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July 12, 2008
RoboSpider V2 Test2 by *AnubisGraph is what every acronophobia sufferer truly fears. One that is not disposed of with a rolled up newspaper! Perhaps it can be programed to stay outside?
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RoboSpider V2 Test2



---------------- :clap: WAW a DD :clap: ----------------


now here is something that i enjoyed doing
i had some free time to have some fun yesterday
and here it is
my 1st attempt in modeling robots
its still a test render so its not finished yet
i think im gona add more stuff to it

but what do you think guys
am i on the right way ?

you can use this as a wall paper if you like
1680X1050 just download the file

made on LightWave 3D 8 ( 6 H )
i cant wait to finish it and show it to you ppl
to know what you think ... its very important to me :D

dont forget the comments and :+fav:

----------------------------FULL VIEW----------------------------------

ok this is the 2nd test render .... after improvments ... what do you think ?

i rendered it a lil bit smaller than last time ..... coz i had no time ... and it will take long .... but the final render will be big inshallah and ill make it available in high Res

if you want to have it in high Q & Res just tell me ok :D


this will be the final render
sorry to disappoint you guys but it will take forever to finish the render that i want ( with Radiosity ) .....
this render took around 16 h without radiosite
so thats it .....

original render Size : 3360 X 2100 Pixels
Render time : 16 Hours

so what do you think ppl .... should i do such stuff more often ?
ill be waiting for your answers :D
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this is a masterpiece