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August 18, 1991
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Potential Return to dA
Heya everyone, Been a long time, eh? Well. It might just be a bit longer. My hiatus from dA occurred as the result of severe, long-lasting depression. Surprise surprise, I am still depressed, but doing a lot better than I was a few years ago. I am currently in college (for hopefully, the last and final time), and am nearing the end of my studies in Graphic Design this December (December 2017). I still struggle daily, and college thus far has not been easy, but I am striving to succeed. That being said, my passion for art is slowly coming back. Anxiety, depression, and stress greatly hinder this process, but I am determined to push through.
Goodbye online-world
I'm sorry for all the emotional crap I've been going on about, including this. I just simply can't be online anymore. It all hurts too much and just reminds me of the emptiness of something I once had. Sorry to those who were interested in art trades, collabs, or commissions, or anything else, I am truly deeply sorry. If I am to move on, I just can't have any remote reminders of anything. The internet has always been my "safe place" but now it's just a haunting memory of what pains me so greatly. I spend all my time online but I just can't bear it anymore. I won't be active here, or anywhere. It's best if I avoid these places. It's best if I
Job that does NOT require standing?
I'm at a loss here, I'm in desperate need of a job. Problem is, I have degenerative disc disease, ever since I can remember I have been in pain while standing or walking literally since I was a toddler; in recent years it has gotten much worse. I need some entry-level job that does not require standing, something I don't need a degree for, and something that does not involve being a social wizard (e.g. not anything to do with intense multitasking or phones/receptionist). I am terrible socially, I get flustered easily and sound extremely unprofessional so being a receptionist is out of the question, not just based of my fear of social situatio


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Happy Birthday! :iconspazhugplz:birthday cake
You alive? :Pokedeadbody: 
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Happy Birthday!
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LupusLimara|Hobbyist Digital Artist
happy b-day
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Happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday! :cake:
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ScaryWoof|Hobbyist General Artist
Always loved, by someone, always someone out there thinking about you and how yur doin... Today I started thinking of you. Hope all is well!
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Hey, thought you would want to just read this whenever you get a chance...

One learns out of history to change the future with present actions.

Good luck and continue to do what you love and do that which brings you peace.
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