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Finish Line
I'm at the finish line.
I can feel the tape
Glide across my waist
As I break free
And slow down.
I take a breath and realize
The greatest feeling
Wasn't the tape,
Wasn't the crowd,
Wasn't the medal,
It was the journey.
Everything between point A and B,
All I learned about myself
And the world I saw around me
Mattered more than I could imagine.
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 0
Happy Little Trees
Trees are beautiful.
I find it strange, though,
That beautiful poems
Beautiful paintings
And beautiful screenplays
Praising the pristine beauty and majesty
Of the mighty tree
Are printed on the processed corpses
Of said trees...
Trees are beautiful.
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 0
Mature content
Things I Hear At Work Pt. 3 :iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 0
Things I Hear At Work Pt. 2
I have all these skills
And they won't promote me.
So many years
So much dedication
No discipline
Model employee.
Am I too good at my job?
Do they need me here
In fear of losing control?
Am I the greatest employee,
The one above the rest?
Can they live without me?
Or will they have a hard time
Finding someone dumb enough
To keep this seat warm
As long as me?
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 0
Things I Hear At Work Pt. 1
I'm glad you're afraid of needles.
One shot
And the needle would be your best friend.
Strange how you have tattoos,
But I guess body art does nothing
To bring you up high
And let you drop;
Crash down to the ground
In some strange gutter.
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 0
Problem Solving
If you have something bothering you
And you just don't know what to do
If it needs to just go away,
When in doubt, burn it.
Cheesy rhymes make the dadaist cry
But mice flock for free meals
From bromance poets who dribble and drain,
When in doubt, burn it.
I'll take my own advice:
Crumple up this paper
And burn it.
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 1
Emotional Illnesses Pt. 2
Hatred is fast.
The heart ruptures
As you explode and fall out
With no time to ask "why?"
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 0
Emotional Illnesses Pt. 1
Anger is a cancer
That eats away your insides.
They slowly fester and fall out
Until everything shuts down
Taking you with it...
You won't feel it
Until you feel it slipping from you.
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 0
Nursing Home
Ghosts walk slowly down the hall
Pulling their IV poles with them.
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 0
Minimalist Poetry
Simple words
Make simple poems.
Short sounds
And a fast rhythm.
But when you start to make them longer
The mood begins to soften
The syllables stretch out longer and slower
And what was intended as minimalist poetry
Becomes something other than
A simple poem.
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 0
Philosophical Personal Monologue
It never hurts to ask questions
But why?
Walk with a purpose
The purpose to walk,
Not run
Or fall.
Live for today
Because you live today,
Tomorrow will become today,
And yesterday was once today.
Good luck will come your way
If you're lucky.
People who call themselves
"Deep thinkers"
Tend to be shallow.
I could never call myself a philosopher:
I live to think
Not think to live.
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 2
Three Simple Lines
I am a master
Of the art of haiku...
Okay, maybe not.
Three lines don't work.
For me, they are restrictive.
I have to force form.
You probably noticed
The syllable count is off...
I don't write in kanji.
I am a master
Of many things;
Haiku is not one of them.
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 0
Cold Air
I was thinking about a poem
A haiku, to be exact,
And all I remember is
It probably doesn't help
That I'm drinking cold water.
Strange how temperature has suggestive properties
Over mental states
And what sticks when you recite
The things you remember,
Things that were clever,
And...refrigerators.'s cold outside...
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 0
Good Fortune
Sing a song
That never existed.
Visit a land uncharted
And draw your own path.
Take a moment to move forward
And never worry about turning back.
Waste 3 cookies
For the messages inside.
Will good fortune still come your way?
At least the egg rolls will.
Lucky numbers: 3, 14, 15, 92, 653, 589, 7
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 2 0
Zen Temple
I'm trying to do something,
But I don't want to move.
I feel so at one in this crevice
In my bed
A zen temple
Where I meditate
For 8 hours or so.
Close my eyes and...
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 0
Amazon Princess
Amazon princess
Did you miss us?
We never finished
With our mission.
All your fruits
And summer bloom
The bush and forest
Torn out by the roots.
We like it better
When it's smoother.
Killing the forest
Sells on the markets.
The bottom dollar
Rules us all
And you will fall
Or bend and break
We'll get our way
In your end.
:iconanubisnova:AnubisNova 1 0
I write a lot of poetry. A LOT of poetry. I also do other things, but my forte is my poetry.


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At first glance, this may seem like a typical cliche emo poem. However, this one is quite different. This is a very haunting and very v...


Is it April already?  Better drink my own piss...I mean, write a bunch of awesome poems to celebrate my absolute favorite hobby of all time.



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I'm a performance poet who loves writing about whatever pops into my head.



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