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February 6, 2011
Very creative, very colorful, very professional - this is the beautiful Violet Multimedia Logo by *AnubisGraph.
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Violet Multimedia Logo

Here is a logo i worked on, its for a Multimedia Company, which one do you like more?

P.S. both logos are in CMYK colors.
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What font did you use?
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Good work, Thanks for sharing...
You Can Download Free PSD Logo Templates From: ❤❤❤

It's Exclusive, Check it. :)
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succefull  !!! these is a job men 
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Wonderful work,
You can also find Free PSD Logo Templates renewed daily here:
top right and bottom right are AMAZING
I saw your logos and wanted to ask if you are interested in bidding on doing the logo for our small business. We are a product design company and our name is ByteMind, Inc. Electronics, gadgets, devices and such. High tech look desired. Maybe a 3D sphere such as was done for E3 networks, Dynamic Systems, Wiredor, Solid Case, Projecto 2012, or Turnkey.

We like the variety of logos the artists portray on DeviantArt.

We will have nationwide exposure in both print/signage as well as online media.

Lane Hudson
ByteMIND, inc.
cell 708-373-0937
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amazing!!!!! the detail is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I can appreciate the effects of the left logo but the composition doesn't make sense to me; the name is Violet and 'Multimedia' is more a description of what they do, so I wouldn't give the M this much attention. The logo on the right however seems to have it all. It looks beautiful and impressive, the V gets more attention and the effects pretty much tell me the company has something to do with media or digital technologies (though the left one did that too).

While the big M in the left logo bothers me a bit I actually do think it's a brilliant logo for a multimedia company. I think it's less about which logo I would prefer and more about what the company wants to express with their brand, because both work in their own right.
AnubisGraph's avatar
you have a good point there, but based on the clients request they wanted it to be VM, not V media :)
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I get that, but I think I would've made the M smaller then. I'm not even sure how that would look though. I guess you used the perspective to make V a bit more dominant already.
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Soo Cool Yar
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Stunning design. What did you use to make it?
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thanks, i used lightwave 3D then photoshop
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I like the second try ... Nice font and this orb .. :) I like it
SoukainaNouri's avatar
nice logo !! tell me please your work with what software .?
AnubisGraph's avatar
Thanks, i use Lightwave 3D then Photoshop
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u have a tuto please about Lightwave 3D ?
AnubisGraph's avatar
nope, you can find plenty online, but its not a small software :)
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Top right - the logo stands out best on the darker background
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