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A list of Guardians made. If something is on the list under, it cannot be claimed again.

This location/event has been reserved by staff. Please do not ask to reserve as this is currently only allowed for staff!
 -Enchanted Fairy Garden
 -Garden of Eden
 -Korean Bell of Friendship
 -Tarry Vine
 -Torres del Paine


- Bare Trees
- Basic Jade Dragon
- Berry Bush
- Bumble Bee
- Cattle Ranch
- Citrus Grove
- Empathy
- Feast
- Frozen Birch Forest
- Gingerbread House
- Glacier Bay
- Glasgow
- Haunted Mists
- Holloween
- Holly
- Ice Cave
- Icicle
- Little Angel
- Mistletoe
- North Pole
- Sheep
- Shisha
- Strawberry Chocolate
- Sweater
- Time
- Treat
- Trick
- Tulip Fields
- Twilight
- Uriel
- Vampire
- Wild Beast
- Wise Elder
- Year of the Earth Pig


- Arctic Beach
- Arctic Wanderer
- Beach
- Bridge Over Troubled Water
- Deep Sea
- Floe
- Frozen Pond
- High Tide
- Lost Sea
- Northern Atlantic
- Sea Breeze
- Sea God
- Star Fish
- Tropical Dream
- Witch's Brew
- Young Reef


- Blizzard
- Christmas Tree
- Constellations
- Dark Alley
- Dark Matter
- Desert Storm
- Flying Narwhal Ice Cream
- Galaxy
- Hawk
- Metal Planet
- North Star
- Polar Twilight
- Snow Fall
- Star Chaser
- Stellar Dust
- Super Blood Wolf Moon
- Twinkle
- Unicorn


Terracotta Bubble by Sindonic Egypt
     -Banded Sand
     -Battle of the Nile
     -Great Pyramid of Giza


-New Desert


Bubble Orange by SindonicAntartica
     -Rouge Wave
     -Icy Islands
Bubble Orange by Sindonic Caribbean
     -Open Sea
     -Bloody Water
Bubble Orange by Sindonic Pacific
     -California Coastline
     -Flinder's Reef
     -Great Barrier Reef
     -Kahalu'u Beach
     -Mariana Trench
     -Ninety Mile Beach
     -Puget Sound


-Gulf Shells
-New Waves
-Shark Princess
-Queen Conch


Yellow by Sindonic Austria
     -Schosspark Laxenburg
Yellow by Sindonic England
     -London Tower
     -Wey Valley
Yellow by Sindonic Germany
     -Heidelberg Castle
Yellow by Sindonic Ireland
     -St. Patrick's Day
Yellow by Sindonic Italy
     -Mt. Vesuvio
Yellow by Sindonic Norway
     -Hedmark Forest
     -Norwegian Barn
Yellow by Sindonic Portugal
     -Odeleite River
Yellow by Sindonic Romania
     -Bran Castle
Yellow by Sindonic Russia
     -Lake Baikal
Yellow by Sindonic Scotland
Yellow by Sindonic Sweden
     -Hollow's Eve


    -Black Death 
    -Gold Flourish
    - Hedges
    -New Forest
    -Pendulum Clock


Dank Bubble by Sindonic Brazil
     -Amazon River
     -Jungle Shadows
Dank Bubble by Sindonic Cayman Islands
     -Grand Cayman Island
Dank Bubble by Sindonic Mexico
     -Día de los Muertos


 -Birds of Paradise
 -Gold Ore
 -New Jungle


      -Summer Lawn
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Alaska
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Arizona
     -Antelope Canyon
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic California
     -Desert Center
     -Grass Yard
     -Griffith Observatory
     -Magnolia Street
     -Marine Layer
     -Pumpkin Patch
     -Rocky Mountains
     -San Jose Japanese Frienship Garden
     -Strawberry Field
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Canada
     -Niagara Falls Light Show
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Colorado
     -Animas City Mountain
     -Devil's Backbone
     -Pikes Peak
     -Telluride Colorado
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Idaho
     -Idaho Pumpkin Field
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Louisiana
     -Freak Show
     -Mardi Gras
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Maine
     -Blueberry Patch
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Missouri
     -St. Louis Cemetery
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic New York
     -City Lights
     -Devil's Path
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic North Carolina
     -Blue Ridge Mountains
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Tenessee
     -Great Smoky Mountains
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Texas
     -South Padre Island
     -Texas Independence Day
     -Texas Red Beds
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Utah
     -Salt Flats
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Washington
Tropical Bubble by Sindonic West Virginia
     -Glade Creek Mill


 -1st Guardian Anniversary
 -4th of July
 -4th of July (Columbia)
 -4th of July (Majesty)
 -Autum Forest
 -Black Cat
 -Bone Orchard
 -Chocolate Bar
 -City Smog
 -Dragonfruit Grove
 -Fairy Grove
 -Gray Frost
 -Iron-Rich Spring
 -Misty Grove
 -New Plains
 -Night Lavender Field
 -Opal Split
 -Red Leaf
 -Rocky Pumpkins
 -Totem Pole
 -Valentine's Day: Love Spot
 -Winter's Veil


Bubble Warm Purple by Sindonic Afghanistan
     -Sar-i Sang Mines
Bubble Warm Purple by Sindonic Australia
      -Lady Elliot Island
      -Melba Gully
Bubble Warm Purple by Sindonic Cambodia
     -Angkor Wat
Bubble Warm Purple by Sindonic China
     -Chinese Great Wall
     -Chinese New Year Wood Goat
     -Jiuzhaigou Valley
     -Yellow Sea
     -Zanshan Temple
Bubble Warm Purple by Sindonic Japan
     -Ghost Forest
     -Hyakki Yagyō
     -Kawachi Garden
     -Kyoto Fushimi Inari Shrine
     -Mount Fuji
     -Obon Festival
     -Rising Sun
     -Zao Fox Village
Bubble Warm Purple by Sindonic Nepal
Bubble Warm Purple by Sindonic New Zealand
     -South Island
Bubble Warm Purple by Sindonic South Korea
     -Boseong Tea Field
Bubble Warm Purple by Sindonic Vietnam
     -Ha Long Bay


 -Ancient Sleeping Grove
 -Black Bat Flower
 -Candy Skull
 -East Bell
 -Fire Cracker
 -Mango Tree
 -New Sunrise
- Northern Butterfly


Magenta Bubble by Sindonic Atmosphere
     -Arizona Sky
     -Aurora Borealis
      -Breaking Storm
     -Chrisp Dusk
     -Cloud Chaser
     -Dark Night
     -North Wind Dragon
Magenta Bubble by Sindonic Outer Space
     -Battle of two Stars
     -Black Hole
     -Brown Dwarf
     -Carina Nebula
     -Dragon's Head Nebula
     -Ghost Nebula
     -Halley's Comet
     -Milkyway Open Sky
     -Milkyway View
     -New Space
     -Super Moon


     -Bloodmoon Eclipse
     -Draco Constellation
     -Dragon's Lair
     -Dragon Magic
     -Emerald Dragon
     -Fall Equinox 2014
     -Fall Equinox 2015
     -Geode Dragon
     -Jungle Protector
     -Perseid's Meteor Shower
     -Silver Tiger
     -Spring Equinox 2017
     -Spring Equinox 2018
     -Summer Solstice 2018
     -Spring Equinox Eclipse
     -Tiger Butterfly
     -Titan Goddess
     -Winter Solstice 2015
     -Winter Solstice 2016
     -Winter Solstice 2017
     -Winter Solstice Cold Night


-Big Bear
-Dragon of the East
-Dragon Palace
-Garden Kirin
-Helios Station
-Kingdom of the Dead
-Phoenix of the South
-Sleepy Hollow
-Sovngarde & Blackreach
-Tortoise of the North
-Yin Red Fire Rooster
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