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Attempt at a Review: SHE-HULK : Attorney at Law Superhero origin story: woman is out with friend or relative, gets into unforseen accident, gaining superpowers, and DEVOTES HER LIFE TO TRUTH, AND JUSTICE!! But not because she's a hulk, because she's an attorney...and she, at least initially, doesn't have time to go off gallavanting beating up supervillains and saving the world from galactic threats... Tatiana Marsalay brings a sharp wit and sass to Jennifer Walters, Attorney by trade, Hulk by accident, and reluctant superhero, sometimes... Mark Ruffalo return as Professor Hulk, and honestly it was good to see him again in any capacity Tim Roth returns as Abomination provides and comedy as a now reformed hippy guru for not only failed supervillains but also incels stupid enough to pay... And finally, Charlie Cox returns as our much beloved son of Hell's Kitchen, Matt Murdock/ Daredevil who provides a bit of a foil/casual love interest to Jen To start, the first episode was
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Where to start? Boy meets cute anime creature, mayhem ensues. Except unlike Pokémon with its cute little monsters and it's kid friendly styling, these devils literally straight up look like they walked, crawled, slithered, and swam out of the various works of Bosche, and to say the least, they decided to make it everyone's problem ( seriously, the vast majority are embodiments of various fears of the human race that go back as far as time immemorial) *SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST ISSUE AND EPISODE ONLY, SERIOUSLY, YOU NEED TO READ THIS SERIES...ALL OF IT!* Our main character is a young man named Denji, a youg man so impoverished, he inherited his father's debt to the Yakuza and works for them as an amateur devil hunter with the help of his bestest boy, Pochita, a cute puppy-like Chainsaw devil. After a job goes wrong and Denji is killed and Pochita mortally wounded when the Yakuza boss is double-crossed by the Zombie Devil, a deal is struck "live, and show me your dreams" as Pochita
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To start off...this was by no means a great film, and Disney once again (at least with this property) demonstrates why they deserve some of the consternation and condemnation it receives from the Fandom for its absolute disregard of some of its lesser known properties **SOME SPOILERS AHEAD** To start, it was 55 minutes long, and the pacing was absolute shit.. The only recognizable characters of note were Elsa Bloodstone, her Father (who is by the way dead, and apparently also moonlights as a carlival haunted house prop, because why the fuck not, yeah?), Jack Russell (werewolf by night) and Man-Thing (who's name is Ted....and honestly, he's just a nice guy, it's a very nice name for him....) most everyone else was just there to demonstrate how quickly they could die by way of their own rank hubristic arrogance, Elsa's skill, Jack's claws, and Man-Thing's touch (I write as I'm giggling like an immature middle schooler). Most of the movie was shot in black and white to capture the feel of Universal's old monster movies, or in this case, Ed Woods cult films...which is weird considering despite the subject matter, it's in the contemporary setting with the rest of the MCU....and ends in color to the tune of "Over the Rainbow" as sung by Judy Garland...which to be honest, was was sweet and touching given the context of the ending . It is worth mentioning however, that Elsa, Jack and Ted were portrayed true to their characterization, as featured in their respective titles, and their interactions towards each other were, at least for me, the only thing that made this "Plan 9 meets Scooby-Doo meets the Wolfman level monster mash schlock fest worth watching Do better Disney....for the love of the GODS you have Robert Rodriguez on your payroll....please use him for stuff like this...
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Thanks for the watch! I really like your gallery btw. :)

Thanks for the fav!!!

no problem 😊

Thanks for the favorite!

Thank you for your visits, favorites and "waching", I appreciate your support dear artist friend. I wish you a happy new year 2023 !

Momie Nazcas

Thank you for your visits, Favorites, I appreciate your support dear artist friend.