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RETIRED (Magic Mission)

Wed Oct 4, 2017, 11:30 PM by Iindorm:iconiindorm:

Rules of this Trial

Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Your Companion Griffian needs to complete their Initial Mission; Society Mission (Beania), Harmony Mission (Fluffia), Friendship Mission (Capria) before starting this trial.
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic You need to own a official Companion before you can do this mission! (Companions are listed here)
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic You can complete this Mission with up to three companions at once, if you own all three (or if they are owned by a Griffolk soulmated to one of yours) - just make sure all companions have the required prerequisites (if there are any).

Mana Bubble by Sindonic Art has to be full body/colored with a background that has depth
Mana Bubble by Sindonic If you choose to write: each step must be posted as literature to DA and be at least 700 words in length. You can also choose to combine the steps into one submission, as long as the requirements for each step are fulfilled in your story. The total word count would need to be a minimum of 700 times the number of steps.
Mana Bubble by Sindonic Title your entries with the name of the Mission.
Mana Bubble by Sindonic Read the mission carefully! It may require you to draw additional characters.
Mana Bubble by Sindonic Add your entries to this folder
Mana Bubble by Sindonic When you are done, you need to link the mission artwork in a reply to the corresponding comment at Global ACTIVITIES APPROVALS
Mana Bubble by Sindonic If you have any questions, please ask Q+A Hub.
Stamp - Magic by BankOfGriffia
Allows Companion to use Magic Beans.

Step 1 - Magical Mystery

Your Companion is at the marketplace helping with an errand when a movement catches their eye. A violet streak shoots down a nearby alley. It looked like…a Pixi? Intrigued and curious, your companion scampers after it. After a few moments, they reach a dead end, but no one else seems to be in the alley. Then, before their eyes, the Pixi slowly fades into view. She is indeed purple, with a white face and little bat wings. She is clutching a bag that seems to be full of many small items.

Art: The Pixi opens the bag to reveal a heap of grey beans with scaly markings. He nods at you to take one and try it. Draw your Companion experiencing an effect from the Magic Bean. (Effects portrayed in this Mission are not official.)

A2 C - Tessy Frog Horn - Starter by capriamasterlist

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