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Crow on a Wire pencil sketch

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Published: January 15, 2003
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This might shock a few of you since this is the first 2 dimensional piece that I have submitted. I used to carry a sketch book with me where ever I went. This is one that I like.
I don't have the experience nor the software to do any computer graphics. So I am still using caveman tools: pencils, paper and file 13.
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ponsonby-brittProfessional Artist
Caveman tools rock! (pun intended)

Confucius say, "Artist who worship computer will be replaced by it."
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oh my. I thought this was a photo when I saw the thumbnail and preview... and I thought to myself "what a beautiful photo!" Then I discovered it was a drawing.. its 100x more beautiful now :o
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anubistj Traditional Artist
Thanks for the nice comments and for the 4 favorites of my sketches. I'm glad you like my work. I plan to look through your gallery when I can. Cheers
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you're welcome, they're very beautiful :)
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afterburnz84 Digital Artist
alright. i'm going to be honest. i'm f*cking jealous Laughing

i'm taken by the detail! how long did this take you!?
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I love the contrast, and the texture.
I can imagine what it might feel like.
And that it might make my fingers black.
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Waaaaaooooooooooooooooooh!!!! O_o Clap Clap
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an artist is an artist regardless of what tools he uses.

this is an excellent sketch. i love the tonal variations. they're absolutely perfect. and such detail. wow. i'm not a traditional artist by any means, although i am hoping to increase my skill and knowledge in that area. but you, sir... O_O;;;;

phew! great work, tony ;D
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Looked like a photo from the thumbnail. Amazing to say the least. Love this. :D (Big Grin)
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I feel the cold, desolate wandering of a winter morning that would cause me to launch toward introspection to find some fleeting warmth. A watching blackbird embues an added sense of discomfort; for with it one is not really alone. Very impressive sketch.
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yukonkevHobbyist Photographer
Although not as much as your cabin drawing, I really like this one as well. Great work!
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Goodness. Good to see an artist with some real drawing skill. Don't see it to often anymore- not even in the art dept at college. Excellent work, beautiful. All three of the drawings I've seen up here look like black and white photos on first view, excellent work. I can see where Wyeth has inspired you.
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Very well done! I hope you have more of these aces up you sleeve. ;-) (Wink)
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quonicsProfessional Artist
'caveman tools" :? (Confused)
Awesome details and line work. the shading is impressive.
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wow. when i saw this in the thumbnail i thought it was a photograph. and i thought wow an awesome photographer as well as a sculpter... but its a sketch! far out, you blew me away.
you have some serious skill. keep it up=c)
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Okay, I'm seriously jealous of your drawing skills. Nod This is terrific!!! Clap Such wonderful and subtle shading.

+fav For sure!! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)
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Well I must say, your caveman tools are working quite well for you. A real artist needs no computer tools anyway. I really love b+w landscape photos, and this sketch really captures the essence of the photos that I love. Great Job. I want to see more sketches of this nature. My only criticism is that I would have liked it more if the crow was a little more detailed.
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thats very good. More like a drawing than a sketch. Very detailed. Its very good. Could you check out my stuff? You seem pretty good and could critique my stuff.
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alyceHobbyist General Artist
Impressive, I likes lots.. done from life and not a picture..? Either way very cool
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this is a really nice sketch... great contrast and everything... :D (Big Grin)
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