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Fire Rex

FIRE STOCK USED: - [link] by ~thesuper

You know a t-rex on fire would be fuckin' scary. You know it would. :ohnoes:

I wanted to try drawing this idea out ever since I thought of it. The t-rex itself is painted, although I did ref a photo of a t-rex photo I took while I was in Universal Studios. The scales and textures were done in photoshop via the "plastic wrap" filter.

The fire, on the other hand, was a stock image. 'Course I can't draw fire that good- I wish I could though. I tried but failed XP

Sorry for the watermark, but I needs it.
Hoo woo
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A normal T-Rex is terrifying. A Fire Rex is a nightmare that came to life.
RavenStorme-Draws's avatar
I love this so much :O
loverofcarnage's avatar
ghost rider's new ride
the8bitehitter's avatar
Ghost rider T-Rex! :)
AdvanceRun's avatar
do u use flame painter ?
Biollante2K's avatar
That is so awesome!!!!
brandon-bowling's avatar
I don't know what's more frightening, the fact that it's clearly burning alive or the fact that it doesn't seem to care! If Ghostrider were a dinosaur this would be it!
WRMCHN3's avatar
this is insanely awesome
terencethet-rex's avatar
looks like a monster from hell
Pablo09's avatar
This could be the most nonsensical badass terror ever
Anuwolf's avatar
Its what I was thinking when I made it >_>
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Holy *beep*! RUN!! :iconsaywhaplz:
This is amazing! You're really talented. :3
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:iconghostriderplz::iconsaysplz: That's my dinosaur.
Anuwolf's avatar
Yeah xD The resemblance is uncanny
RaikouArtist's avatar
In all seriousness, this is amazing!
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Yeah, I'd be pretty terrified.
Anuwolf's avatar
objective completed then X3
DrForrester87's avatar
"I soiled my armor I was so scared!"
Smnt2000's avatar
That is bloody spectacular! Just magnificent, bravo!
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