komaeda turned back, his eyes glazed over like he were no longer present.
"I taste myself. Your lips taste like me, your tongue like me, it's so... So..." He chuckled shortly before covering his face with his hands. "We can't... Do anything else now that I've come. I... I'm sorry."
No reaction came from Kamukura until he moved the thin hands aside and held them to either side of Komaeda's head.
"What do you mean? I'm hardly finished with you."
He didn't allow a response before moving back down but ignoring the throbbing length, he pushed a finger into the exposed entrance.
The albino bit back a noise but spread his legs more to allow Kamukura easier access.
With how easy he could move his finger, it was decided to push in two. Probably due to already releasing, his entrance was practically begging to be abused.
His fingers scraped against the walls and Komaeda's back arched. Still, it wasn't quite enough. Once he pushed in a third finger and began pumping inside, the reactions were much more interesting.
"Wa-Wait, not so much. I'm still-!" His own moan cut off and his legs quivered as he became more stretched out than he had been before.
With his other hand, Kamukura pulled one of Komaeda's legs to rest on his waist and almost immediately, it wrapped around his back.
It seemed like he was ready enough after only a few minutes of preparing so he completely pulled his fingers out, allowing Komaeda to catch his breath for a minute before positioning himself. He still seemed distracted with calming down but there would be no point. Once Kamukura started to push himself inside, the boy bit back more shameful sounds. His toes curled and he tensed up until it was pushed completely inside.
 "Are you okay?" He rose his eyes to the luckster who nodded quickly.  
"Yeah, please move. I.. Need you to do me." His voice became more quiet at the last piece but Kamukura heard it quite clearly and pulled out until only the tip remained, then pushed back inside much harder.
Again, he pulled, then pushed. Repeating such movements, Komaeda began a series of soft moans with every thrust. He tried to stretch his arms once more but it wasn't enough. Not this time. It was much more intense, and he took hold of Kamukura's hands holding them close to his chest before the dark male simply moved them to either side of Komaeda and pushed him against the ground.
It wasn't long before Kamukura laid his body atop the other. It took a longer time but he began soft moans as well.
"Iz-Izuru..." Komaeda forced out. Already, that knot was returning with a more powerful force. "Please f-find... That spot that'll drive m-me crazy."
The lust dripped from his voice. The desire to feel pleasure from this person right before him was growing as fast as his second release, which was almost there. It would only take a little more....
And then Kamukura made a direct hit and the luckster gave a moan louder than all the others. That was his spot, right there.
A single hit was enough to finally cause another climax.
 Kamukura on the other hand, could also feel a release. It wasn't growing as fast but it was there, and he wanted to reach his finish.
"Keep hitting right there, don't stop!" Komaeda began yelling out, unable to control his voice any longer. Good thing there weren't people for miles, he could yell as much as he wanted.
Kamukura's breath grew labored and he sped up. He could feel Komaeda's member rubbing against his stomach with every thrust, and now the hot and sticky glaze leaving a messy on them both.
 Two times already... He wasn't going to to stop until he was satisfied though; perhaps he could get the luckster to finish three times.
The body beneath him was trembling, his legs wrapped around Kamukura, and his eyes glazed and spiraled as heavy moans dripped from his voice.
At this point, it seemed like they would come at the same time. Over and over, that weak point was slammed into and waves of pleasure washed over his body.                
 Sweat caused some of the bright hair to stick to his face but it didn't seem like he cared in the slightest.
Kamukura's dark hair on the other hand, cast over the both of them like a blanket of darkness.
Without warning, it felt like Kamukura had tripped and that knot doubled. He was so close, it was almost painful. Komaeda as well, was being driven to a third climax and he felt a burning shoot through his entrance, around his walls, and dripping down between his legs. It was a whole new sensation to have Kamukura have come inside him and it brought on his own. One more, liquid dirtied them both. The luckster's grip on Kamukura's hands tightened and his voice became weak from all his moaning. He still trembled and when Kamukura pushed himself off, some of the white glaze leaked down Komaeda's sides onto the clothes below them. He pulled out slowly before laying down beside the other.
"I'm tired." Kamukura looked up the sky above, the orange revealing it was already sunset.
 Komaeda nodded in agreement. He could definitely sleep now but not yet.

The boy reached over and picked the rose off the ground before placing it back in the dark locks.
"What does this... Make us?"
"Lovers, obviously." The answer was immediate. The dark man rolled over in his side and allowed Komaeda to bury into the warmth of his chest.
 "Sleep for now. I want to do this more when we wake up."
Komaeda became flushed but nodded and closed his eyes. At least the lake was here to clean up afterwards.
Into The Forest ((Izuru X Nagito One Shot))
Komaeda has a secret hideout deep in the forest and decided to bring Kamukura along one day. 
♚[© 2019 | Nathan Jones]♛
A slick glow twinkled upon the pavement. Ever so quietly, crystal drops slid down fresh green leaves, patting against the ground only for the next to repeat the calm process.

The grass waved along with, as though each blade danced to the music of the shower. Not a hint of sunlight peeked through the gray clouds but it was far from dull.
Heavy footsteps kicked up some of the water as the thin male ran, arms above his head to protect himself from getting wet. The water pelted his sleeves before rolling down his arms and falling upon his chilled cheeks, pink with the cold.
He found himself in luck before ducking under the small roof of a quaint shop. He took a few breaths to calm down his racing heart before releasing a sigh, carrying his breath through the air in a small puff of fog.

Though out of the rain, he still shivered. He hadn't planned for it to rain so he hadn't brought an umbrella. The method to block his head was, in hindsight, relatively futile. His hair was still wet and the rain had soaked his clothes to his bones. Not quite wanting to return to the downpour, he leaned against the wall of the shop and simply let himself drift off. It was silent besides the sounds of the drops hitting the ground. Every so often, a car would pass and propel puddles up. None had hit him but a few had come close. Without warning, someone had also found his small retreat and another stood beneath the roof. The boy paid him no mind as he closed a blue umbrella and shook the rain from it.

The stranger exhaled heavily and the boy couldn't help but take a glance over and examine them with curiosity. At first glance, they didn't look like much. Like any other person, really. But he continued to stare. Something about this stranger caught him off guard. Could it have been the long midnight hair? Perhaps the quiet red eyes?

The way he held himself with confidence could be it as well, yet his shoulders slumped and his eyes seemed dull. Spaced off as if he wasn't really there. The boy looked down and caught sight of the ends of his hair dripping a puddle around him.
It would make sense, he supposed. Such long hair like that probably flowed out behind him as he walked. No umbrella could refute that. The stranger suddenly rose his head from the ground and flicked his attention to the staring boy.

He returned the look with intensity, making the boy quickly turn his eyes away and look to his feet. Still, the stranger didn't stop staring without a word. Finally, he opened his mouth. "You're soaking." They noted the obvious in a more than calm voice.
The boy couldn't stop an awkward laugh. "Am I? I didn't know it was going to rain today."

The stranger pulled out his phone and after a moment, the light footsteps approached before he showed his screen over. "It was in the news. You can check. It will be raining all week."

As he said, the news confirmed the weather. The boy sighed once more before rubbing his hands together and blowing warm breath into them. "I guess I forgot to check." He finally concluded. The stranger paused before he shut off his screen and returned his phone to the pocket of his dark jeans.

"You're obviously freezing. Let's go inside for a drink." He looked to the shop they were standing in front of. He hadn't even checked what store it was when he had run here for cover but it was a small café with a name unlike he had heard before. A small brand, that sounded nice.

Though, he was hesitant to agree and finally shook his head. "No thanks. I didn't bring any money with me and I wouldn't want you to-"

"I want some coffee anyway. Three extra dollars is nothing." Without waiting for an answer, he opened the door and vanished inside. The boy bit his lip before he eventually gave in and followed after. The stranger was already at the front desk and turned around as he approached. "What do you want? Get whatever."

Turning to the menu, he examined all the coffee before deciding. "Actually... Can I just get a hot chocolate?"
The cashier added it to the order list and looked back up. "Do you want whipped cream?"
A pause and a look to the stranger before the boy replied. "A lot, please."

She added on his request before the two sat down at a small wooden table. Nobody else was in the shop, leaving just the two males and the aroma of brewing drinks from the back. The stranger stared once more, causing the boy to look down at his lap, shifting his feet. "I'm so rude." He muttered to the raven-haired stranger. "I haven't even introduced myself and you already bought me a drink. My name is Nagito Komaeda. I'm just a student."
With crossed arms, the stranger gave a nod. "I figured already. We go to the same school."
The remark caught him off guard and he flicked his gaze back up. "We do? But I've never seen you around. You're someone I would remember."

For a small moment, it appeared as though he cracked a small smile but it vanished as quick as it appeared.
"I merely attend the same school. I don't go to any of the classes."

"But why?" Komaeda tilt his head. "Who's class would you be in?"

The stranger shrugged and rest his elbow on the table. "Who could say? There's no point in attending any class. They have nothing to teach me. I simply watch the security footage every day."

Nagito gave a small hum just as two cups were placed before them. He looked up to the female worker and gave a smile. "Ah, thank you."

She returned a smile and looked between both of them. "Is there anything else I could get for you two? We have a food menu too if you would like to take a look."

Komaeda opened his mouth first. "No thanks. I'm not hun-"

"Yes." The stranger interrupted, earning a glare from the boy which he simply raised an eyebrow at. "You're too thin. I insist you eat."

Nagito was nearly tempted to argue but decided doing so in front of the waitress. She gave a nod and approached the front counter where she picked one off the stack and placed it on the table between them. "Whenever you're ready."

The stranger slid the menu towards himself before spinning it around and moving it towards Nagito.

"You really don't need to worry about how much I eat, you know. You don't even know me but if you did, you definitely wouldn't care about something as small as that." He tilt his head and forced a timid smile. "Because you're... Not even close to a loser like me, are you?"
There was no response from the stranger for a long time. His eyes seemed to be elsewhere, chin resting on his hands in deep thought, but his eyes never left the shining green eyes across from him.
"Do you know who I am?" The stranger muttered behind his hands, making it difficult to hear, almost as though he didn't want it to be heard at all.
Nagito blinked, waking up once more. "No, I don't. Yet you look so familiar."

His eyes narrowed. The stranger sat up straight, his movements slow. "Perhaps you knew me with another name, another face. That I can't tell you, I'm not even sure who I was before, though I can make assumptions." He turned attention to his coffee before picking it up and bringing it to his lips for a drink. After a moment, he set it back down and frowned. "It's too hot."

The conversation fell quiet before Komaeda exhaled quietly. "So you were someone else before? Who are you now?"
The stranger quietly hummed, drawing out his response time until he looked up from his coffee.
"You haven't touched your hot chocolate." Without warning, he reached over and scooped his finger into the whipped cream to take for himself. "It's good." He concluded. Nagito pulled his drink to himself and took a large gulp before quickly coughing and setting it down as he used his sleeve to wipe some of the cream off his lips. "-Hot!"

"Don't drink it so fast. And I said that, didn't I?"

The stranger watched, almost amused as the boy regained himself. Once he was good, the stranger cleared his throat.
"My name is Izuru Kamukura, though I doubt you've heard of me before."

"That name is written on the statue of the school's founder in the courtyard." Now it was Nagito's turn to raise an eyebrow. "I'm fairly sure he was an old man that died a long time ago. And you look very alive and... Young." He stopped himself before he said something embarrassing. The fact that this 'Izuru' was also very attractive.
"I was merely named after him." Izuru stirred his coffee with the spoon that was waiting on the table with a napkin of utensils at hand. When he was content, he rose the spoon and put it in his mouth to clean it before closing his red eyes. "I didn't have a name when I was... Born... So they gave one to me."


Once again, Izuru was quiet before frowning. "Have you decided on what to order?"

Though his question was left unanswered, it seemed like Izuru didn't want to delve into the topic so he left it at that and picked up the menu. "What do you think? I could... Get something small like a side salad."

Then, very suddenly, a hand slammed on the table, causing Komaeda to drop the menu and almost fall back in his chair. The drinks rocked and a few drips rolled down the cups but was otherwise alright. Nagito rose his eyes to Izuru, fairly speechless.

He picked his hand off the table and returned to sitting calmly. "Pick whatever you choose, don't worry about the portions or the cost. It looks like you have been eating very little or not at all."

Komaeda chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. "Maybe I'm just naturally thin."
"With that sickly complexion? How much do you normally have to eat?"

Instead of answering, Nagito once again picked up the menu. "Fine, I guess I'm hungry. What about this?" He offered the menu out and pointed to the item.
"I guess that's better than a side salad. Get whatever you want."
He waved his hand towards the counter, calling over the waitress once more. She approached the table, notebook in hand. "So you've decided?"

"I want a double turkey sandwich." Izuru announced first. The woman wrote it down then turned to Nagito. "And for you?"

"A uh- Chicken soup I suppose."
She scribbled in the notepad and turned to leave before Izuru called after her again. "And one small towel."
The woman nodded and left once more. Once she was gone, Nagito tilt his head. "A towel?"
"You're still dripping wet." The other male picked up his coffee, now cooled, and took a sip.

Komaeda fell quiet, unsure what to say. Nobody had been so insistent about his care, especially someone he had never met before. He couldn't stop a smile from peeking across his face. Though he wouldn't like to admit it, he enjoyed this, despite his mindset.
Nagito considered himself worthless, a loser, human garbage, among other things to insult himself. It's not that he liked being insulted, but it seemed fitting in his head. He accepted it, embraced it even. To be close to someone... Isn't something he had ever considered. Who would want to be close with him after all?

The waitress returned, white cloth in hand and offered it to Izuru who thanked her with a quiet nod and unfolded it. After she left once more, he suddenly stood up, wooden chair scraping against the ground. Though a little confused, Nagito continued to sit there as he approached and suddenly put the towel over the boy's head. "Dry off."

He pulled the towel off and looked down at the cloth in his hands. Though it was merely removed from his hold and once more put on his head where Izuru began to shake it through his sopping wet locks, drying his cream hair to at least a damp. After a minute, it was pulled off and Nagito ran his fingers through his hair, a little unsure on how to react. "Why..." He looked up to face the male standing beside him.

"Needless to say..." He tossed the towel on the table, "You interest me. That's all."
"I'm not anything important." Komaeda insisted in response without hesitation. "I didn't even get into that school on my own. I just have luck-"

He stopped himself as Izuru kneeled down to the height of his sitting and pushed the chair back. As he leaned close, eyes narrowed, Nagito glanced to the side, quickly shying away. "Do you think I started speaking to you because of luck?" He spoke softly, breathing so relaxed, it was difficult to hear at all, even if Nagito tried to listen. "I saw a familiar face, running in a heavy downpour." He turned to the windows outside where the rain had yet to let up. "Have you forgotten? I watch the school's cameras, I've seen you plenty and you catch my interest enough."
"I'm prone to bad luck too. You didn't see... Any of that, did you?"

Izuru stood up once more and Nagito wanted to breathe out a sigh of relief. It's not because he disliked that close contact, it was quite the opposite. The fact that did indeed like being so close made him flustered and it was difficult not to show that especially when they were only a mere few centimeters apart.
"I've seen plenty. Including the cafeteria incident."
The lucky boy bit his lip almost hard enough to draw blood. "You saw... That?" His voice cracked as shame melted into his body.
The dark-haired Izuru returned to his seat and rest his arms on the table. "Of course I did. And I've never seen someone trip and launch an entire table and contents up like that before."

By this point, he was hiding his face in his hands.

"How long did it take you to get clean again?"

Nagito released a groan before raising his head, yet still avoiding eye contact. "Two hours."
If he thought it was bad luck when that happened, it was even more so that someone like Kamukura had seen the entire thing.
It was normal for Nagito to find himself in situations with unsavory luck at least. This wasn't any different.
The waitress returned and Nagito took the towel, placing it on his lap. If anything spilled, at least he wouldn't get dirty. She set the plates down and held her hands before her. "Can I get you anything else?"

Izuru answered for the both of them with a simple 'no' and she left, vanishing to the back of the café where she had been before.

"So..." Nagito picked up his spoon and stirred his soup. "Have you been here before?"

"Only once." Picking up his sandwich, Izuru took a bite and licked his fingers clean of the food before putting it back down atop his plate. "I came here with a friend a few months back."
"Friend?" He tilt his head curiously. Something seemed to be bothering Izuru with the way he suddenly went quiet and movements gone sluggish. He closed his red eyes and inhaled before looking back up. "She is no longer with us. I suppose I have nobody now. Nobody but the school faculty, that is."

"They care for you? What about your parents?"

"Who can say? I don't even know who they are. My old self would know something like that."
Nagito couldn't help frowning as he looked down at his food. His reflection in the soup was masked by the noodles but he could see his green eyes looking back at him. It seemed like a whole new person was on the other side. He sloshed some of the noodles around before pushing the spoon down on his reflection, causing ripples that made it disappear completely.
"I know we just met and all but... Can I be your friend?"

There was no response and Komaeda looked up to see the shining eyes looking at him. If he didn't know better, it seemed like he was surprised. Nagito quietly caught himself and waved his question off. "I mean, we don't have to be. I'm probably not a very good friend. In fact, I'd probably be the worst friend ever!"

"No." Izuru sighed out, slouching his shoulder as he answered. "I would like that then."

It felt comfortable to be in the café just then. Content in the silence, the two males ate and finished their drinks. By the time they had finished, Komaeda had almost completely dried, aside from his clothes that now felt uncomfortable to be wearing.
The waitress returned to clean up their meal and Nagito followed Izuru outside. Taking a look at the rain, Izuru opened his umbrella and held it above his head.
"Are you going to leave now?" Komaeda wondered slowly, looking over the midnight haired male once more.
Kamukura blinked, tightening his grip on the handle before turning his head towards the luckster.
"And leave you here at the mercy of the downpour?"

It fell quiet between the two of them before Nagito shivered and rubbed his hands together. Izuru reached into his pockets and pulled out a small pair of gloves. "Here. They were mine but I don't need them. The cold doesn't affect me."
Though reluctant at first, Nagito accepted the gloves and slipped them on his hands. Quickly, he felt himself warming up.
"So where are you going to go?" He spoke after a moment of adjusting to the gloves.
The dark haired male shrugged as he looked out into the rain.
"Back to the school, I suppose."

It was a simple answer but Komaeda felt a little sad at his response. He approached, footsteps light against the hard ground. He didn't ask, he simply did, as he reached down and slipped the pale hand through his own. The gesture almost caught Izuru off guard but it seemed like he accepted it rather quickly.
"Come to my house with me. I was going to just change into dry clothes and go to sleep but... If you need somewhere to go, I hope I can return the kindness you showed me."
There was a pause before he nodded and squeezed the gloved hand. "Very well. There is something I would like to ask though."
There was no time for the cream haired luckster to answer before Izuru continued. "Are you sure you're alright with simply being friends?"
"Whatever do you-" His cheeks flushed as the other male stepped to stand in front of him and placed his other hand on his slightly damp chest.
"Your heart is beating rapidly. It's obvious. Do you like me in such a way?"

"I..." He stared down into the red eyes. They still looked as dull as they did when they first met, but with a hint of something else.
Then it clicked inside Komaeda's mind.
"You were... Hajime Hinata. I knew you. I... I liked you then too. I missed you so much" He released his hand to cup Izuru's cheeks with a bright smile. "Who would think I could fall in love with the same person twice? Is that why you approached me?"
The red eyes looked somewhat hesitant before Kamukura exhaled. "I'm not sure. I felt a connection to you but I couldn't be sure what it was. I don't know who I was as this Hajime but you interest me now as I am. As I am Izuru Kamukura."

Nagito's eyes widened and he leaned in to press their lips together, sharing a gentle kiss as rain once more became the quiet, gentle sound all around them. Izuru held his umbrella above the both of them and when they finally parted, the two males took hands once more and started down the sidewalk.

Perhaps it was fate to find each other once more, maybe it was pure luck, no matter the circumstances of the meeting, a rainy day brought two lovers together once more and they wouldn't lose each other this time.
In The Rain ((Izuru X Nagito One Shot))
A rainy day and a meal between two strangers, though could there be something more? What secrets could really be between them both?♚[© 2018 | Nathan Jones]♛

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I can't see. It's dark, darker than any night I had ever witnessed.
Of course, my eyes are wrapped. Yet, I couldn't move either.
I could feel the binds on my wrists rubbing my skin when I tried to struggle.
What was this?
I don't remember what I was doing before this.
Before I panic, I should think carefully.
Slow down.
My name... My name is Nagito, I'm seventeen, the Ultimate Lucky Student of Hope's Peak Academy.
This wasn't the first time I had been kidnapped, I wasn't very scared but... It's hard to remember. Who would kidnap me? I don't have any rewards to offer or any family to request ransom off of.
Perhaps this was just my bad luck. Of course, despite my title, I've been known to have some disgusting bad luck.
I sniffed. It smelled damp, as though the room had been leaking for quite some time.
Not only that; it smelled bad too.
A garage? Storage house perhaps.
With my hands tied behind my back and a cover over my face, there was little I could do.
I was sitting down, though my legs weren't tied.
I scraped my foot against the hard floor. Grains of dirt stuck to the bottom of my foot but I couldn't feel anything around me.
What else could I do...?
Out of options, I hit my ankle against the chair leg. It hurt but I listened and as I thought, the sound echoed far off. A large, damp room then.
Now that I somewhat had an idea of my surroundings, I could calm down.
I pulled on my arms again but it was too tight to break through.
"Oh good." A sudden voice caught me by surprise. Shoes clapped against the ground; encroaching closer to where I sat. Why was that voice so familiar?
"You're awake. You were sleeping for so long, I had to keep checking if you had died. Even knocked out, you're annoying. You know that?"
Why did I know that voice? Who...
Why is this...
I recognized it. What do I say? What could I say?
The footsteps stopped only inches in front of me and I felt a touch on the cloth over my eyes. "Before I take this off, answer something for me, will you?"
I didn't speak.
Whether he asked or not, whether it was removed or not, what difference would it make?
I would feel dread anyway.
Not that it made any difference.
My lack of response didn't matter to someone like him.
"Do you feel pain? Do you want me to be rough? I'm sure you would..." In an instant tug of the cloth, it fell from my face, drifting to my lap below. The cloth's location was of no interest to me though, not when I was staring into those green eyes. Bright green in color yet... So disgustingly dark. A smile curled over his sickly pale face. Twisted with madness, it was like looking upon the face of the Cheshire Cat, or perhaps the Grim Reaper. Maybe in some horrible sense, a little of both.
"You wouldn't want me to be gentle with you. That much is obvious. You want to be hurt." The male held up his hands. One thin and bony, the other covered with a red striped mitten.
"Because why on Earth would you want to be kind to yourself? Of course, I know you better than anyone!"
Perhaps I was dreaming. He looked like me. The same icing hair, yet he was matted and thin like he stopped caring for it long ago. Not like I actually cared about my hair either but it didn't seem like he even tried. I only took a moment to examine the oddities of his clothes. Dark, bought from a pawn shop perhaps. The chain didn't do him any justice either. Chain...
Around his neck. It was disturbing to see.
It was as though I was watching my freedom torn out of me.
What does it feel like to physically see your freedom being robbed though? Perhaps fear, or anger, depression perhaps. But I couldn't...
 Feel anything just then. Like my mind was shutting down. I wanted to give up. I didn't know what was happening but I already wanted to drop everything and just submit to my situation.
A laugh erupted from his throat when I dropped my head. "Pathetic." The word, that single word, rolled off his tongue and his fingers buried into my hair, giving a sharp, painful tug. "Was I really that stupid when I was younger? Or perhaps I got the lame one that can't tell his own dick apart from a twig. Speak, will you?"
Yet, I did not speak. I could not.
Here I was, kidnapped by an older version of myself. Despite not even knowing how to happened, but how could it be a dream when I felt so clearly the pain I was feeling with each sharp tug?
Seconds passed, and he sighed. "Shame. I can't see a bit of hope in your eyes. I have no use for you."
The footsteps moved away and I rose my head to see him picking up a saw from a table against the wall. Fear struck my heart when he turned back around, a loose grin merely hanging from his lips.  "I could make you just like me. If you love despair that much, it shouldn't be a problem, right? I'm such a vile human being, but you're not any better now. Perhaps you're finally getting your precious luck."
He came close before suddenly stopping in his tracks. "Your arm. Surely, I should untie them before doing this. I'm afraid I'll have to knock you out first though." As he dropped the saw, it hit the ground with a thunderous echo. I couldn't help but flinch back at the sound. This man, me, he rose his gloved hand and ever so slowly, pulled off the cover. What I saw... I was... Terrified.
Nails, long and red, delicate fingers of a woman, yet the hand looked almost grey... Dead.
That couldn't be...
Did I...
Cut off my own arm?
No, I wouldn't! Why would I... And with hers, with Junko's... No.
This isn't me. This is just some twisted dream. Wake up already, will you?
I shut my eyes and turned my head away just as I felt something sharp stab into my neck.
I started to scream but I don't remember anything after that.
How did I get here?
Was I sleeping?
No, I'm fairly certain I was awake.
I could remember entering the school, the school I could... Reluctantly... Call my own.
I was smiling.
I know I was smiling, and I know it was a sunny day.
But before I took my first step forward, it all went dark. Why can't I remember?
But then I felt pain.
When I opened my eyes, I was back in the chair, my arm killing me. I looked down to my arms, I could see I was no longer bound.
But my left arm, well, nothing was there. It hurt so terribly bad, blood dripping to the silver ground. I wanted to scream and cry out but I just felt so hopeless, I couldn't bring myself to do so. He actually cut off my arm as I was unconscious. Probably a needle. My neck was still a little sore with how harshly I was stabbed.
"You didn't tie me back up." I forced myself to look back up to my other version, leaning against the table with nothing more than a bored look upon his face. His glove was back on, which in a way, was a relief. I didn't have to see that dead hand anymore.
"Now that I've got what I wanted, you want answers?" He tilts his head, white hair brushing across his forehead. I didn't answer, my death glare was all I could give to someone like him anymore.
"You're my younger version. Seventeen, to be exact. I'm you, at twenty-one. Are you happy with yourself? With me? Probably not." Not even giving a chance to respond, he chuckled softly.
"It doesn't matter any longer. I'm the only real me here. You... Don't even exist. Merely a digital clone of myself. The simulation made many, you know? You know the story. You enter the school, lose your memories, then get hooked up to a machine. Except..." He pushed himself off the table, picking up the saw as he did. "During that lost time, you grew up and became a Remnant of Despair. That... Would be me."
That's not true... Not possible. I'd never give myself to despair.
"Except the machine, I was forced to enter made many clones of my past self. That means your most recent memory happened five years ago and you... Don't exist."
Without warning, he swung the saw at my neck.

"Messy again..." Komaeda muttered as he dropped the saw, trying to flick off as much blood as he could. The dead, decapitated body of the digital clone now sat lifelessly. Well, it never had a life, to begin with.
Suddenly, the sound of a door opening caught his attention, causing the male to turn around, a bright and innocent grin upon his face. "Aw, you entered the simulation just for me!" He hurried to the new player only to be held back with a hand to his chest. "Don't touch me. You're covered in blood." Eyes narrowed, he released a bothered sigh. "You're here to kill clones again, Servant. You're bothersome, making me enter the simulation to wake you up again."
The Servant chuckled, more relaxed than he had been the entire time. "Killing my past selves is a good stress reliever. And does it really bother you so much? I'm flattered you wake me up every time."
The other male turned, clicking his tongue. "I don't feel anything towards you if that's what you're implying. It's all boring. Just hit the button and wake up."
Servant hummed quietly, moving close to peek over the man's shoulder. "You're rather in a rush. Is the presence of human scum really so needed?"
A long pause ensued before there was a response.
"I wouldn't be here if I didn't. Devalue yourself as you desire but your skills are needed so just wake up."
Before he was able to respond, the dark male hit his own awaken button, vanishing right before the Servant who only smiled.
"Shame it was the last clone. Now I just have all my friends to occupy my time. But that's not so bad, is it?"
Stolen By Myself
Nagito Komaeda is kidnapped by the one thing he least expected. Himself. 
♚[© 2018 | Nathan Jones]♛

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