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The room of Utopia

Modèles de :iconmjranum-stock: [link]

la pièce (mur et sol) par :iconenchanted-stock: [link]

l'encadrement de porte de :iconpepexx-stocks: [link]

Les racines viennent de :iconstockcity: [link]

L'escalier de EliaSh url=[link]

le reste vient du site stock.xchng [link]
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Excellent work! :thumbsup:
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rholala mais c'est donc toi aussi que j'ai commenté hier sur artlimited en commentaire aveugle, comme le monde est petit !! :D
Anupthra's avatar
Oui le monde est petit. :D

Je suis tout nouveau sur AL un peu plus ancien ici :lol:
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L'ensemble est très bien. Et très symbolique, mais heu... donc toi tu as fais quoi au juste dans cet ensemble?
Anupthra's avatar
J'ai assemblé chaque images en une seule: travail d'infographie. Créer donc une composition à partir d'un ensemble pus ou moins d'hétéroclite d'images.
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Ah ok. je vois, et bien le résultat est super, est-ce que ça a été long de tout assembler?
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Oui et non: je pense environ 5 heures pleines.
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good wor and grat concept :clap:
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There is just something about this piece that I really love. It's different, but still very beautiful. I would suggest to go a little lighter on the texture simply because it seems to overbear the photo. I'm not sure what to think of the flight of birds in the photo. This manipulation seems a little too unique to put the same little flight of birds in it that I've seen in so many deviations. Personally, I think there should be something else in their place. (But honestly, who am I to judge, I just posted a deviation with these kinds of birds!!) I really do like it, you really have qaulity work.
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Thank you very much for this comment. :hug:

What you say concerning the birds is quite true: I am can have fallen
too easily into the imitation. I will think of it.

For do texture, you find it too hard, it is well that?

In any case, I am content that you appreciate this photomanipulation. :lol:
buffydoesbroadcast's avatar
You live in France? Parlez-vous Francais? I speak a little French. I was taking this awesome French class, but I had to drop about because of my car wreck. I'm going to take it next semester.

Yes, I think the texture is a little too harsh... it could be lighter so it doesn't over take the photo. :) I'm glad you didn't take my comment in the wrong way. I really do like your work. :)
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Cool idea! I particularly like the frame at the top of the stairs - that just works great!
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Thank you: your photographs lend themselves well to this kind of surrealist realization.

Me also I like the frame top of the stairs.

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