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January 1, 2012
Fire Tutorial by ~Anuwolf
Featured by shelldevil
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Fire Tutorial

:bulletred::bulletred:CONFUSED????? NOT WORKING?? FIRE NOT TRANSPARENT????? Check out this add-on tutorial that may help with your transparency issues!… :bulletred::bulletred:

Oh wow a DD! Thankyou so much! First time I've been on dA in a while so this is a surprise, I found out kind of late, 2 days later. Nice way to start the new year! xD And please excuse the silly language / overuse of emotes in the tutorial. I was younger back then, and more prone to excessive emoting >>

I found out this technique a couple days back and find it to be extremely useful. I thought you guys deserved to know about it too :P I wasn't sure if someone else had a fire tut like this one up, so if there is... sorry? xD
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Thank you so so so much for this Tutorial!
I was able to accomplish a really beautiful ring of fire for a YCH <3 Thank you!
From one world to the Next  || YCH || by SoreWounds
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This is such a great method for making fire, and a very nice and clear tutorial too!
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Thanks a lot.
this tutorial is very useful.  :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)  
akashadeargdue's avatar
wonderful thank you
Yami-Pokegirl's avatar
Do you done this in sai too?
philippeL's avatar
Thanks a lot for sharing this!
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
Thank you very much. Highly appreciated!
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I used the tutorial for this:…

Trying to figure out how to make good-looking black flames now. :P
stained4ever's avatar
welllll... so it kinda worked... the only things I struggle with is the smudging part. I guess I'm just bad at it or something because it never turns out right. I can't manage to get more of the grey and most of it is black and white with a just a little grey around the edges. plus my edges never seem to get the correct pointyness of a flame and seems to round or to sharp.
link to my flame picture->…
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omg this was very helpful !

thank u for making a great tutorial, my friend! c:

used it with this test - -…

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Ignore my previous comment, I figured out a way to make it work.
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Oh well. Now I wasted a bunch of time for nothing making a secondary tutorial. :iconhappyeightplz:
Violyte64's avatar
Actually... this new tutorial will help a lot too and is easier than what I ended up doing.

Sorry for wasting your time but thanks ^^;
Anuwolf's avatar
Well that's good!

Hey, if it helps, then it's not a waste of time =)
Violyte64's avatar
I'm so distraught at how well this works ONLY if the background is entirely black and you have ONLY the fire there by itself. I'm trying to figure out how to use this as part of a complete image, but without the plain black background, this doesn't work at all. If I wanted to use this method for anything other than JUST the fire by itself, how do I do that? I tried changing the layer type to Screen as mentioned in the tutorial, but then the black still stays instead of becoming transparent, like I need it to be. I tried having the black on a separate layer and then making the adjustments, but then when I get rid of the black layer, the fire just becomes one off-white color again, regardless of its layer type.

All I need is the fire, and I need the black background GONE, and I can't have both using this method. So unless there's a way to do that and I'm just not figuring it out, this tutorial is actually rather useless. And that's sad, because this method is a LOT easier than most, and at first I was really glad I found it... Now I just feel like I wasted a bunch of time for nothing.
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Try this, let me know if it still doesn't work.…
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I'm glad it is! =)
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nice work really cool

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Great tutorial, very smart idea ! Thanks a lot, it was so useful :
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