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Such a sexy warlock.... I need one ;~;
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Gotsta love BC Rich. :D
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Very nice.  Iv'e owned the same warlock for about 5 years,same one as this photo. I now have a Son Of Warbeast guitar,so i'll have to wait to get my warlock fixed. Beautiful shot btw. 
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Mine is almost same :D
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So shiny! I wanna get fingerprints all over it!:la: :heart:
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Nice, my buddy's got a Warlock, too. It's pretty nice to play, but I like my Ibanez better.
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if i am correct.....thats a BC rich?
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BC rich warlock? Ive always wnanted one they have a bad ass tone
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it's amazing. i love it~ and I want to learn how to play guitar~
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Oh ... I also have a B.C. Rich Warbeast ... it really looks awesome! :3
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Sweet looking guitar
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ah! the B.C rich warbeast :) gotta love it
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hey, I have a guitar like this but it is red
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awesome i want one!!!! :D
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Love these guitars, wish I had one. Sadly, I only have a crappy Ibanez I got two years ago, but I have my eyes set on a Schecter Hellraiser.
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bronze warlock if I'm correct! Still looks mean! I own three warlocks myself personally! +fav!
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I have one of these guitars myself. They are amazing.
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Wow! :omg:
She's a beauty!
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I want one of that but they are too expensive and i'm left handed so its a bite more expensive :cry:
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Mmm BC-rich Warlcok. yum.
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seems the electric guitar James Root
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