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Demon-Eye Veerin #04

:wave:Hi everyone, sorry for the trouble. Join me at my new account:

Don't worry! Nothing is changing. Everything I draw will be posted there. Thanks! Airborne
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How is she bleeding from her eye?
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It happened in the first panel, when Tadpool slashed her face.
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Okay I'm actually happy the hero showed up! A lot of the time this kind of hero introduction doesn't get me into it in that way, but this setup makes this look quite good.
And don't you work super long and hard on these pages? Like a whole week on just one? I thought I read that.
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Yeah, maybe I'm just slow but they always take 1-2 weeks. Since it involves everything head-to-toe done by myself, including the youtube animated version of it.
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I was surprised again to hear there was a YouTube animated version of this. Of course, it wasn't an animated series, but it was a neatly animated online comic because the background is there first and then the word bubbles come over it so you get to see what was background behind the bubbles. :new:

And isn't all-by-yourself how most people do it? :D
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Yeah, I just call it animation because it sounds cool but it's probably more accurately a motion comic or whatever.
All I know is I'm grateful you took some time to check it out. Thanks for pointing out the all-yourself process!
I'm sure it's like that with indie or webcomics. There are creative teams that split drawing, coloring, lettering duties though. :tmnt3:
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Hunger vs Thirst
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A battle of epic portions. :skull:
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