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Who are we? An organisation, similar to other copyright defending ones you can find on DA, we defend your copyright and do our best to get rid of copyright violating users mostly from polish blogs and more popular polish portals. Our origins are copyright defending blogs, but since hundreds need our direct help and it's not easy do delete a DA account, we came here.

Blog owners often don't know about copyrght at all, therefore we keep teaching people about it, and if they still don't want to delete the copyrighted material from their sites, we report them with a result of the mentioned site's suspension and then, in 90% of cases, deleting the site.

Since December 2007 we managed to delete over 1000 illegal blogs, and their number keeps growing.


Kim jesteśmy? Organizacją, podobną do innych grup broniących praw autorskich. Swoją działalność skupiamy głównie na blogach, ale ostatnio rozszerzamy ją na więcej polskojęzycznych portali i nie tylko. Nasze korzenie wywodzą się z blogów o podobnej tematyce, działających w połowie roku 2007 na Onecie, oraz sięgają jeszcze dalej, ku niezależnym, pojedynczym osobom zgłaszającym nielegalne blogi na własną rękę. Ponieważ na konto na dA nie jest ani łatwo się włamać ani nie można też go usunąć, przenieśliśmy się tutaj.

Właściciele blogów często nie wiedzą czym jest prawo autorskie, toteż staramy się szerzyć wiedzę o nim, a jeśli po zapoznaniu się z tą wiedzą wciąż nie chcą usunąć grafik, zgłaszamy taki blog, który w konsekwencji ulega zablokowaniu i w 90% przypadków kasacji.

Od grudnia 2007 udało nam się skasować ponad 1000 blogów z nielegalnie wstawioną grafiką, a owa liczba wciąż rośnie.
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Jun 30, 2008


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Art theft issues

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On Tracers and Tracing by NeuronPlectrum On Tracers and Tracing :iconneuronplectrum:NeuronPlectrum 113 55 Art theft n1 by stefmixo Art theft n1 :iconstefmixo:stefmixo 0 5 Art theft n4 by stefmixo Art theft n4 :iconstefmixo:stefmixo 0 5 Art Theft n3 by stefmixo Art Theft n3 :iconstefmixo:stefmixo 0 1 Art Theft n2 by stefmixo Art Theft n2 :iconstefmixo:stefmixo 0 8
Reporting With Respect
Reporting with Respect is Not
…Commenting when you are angry.
…threatening to ban the user. You do not have that authority, nor is that the purpose of the Reporting system.
…Calling any user a thief outside of linking FAQ# 8 (or similar) unless they are intentionally claming ownership of the piece in question or you are the owner of the original piece.
…Directly saying the user stupid, retarded, pathetic, etc.
…using unprovoked curse words.
…Spamming the "You Fail, Please Die" PLZ or similar messages.
…Equating the failure to read, understand, or type proper English as being stupid, ignorant, or blind.
…Stooping to a Troll's level.
…Telling anyone they need to "learn how to draw" or "get a life".
…Taking anything anyone says about you via the Internet personally.
...Telling a policy violator they should "delete" or "de-activate" their profile--unless they specifically ask how to do so. (In which case link to FAQ 1
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Stamp - No Support 2 by stop-tracing Stamp - No Support 2 :iconstop-tracing:stop-tracing 121 3 Artist Rights by taruto Artist Rights :icontaruto:taruto 3,601 363 YOU STEAL, I REPORT stamp by en-ni YOU STEAL, I REPORT stamp :iconen-ni:en-ni 463 50 Stop Whining stamp by sunkissedsakura Stop Whining stamp :iconsunkissedsakura:sunkissedsakura 333 91 Art Theft Stamp by Avalonwing Art Theft Stamp :iconavalonwing:Avalonwing 28 4 Be creative stamp by ViOLeTjaniS Be creative stamp :iconvioletjanis:ViOLeTjaniS 1,206 68 Stop art theft stamp by elita141 Stop art theft stamp :iconelita141:elita141 7 2 Just Say No to Avatar Theft by tennyomelime Just Say No to Avatar Theft :icontennyomelime:tennyomelime 56 51 Stamp - Tracing Is Art Theft by stop-tracing Stamp - Tracing Is Art Theft :iconstop-tracing:stop-tracing 675 107


There are two things I wish to mention. For the one related strictly to this group, please proceed to the bottom of this journal.


Lately there's been yet another big art thieving site signal boost some of you may be familiar with. As the issue seems to be resolved now, I won't mention the site's name and whereabouts. I will however describe the overall issue.

There are many roleplaying communities around the internet, and in many different language sites and in different countries as well. Role playing is a global hobby people enjoy and sometimes they wish to "make" an image of the character they created and use for roleplaying purposes. This is where the trouble starts.

Many people simply "borrow" artwork found via google, regardless whether it's from deviantart, furaffinity, pixiv, nabyn or anywhere else. And even if some decent players check whether the images are free to use or not, many don't do that, simply because of laziness, lack of knowledge or simple rush, to create the character they wish to play as.

It's harmful for the owners of the art and the artists, as many of them feel like being robbed of their hard work, espcially when someone crops their piece, adds some writing on it or simply the rp character's name. And even if many and more of more decent ro sites underline the need to add the source and author of the images used, and also require showing certan permissions as proof, many forget about that or simply rely on the word of their users, who not always are true to their words.

Internet is a big community. We've started using a nice term of "global village" not too long ago, keeping in mind we can no longer ignore the effect of globalisation and the impact the world wide web has on us and our lives.

This is where many conflicts start - the rp'ers blame the artists who neglect or forget to state their terms of use in a visible place, or state them in a place that is hard to be found at a first glance, or the rp'ers forget to check, cannot find the legal authors, or simply do not know they should keep their laws in mind. This is where I came in years ago, and this is where a new group comes in now.

I tried to educate, advise rp'ers, report thieving sites, explain the copyright laws to the "masses", produce many drafts for foreigners so that they would be able to report sites and blogs on their own. I can say I'm proud of what I and countless other members of AntyCopy achieved, but as the time went on, I had less and less time to take care both of the goal and the group.

Lately OneMinuteSketch created her own group, Roleplay-Support. It's goal is to collect all artists and separate them into certain lists, so that others would know whether they are ok with their art being used for roleplay purposes, or not. She also collects free linearts and base images so that people would be able to edit and create images of their characters as well.

This is the reason I'm writing this journal: I wish to invite you and take a look at that group, and if you can, state your mind on the usage of your art there. It would be very, very helpful for our cause. The internet is a big place, it's easy to find a website that contains art, but it's a lot harder to determine whether the members of such website have the permission to use the images, it's also easy to cause harm to legit sites that use only images by artists that are ok with others using them.

Also, please do repost this journal or link it somewhere, so that it would reach others on this site.


As stated in the upper section of this journal, I also wish to make an important statement about this group. I'm very ashamed to say I've been neglecting AC for a very long time now, the lists remain not up to date, many a report have been only akcnowledged, but never acted on. I wish to say that I'm sincerely sorry for this state of things, I kept telling myself that it's ok to make choices, and my choice I made years ago was that I would keep my mind on my education - which profited - but thus I've neglected this group and many loyal members. People loyal to the cause of stopping art theft in the world wide web. It's an insult to your dedication to your cause and involvement.

This is why I wish to announce that we will be adding many new people to the group's staff, namely people wishing to help and donate their time, and most importantly, those, who have the time to run such group and help with maintaining it.

Therefore, I kindly ask all the staff members to state whether they are still active or not - in case there is no reply for a month since this journal is published, inactive staff members will be relieved of their work and the vacant places that are produced this way will be give to active deviants willing to help.
My only requirements (except you having time) is that you're a patient person that does not get easily involved in dramas and word fights, and you're at least of an age of 16, and preferable even 18 and above. This is to make sure you will act in a mature way in contact with art theft. Remember, we're all humans, and everyone deserves respect.
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TerrianJunkie Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2023  Hobbyist General Artist

Group Beware there is a CyberBully and Thief amongst you user WickedGothicKitten as been stalking, stealing, bullying and harassing multiple artists here on DA and other Websites for Almost a Year. 

This User is a known liar and manipulator and has gone by several usernames to try and avoid "The Haters" including but not limited to:   SilviaTheHedgehog, CrystalizedHedgehog, EmberDelirious Gothic-Jackel-Cutie & most recently WickedGothicKitten.  

This woman claims to have "Autism" and uses her "autism" as an excuse to steal, stalking, bully, harass and Death Threat people.  And now she has added selling stolen artwork as “adoptables”  to her list.… 

This User has for a YEAR posted slanderous material about a dear friend of mine, stolen from Multiple Artists, made Death Threats towards people who told her to stop, sold stolen artwork for Profit, and continues to be unrepentant in her immature actions.

Below are Multiple Journals documenting her Crimes……

Report This Thief

ART THEFT: EmberLovesDelirious

ART THIEF: CrystalHedgehog / EmberLovesDelirious

A Well-Deserved Call Out on Crystal

I highly recommended Black listing and Banning her from your group and all your affiliated groups before she starts Trouble. If she is here, she is looking to steal from your members and profit off their hard work. 

WickedGothicKitten Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2023  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm trying to start over with my page but other users are making out a evil villain saying that what I did months ago, that I'm still doing it with pieces that I actually spent time on making myself. So if you receive comments above mine from That-Gothic-Kitty or terrainjunkie then block and remove them.
Babarbie Featured By Owner May 20, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Art thief: 

stolen :
Joining #feetforfins
  original work by wolfwithribbon

Mermaid art
  bodypainting by lanachromium
  photo by Brett Stanley
melissa03 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist…
uses amy rose 3D images to recolor
Silerna Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2019
Hikari-Kiyoko-Tenshi is a brain damaged thief. She has a very unhealthy obsession for Yugi and steals images from him from Pixiv.

Several people told her to remove it but she flagged them as spam ,hide the comments and comments with stupid answers while impersonating Yugi. She also mentions god all the time.…

Stolen :…

Original Creator:…

Some people think it’s her Pixiv but Hikari cannot even draw a stickman.

Yes my angels in RL not just social media amen

Silerna Featured By Owner Edited Aug 25, 2019
screenshot thief and claims existing anime characters as his own. Edits screenshots.
Official character Aichi Sendou from Vanguard Cardfight.…
His badly edited screenshot. Claims the guy as his character Yukito.
Mother and son's Kimono Festival
Suspended on Pixiv for stealing ,underaged erotic and copyright violation.

edits renders and screens and claims as his. Was accused once or twice but blocked them and hid their reactions. Claims that edited official may be claimed as own.
edited and stolen :

Scarlett-Fireheart26 Has a ‘original character’ that is an existing character. Her Rose Scarlet is Mio Naruse from Shinmai Maou.Stolen screenshots as well.
Rose in the Towel, blushing
Ruby2488 thinks dollmakers are not theft either. Stolen screenshots. Accused once or twice. Hid comments and blocked.

Chrisdewees10 has official art only, edited with a filter. Many hentai.

LordCamelot2018 stolen official art only.

ThiccerWaifus edits official art into sick things. Adding unnatural and unhealthy body proportions.

accused him before he hid my comments…

Busty Oleana - Pokemon Sword and Shield

Hundreds of users think all these users are actually talented. They never drew a single line.
They are known thieves on Tumblr as well.
ara181x3 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2019  Professional Artist

She uploads art that isn't hers
catbvtt Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2018  Professional Artist
here's proof of an art theif lmao
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