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after some time to reflect ive decided to take a change in direction. it could add a completely different aspect to what im doing. this is something ive dreamed about for a long time but never took the time to try it.  im not sure if it will work, but it is possible. though some of my aspirations are still in the realm of impossible. im going to use some of my existing painting which will be upgraded. this will take time as I haven't even begun. I have assembled the supplies needed and will begin cutting soon. ill do 3 to 5 at first to see what I think of the outcome. if im happy ill take on some more complex versions. Ill put them on here as I get them done if theyre good enough. until then its a total secret im not telling anyone anything about this. as much because it could fail as how cool it could be. uncertainty.
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ive been thinking about quiting painting for some time now. its become a task to me, far less fun than it used to be. I feel creatively drained. and I don't see the point anymore. I thought I was on to something but it appears im mistaken. I do have plenty of cool paintings to look at, yet nowhere to put them. ill keep the page up and creep around it. but im not planning any serious works. I really wanted to do some big pieces, that's a regret for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I hope you have too. sorry I haven't been more personable, its just my nature to say very little. there are over 800 paintings on here of varying styles and quality. I like how you can go back and see my progression. thanks to everyone.
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got my second daily dev on corrosive intellect. ive always thought that one was something special. the colors were out of my norm. and it just did its thing well. i got a ton of new watchers from it. and i welcome all of them into my journey through color and shape. this came at a good time, i have been feeling lost and frustrated with painting lately. it really gave me a boost in confidence and motivation to throw some paint. im going to try some more figurative pieces in my liquid style. i question if i should even do them, if they have any validity. the one with the flowers in the vase sits here and mocks me. it still scares me to look at it. its just something i didnt see comming and never envisioned doing something like it. though i do feel that path needs to be explored further. its harder to plan the pure color works out. i more or less envision blobs of moving mixing colors in my head and try to put the cooler ones onto canvas. which isnt easy to do. too much planning and thinking dosent lend itself well to what im trying to accomplish. my magic happens in the moment and it vanishes quickly. heres to the future and seeing what i can come up with. i cant wait to see them.  
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www.  did an interview with me. it gives a little insight into my art and how i function. theres also a pic of me if you want to see the face behind the pigment.
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i logged on yesterday and wow things were blown out on my page. 'a scolding from zeus' got a daily deviation. it got like 7000 views in one day, insane. i picked up a ton of new watchers and i welcome them to my journey. im gonna go get some more paints and im gonna try to step it up a notch in the future. ive gotten so many encouraging words that i now feel driven to keep at it. any doubts or questions i had about what i was doing are all but gone now. im looking ahead to an ambitious winter of creation and progression. im flying high right now...
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halloween again and time for my yearly journal. a look back at the past year and forward to the next. as for the past year ive done some excellent pieces. not that i havent been frustrated the whole time. i do now feel some satisfaction with what im able to do. more sure of myself all around. i hope i can add to my abstracts and experiment more in the future. i did have a couple of galleries show interest in my stuff this year. at the time i didnt think i was good enough for such a leap, so i didnt look into it too much. one was in los angeles, the other in new york a pretty big name one at that. id rather start locally and smaller other than going right into the big leagues and getting chewed up. like most artists i can be moody and somewhat fragile. i still havent figured out what makes some art good and other stuff garbage. i only know what i like... anywho happy halloween and thanks for all the comments favs watches etc. it really does help keep me going when i wonder what im doing...
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today is 5 yrs since i joined da. in the last yr ive come quite far. i definately see improvement. i gained many new watchers this yr and welcome them aboard. i really got into abstracts this year. i only intended to take a brief look at them, which has turned into much more. not sure where the next year will take me. ill just hold on and enjoy the ride. many thanks to all my friends and supporters.....
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ill start trickling stuff out every day or two. i just scanned 50 or so paintings onto my hard drive. its a mixture, as usual. heavy on surreals and abstracts. i have such sights to show you...
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i made some prints available. if you would like any others just let me know. my comp is pretty fried. so i cant scan or upload any new stuff. ill get a new one b4 long. patience my friends. im still painting though. ive got a dozen or so done that i havent got up yet. some really nice ones too. i traded my "happy trees" painting to the people at map for a years free membership. they are going to use it in a marketing test so you might see it around. well thats it for now. im still kicking....
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i sit here agian on the third halloween in a row. tomorrow begins my fourth year in here. i suppose deciding if ill keep this page going is a mute point anymore. its gotten into my routine and i do enjoy the interaction with some great artists and interesting people. as for the year to come, my goals are to do more pure landscapes. with my little twists to them of course. as for my surreals im not sure which direction they will go, but that is part of their fun. i watched a nova show about fractals and its got my gears a turning. i dont see me doing any overtly fractal looking pieces, but i may spin the concept of patterns within patterns into some pieces. and as usual ill try to be clever with my paintings. next one is a twist on a mushroom. its all ready to go, im just thinking of how i want to do it. another goal i have is to spend a little more time on each painting. and of course test my skills and challenge myself in hopes i can improve my abilities. well thats enough. happy halloween and best wishes for the year to come....
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its time for my yearly journal entry. two years now,twice around the sun. ugh how time does go by.  as usual im just bouncing along no real direction or destination. ive seen some improvement over the past year. and some cool ideas. i thought id have run out of stuff a long time back but they keep comming. im eager to see what this year will bring. keep it real....
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today is one year in da for me. ive put more than 100 pieces on here over the year.  over 1100 page views. and ive met some really interesting people. i believe it has helped to improve my work too. im quite pleased with how it has gone so far. my goals were to hopefully find like minded people who were working on ideas similar to what i was. and learn from what they had figured out. in this aspect it has exceded my expectations. not only did i find help on my ideas, i found new ideas that ive twisted in my own way. ive decided to stay here and keep throwing crap at you for the foreseeable future. i thank all my watchers, as well as the viledemoness who prodded me for a time to get motivated to check this place out. now sit back, buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the ride....
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got back yesterday im still strung out from jet lag and the time change. i put a few pics in my scraps more to come soon. i also have plenty of sketches and ideas for paintings so they will come with time too. ill have a tropical flair for a while but ill surely get back to my cynical self sooner or later. had a great time it is definately paradise.
im leaving in the morning. ill be back the 16. ten days in paradise im pretty excited. i will be in ultra max mode and shall enjoy every minute of it.smell yas later....
my brother and i have thrown a road trip together for tomorrow. i heard on the radio today that hell michigan is having a party for 6/6/06. so im taking the day off tomorrow and we are going to hell. ive never been there only seen it on the news. its like 60 miles from here about an hour or so away. they are going to have shirts that say i spent the day in hell on 6/6/6. ya only get to see these numbers once in a lifetime and i feel hell is good place to spend the day. maybe ill go see the omen to top it off. it should be interesting..
i did my first tattoo last night. ive done sketches in the past but this is the first time ive penned one with my own hand. it didnt come out bad at all, ive seen worse that people have had done professionally. i just did the black last night so im interested to do the shading. it was the exploited skull 'punks not dead'. ill get pics when its done. ive been bugged for years to do tats but i always shyed away from it,guess i was scared to mess up. it was easier than i thought, with practice i should become pretty good. my brother and a few of his friends are willing to donate flesh. i got a piece of that fake skin to practice on too.we shall see where this goes. ill at least have something of worth if i ever go to prision..
the new lacuna coil cd is finally out. i got it on friday, its quite the jam. 4 years was a long wait for it though. im hopefully gonna see them at ozzfest this year. they went from opening second stage last year to opening main stage this year. i also got asked for an autograph. the first time that has happened. ive had plenty of people ask me if i was kid rock, but this is the first time someone pulled out a pen and paper. im not kid rock..he just stole my face. ive never looked like anyone and this is a weird situation for me. i prefer to go unnoticed, i like to watch not be watched.
just a few things ive noticed. i posted two of basically the same painting. one on saturday morning, the other on monday. i felt the second one was superior. but the first version got about twice the hits. suggestion- post on the weekends there are more people on to view, thus more overall hits. there are also many more kids on the weekend, they seem to be easier to impress, perhaps cause they havent seen as much to begin with. im not ragging on younger people here, just stating my observations and inferring why things may be so.. now as for comments i cant figure out how to prod people into giving their opinion, humans can be timid creatures. maybe their scared someone will think their dumb or disagree with their opinion, but dang it thats the point, someone can disagree with you and still respect your opinion. overall i see it as all politics and cliques as in school and everywhere else humans tend to congregate. if you know someone youll get more hits, if you know who picks the daily devs, youll get blown out. i learned a couple of things from my free week membership too, youve prob seen the recent visitors spot on subscribers sites it tells them who visited, but you might not know that you can make that private so only that person can see it. so if you want to creep sign out first and you shouldnt leave any tracks. i know some of my visitors already know this.  that is all for now.....
my scanner took a poop and i think its done for. so i wont be able to put any more paintings on till i get a new one. just letting you know i aint dead or anything. and i havent stopped painting either, i have a few im currently working on. one is near completion.youll just have to be patient for a while. thanks