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Five Nights at Freddy's spin-off: Moja's band by Antyyy Five Nights at Freddy's spin-off: Moja's band :iconantyyy:Antyyy 1 2 El'Druin sword papercraft commission by Antyyy El'Druin sword papercraft commission :iconantyyy:Antyyy 3 2 El'Druin sword papercraft commission WIP by Antyyy El'Druin sword papercraft commission WIP :iconantyyy:Antyyy 2 5 Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear card - papercraft by Antyyy Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear card - papercraft :iconantyyy:Antyyy 2 0 Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear card - papercraft WIP by Antyyy Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear card - papercraft WIP :iconantyyy:Antyyy 3 0 Lavender Princess papercraft by Antyyy Lavender Princess papercraft :iconantyyy:Antyyy 0 0 Lavender Princess papercraft WIP by Antyyy Lavender Princess papercraft WIP :iconantyyy:Antyyy 0 0 Kai papercraft commission by Antyyy Kai papercraft commission :iconantyyy:Antyyy 1 0 Kai papercraft commission WIP by Antyyy Kai papercraft commission WIP :iconantyyy:Antyyy 0 0 Super Sailor Moon papercraft by Antyyy Super Sailor Moon papercraft :iconantyyy:Antyyy 4 0 Super Sailor Moon WIP papercraft by Antyyy Super Sailor Moon WIP papercraft :iconantyyy:Antyyy 1 0 Yurugu by Antyyy Yurugu :iconantyyy:Antyyy 3 0 Goku (Dragon Ball) papercraft by Antyyy Goku (Dragon Ball) papercraft :iconantyyy:Antyyy 4 0 Piccolo (Dragon Ball) papercraft by Antyyy Piccolo (Dragon Ball) papercraft :iconantyyy:Antyyy 6 0 Vegeta (Dragon Ball) papercraft by Antyyy Vegeta (Dragon Ball) papercraft :iconantyyy:Antyyy 4 0 Muten Roshi (Dragon Ball) papercraft by Antyyy Muten Roshi (Dragon Ball) papercraft :iconantyyy:Antyyy 3 0
If you are searching for quality-made papercrafts of all sorts, be it anime characters or anything else you can think of, you have come to the right place!

I make commissions for everyone and everything. Enjoy my gallery and if you got any questions, just write me a note.

For my full buisness policies or other links, you can view the following link:…


Five Nights at Freddy's spin-off: Moja's band
I know, I know, same ol' excuses. No time, work to do, bla bla... I should be posting more stuff but I can barely keep up. So I am really happy and thankful for this beauties here. 

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Old Freddy - Icon GIF 

It is a commission I made for a spin-off of the well-known and loved game "Five Nights at Freddy's" and it's called "Moja's band"

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Shadow Freddy - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Shadow Bonnie - Icon GIF I am still here. - Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Icon SpringTrap - Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Icon BABY - FNAF Sister Location - Icon GIF - Pixel art Nightmare Balloon Boy/JJ -Five Nights at Freddys 4 

You can see all the characters there are in the band and I am going to show them to you when I release each of them, so the names and functions for now are secret ;)

Locked Box - Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - Icon GIF 

Let me tell you that these original characters (yes, they are completely made-up) are thought of and designed (drawn) by the commissioner herself. I just made her design into 3D models and unfolded them, because she wanted to have these as papercrafts.

Five Nights at Freddys 4 - Fredbears Hat - GIF 

So the idea and all the characters, clothes, design, names, etc, are hers. But she wanted me to share the commission with you and you will be able to buy these if you wish, when I make the releases one by one soon.

Foxy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's 

For now this is all of the sneak peek you will get. Don't be so noisy! XD Curiosity killed the cat. Anyway I will start with the uploads and releases soon so stay tuned and watch out for all of them ;) 

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - The Puppet - Icon GIF 
El'Druin sword papercraft commission
The finished papercraft commission of El'Druin sword from the ever-so-epic Diablo game ;) 

Divider Sword (f2u) Divider 

The papercraft is life-sized, about 140 cm tall, since it is natural size. The texture is epic, made from the original scan and re-edited and fitted to the UV-mapping. 

Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 :silvercrystalsword: Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 

You can see the actual 3D model of the craft here: 

Since it's a commission I cannot sell it, but I think you guys will apreciate the awesome view you have of this beauty here :) 

Pixel Rose Divider 2 - White 2 Sword Silver Sword Bronze Sword Silver Pixel Rose Divider 2 - White 2 


Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Colbalt Sword Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black 
El'Druin sword papercraft commission WIP
Long last I have found 5 min to upload something on my page XD So sorry, I am busy as hell and I really have no time to make anything extra at all these days. 

Here is a commission I made for somebody, and it is called El'Druin's sword of justice. For any Diablo fans out there, you know what I am talking about. For others, look it up people :) 

Anyway, the commission is a life-size one, so it's a pretty detailed model. Just enough to make the texture really pop-out. 

The texture I used is the original high-resolution scan of a official reference, so it is 100% real XD super exciting. 

Anyway, look forward to the release of this sweet baby, I bet you want to see the model up close in 3D ;) 

Till then enjoy~
So, the time has finally come, my friends. Antyyy (that's me) is officially turning 30 on the 25th of August....

In these past years I have met many amazing people, befriended people from all over the globe, all thanks to papercrafts. Papercrafts were the one thing to bring us together and they are a way for people to enjoy their skills and apreciate the fine arts of paper folding, cutting and gluening, but... 
Anime, cartoons, games, our passion is the thing that are driving us, our passion can bring the most appart and different cultures together, but....
In these years I have been making crafts, I have been very happy and I could make other people happy with it, which has made me a very fortunate individual. But... !!!
But the time has finally come, and I am in a point in my life, that this is no longer possible. I am turning 30, a point in life where each individual has to look back at his life and into the future the same, and ask him/herself what he/she really wants in life. I am at an age, where I have to look out for my family and my career, and anime, frankly speaking, is for little kids and children. I mean cartoons are all nice and that, but you can't be watching those kids shows all your life. It just isn't what an adult does. You have more serious things in life you have to look after, the present and future are too important, to let them slip away with such childish nonsense anymore, so I will be quitting papercrafts for good. I am simply too old to continue this... 
Antyyy's Papercrafts will be officially clos..... 

ARE YOU SERIOUS! Did you seriously believe that people! Come on XD 

I had to do a little birthday joke on all of you. No freaking way in hell will I be quitting papercrafts and anime. They are a part of my soul, as much as all my friends and people who have and still are supporting me in my choices I make and accept me the way I am. I will continue making crafts, love anime, and apreciate these things till the day I die. Haters gonnna hate. Fuck those. 

Believe in yourself as I believe in the things that make me happy! Be a proud geek, do what you love, fuck age/sex/status/religion/race! We are what we love and nobody should be ashamed of that ever! I am a proud adult, and I am proud to say that anime, cartoons, games, etc. and papercrafting is the biggest part of what I do and just because people think it's not acceptable, I won't quit for what I have been fighting for so many years on here. Never! 

So I will continue my papercraft path and I will do so with pride and my old head held up high.

To celebrate with all of you, I will be doing something in the future, but since I was and still am so busy with everything around, I just didn't have the time to make it till now. Forgive me for that.

Hopefully you will keep on supporting me, my crafts, and do what you freaking love my friends, because life is really too LONG, not short, to be doing boring, stupid stuff others want you to! Never let anybody tell you what you can't do! Prove them wrong, prove to yourself that it's wrong what they are saying! Figure out stuff you feel happy about for yourself and keep on pursuing your dreams. It's never too late.

Till my next surprise I wish you all an amazing weekend and see you soon~

Happy Birthday For Lylakdoll By Higure San-d6koob7 by Antyyy
So I figured I had to post about all my Merch I am super proud to have gotten in Japan, and since most of them are related to papercrafts, my upcomming projects, new ideas and my favourite shows and characters I already made a crafts out of, I decided to post my things on here. Because hey, why not XD I have to show people my things, because I am so proud to have them and they are the things that will inspire my next free-time papercrafts I am going to design myself. 

So here goes: 

As you already saw, I bought some original papercrafts when I was in the Ghibli museum in Tokyo: 

20180812 152608 by Antyyy

And since these were really "easy" to make I did these first: 

 20180814 221542 by Antyyy   20180814 221623 by Antyyy   20180814 221637 by Antyyy


20180816 192128 by Antyyy  20180816 192144 by Antyyy

As you can see you get these little cardboards with pieces already cut out. All you have to do is blop them out as elegantly as possible, glue some pieces together and then put them in order to create a kind of 3D card effect. 

Do not be fooled by the simple and cute look, these things are wicked. Some parts are super small and blopping them out can be a drag. You have to additionally scrap away the blopped out piece, since still some material of it remains, so if you want it to be super nice and clean, you have to put in some extra work - as always with everything in life. See you get additional life-lessions in my blogs as well XD

Also notice the intricate and detailed plates it has. It is really well thought-out and the cardboard is cut-out with a laser, so you can get those super small details in them. Definetly I cannot replicate these kinds of things, but it did give me some additional ideas of what I could do with my papercrafts. Something in the lines of 3D celebration cards maybe, but we'll see how much time I will have to actually start such an experiment. 

I didn't start with the Spirited away papercraft yet, because it is super complicated, with even smaller micro pieces, so it will still take some time to get that done in the future...

The next line of Merch (merchandise btw.) I got were these little cuties: 

20180818 123305 by Antyyy    20180818 123315 by Antyyy
Gathered all over Japan, mostly Gashapon items, arcade wins and more Ghibli stuff I got. It made me think of my already done papercraft of Jiji

Jiji in cage (Kiki's delivery service) papercraft by Antyyy

(my favourite character from "Kiki's delivery service", the black cat, and I definetly can do it better now that I got my figurines. I will probably do another papercraft of him when I get around it, and make it bigger and more detailed :) 

The last 2 pieces for now that I wanted to show you were these: 

Cardcaptor Sakura: 

20180818 123044 by Antyyy   20180818 123104 by Antyyy

Since Sakura was my last and biggest project before my trip to Japan

Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear card - papercraft by Antyyy

I definetly wanted to buy an original figurine for myself. The figurine is definetly from the older series, if you would look at her outfit and staff, but still worth every penny. And since I got her second-hand, she was super cheap and I could buy her without felling guitly at all :) 

I plan on making some cosplay pieces of her in the future maybe, papercraft items, of course, but I am still thinking on what items to make. For now we will let it stand as it is. 

And my last, but definetly my most favourite figurine: 

20180818 123543 by Antyyy   20180818 123531 by Antyyy


My favorite character out of all the Precure series. Although she is not a "real" precure, but an experiment in the series of "Heartcatch Precure" and the sister of Cure Moolight she is a tragic character with such a beautiful, sad soul and destiny, that you have to cry when seeing her final cuts (and death) in the anime. Love her to death - out intended?. Not to mention the freaking amazing design with the dark, and the asymetrical wings and 2 different eyes, !!!perfection!!! at it's best. Exactly my kind of estethics brought to point.

If you do not know here, look her up people, you are missing Precure history in the making. Heartcatch was my favourite "animated" series out of all of them (2. fav. series of all), since the same studio made them than one of my other favourite anime "Casshern sins". The animation is perfection pure, and just because of this, Heartcatch is my 2. favourite Precure series.

Probably "Fresh Precure" is m fav, beause the series had the first plot-twist of the bad guy becoming the good guy or in this sense girl, since she became a Precure later on. Plus you have Cure Pine, which is yellow and can speak with animals, plus they can teleport XD But I hate the baby part, but that's another thing. 

Anyway, I want to make this beauty mine, and I will have to make a papercraft out of her sooner or later :) H-a-v-e   t-o- definely.

Well I have a lot I want to finish this year still, hopefully my job will let me fulfill these soon enough. If not, they will be definet project for 2019. 

Hope I could make you exiced about the upcomming events and all. When I get something started, you will know soon enough, since I post everything on here anyway XD 

Pikachu yays 
So everybody, summer break is over for me :( but I had super fun. Loved every day I was in Japan and I had to take a picture of some relevant merch I got from there, that feature papercrafts: 

20180812 152608 by Antyyy

Do you see these beauties. I won't even show the prices of the official Studio Ghibli ones XD let's just say that they really do cost a fortune. But worth every penny!!!! as you can see~

Hopefully I will finish them soon, so I can show you some pictures of the finished ones :) 

6b9a3ccb6b592327d3497908b574535b by Antyyy

Anyway, I am back as of today, so tomorrow starts with another work day and I have a lot of catching up to do. More papercrafts, even better ideas than before, and full of new energy to get it all started ;)

Hope you had fun as well and look forward to the new projects. If you have any questuons regarding my papercrafts or commissions, I will answer them now again :) 

Have fun~
7 Nfalta201 by Antyyy

It's that time of year again people. Time to take a step back, relax and enjoy some free time far, far away from it all. 

15 Nfalta201 by Antyyy

As already told I am going to Japan this year, so I will be away litterally on the other half of the globe from my home XD Kinda scary when I say it that way, but I am really excited and looking forward to this trip, soo, sooo much! 


Antyyy's Papercrafts will be taking a summer break, from the 27th July till 12th August.

I will not reply to any messages, notes or anything, since I will not be using the internet for anything, except maybe to reserve myself some Shinkansen tickets there XD 

First week it's going to be Osaka, second week I am going to Tokyo. 

D66b3cda7b774595bd5c6bd000aa313b1453056140 Large by Antyyy

People wish me luck, and when I come back I will start on some fresh ideas and projects I am already looking forward to. 

Till then everybody enjoy and hear from you soon~

 W850 by Antyyy
Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear card - papercraft
cherry blossoms d green cherry blossoms d green cherry blossoms d green 

As promised, I am releasing my final papercraft of Cardcaptor Sakura before my long summer vacation. And here is the beauty. 

Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura Icon 1 Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower 

As you can see, all hand-made and hand-painted (so to speak, the texture is all mine). The Sakura and Kero-chan models are a bit more detailed than I am used to make, since I unfolded the whole thing to a whooping 45 cm, since I really wanted this craft to have a genuine anime figure feel to it.

Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower 

The papercraft itself consists of a "Sakura" model of the newest -Cleard card-hen- story arc, "Kero-chan", a "stand" for Sakura, her new "Dream rod" and the dress as well as the transformed "flight card" she used in the most iconic screen from the whole anime (wings and the star dress).

Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower 

She has quite some smaller 2D details: all the small stars from her dress are made as a sepparate 2D piece to glue on, her hair is attached on her head as 2 pieces (2-sided), her tie is also 2D and 2-sided, her dress is 2-sided, etc etc. Kero-chan is also dressed in the iconic bow and keychain he had during that sceene as well, to fit the whole image, of course :) 

Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower 

The wings of the flight card as well as Kero-chans and the Dream rod wings are also 2D and 2-sided, making the big flight ties with the bow somewhat difficult to make. I definetly suggest to make it with wire and reinforced inner parts. I do that with all my crafts, so really people, make them reinforced and you will never have a mishap, if it ever falls down, and the pieces will never fall appart, ever :)

Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura Icon 3 Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower 

The stand for this model, if you will want to make it, has to definelty be filled as well, if you want her to stand in it. But I made the craft so that it is meant for Sakura and Kero-chan to fly in "real", therefore the craft should be made for hanging from the ceiling or anywhere you like really :) 

Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower 

I won't lie, the papercraft is difficult to make (would say a 9/10), but definetly worth all the effort in the end. She is super sweet, textures are perfect and detailed to every part alinging from the real anime design and overall it looks and feels like a real figurine you would buy for yourself, if you are as huge of a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura as I am XD 

Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower 

For anybody curious and up to see the papercraft model up close, you can see the preview here:…

Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower 

***(You can buy the template for 15,00 €, money deposited on my Paypal account. Paypal only. For more information on the exact depositing account, etc., please message me on Deviantart or on my Facebook page)***

Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower 

I hope you like it and cheer for me during my summer vacation. I will return with many more ideas in my head when I get back, so look forwad to more of my projects in the future. 

Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower Sakura flower 


cherry blossoms d green cherry blossoms d green cherry blossoms d green 



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