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"I'm afraid that it will change him forever. so it is best to give him some peace now." Wheeljack said to Bumblebee, who Replied with a tiny "ok." Meanwhile, Optimus Yelled at Sunstreaker And jumped near him. Bumblebee Laid down and Said ,,Oh Ironhide...". The Youngling missed His Adopted Father. Then, near Bumblebee, the bushes started to rustle. Then a White-Red skinned Wolf stepped out The Bushes. She had alot of wounds, scars and Her Body was full of Blood. "Hello Bee" she said, and stopped mext him. Unfurtunatly, Bee immediatly Realised, who this Wolf was. "LUNA!! YOU'RE ALIVE!!" he shouted, And jumped up. "Bee.. Please stop... It hurts..." Luna said to Bee, who was Fluffing on her. "Bee please.." she repeated, to make Bumblebee stop Hugging her. "BEE STOP IT HURTS!!" she shouted, and Bee imediatly Stoped. "Sorry.. I- I.." he started to say. "It's Ok bee. I'm going to Prime."

Yeah Luna's Alive! Anu i got an Request: I saw, that YOU drew shade and Optimus, i would be pleased, Of you would draw Luna in front of Ratchet. Ratchet's trying to Help her but she refuses. I will draw her, with all her wounds and post it on my ACC so you can know how she lookes with wounds :)
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    The light tan direwolf slowly approached the young yellow male, a gentle smile on her snout, she plopped down next to him, and licked his cheek "It'll be okay young one.." she cooed softly to him, continuing to clean his face, the taste of salt from his previous tears washed over her taste-buds she felt deep sympathy for the youngling, and she to missed the dark brute, she missed Ironhide as much as everyone else did. He would sure as hell would help stop all of the conflict in the pack, nothing was working out, and as much as she wanted to help, who would listen to and old female? She felt doubt and sorrow, but she didn't show it, and the best thing she could do now, is comfort her favorite youngster "But how can you be sure Shade.." Bumblebee asked, a choke is his voice, another sigh escaped her snout as she looked at him "Has Optimus ever failed us? He is stressed, his former mentor just betrayed and tried to kill him, and has killed Ironhide, one of Primes closest friends.  All of us are hurt, but we will pull through, I know that for a fact, and you're going to aswell, do you think Ironhide would want to see you this way?? Be strong as he raised you to be." Shade said, a serious expression on his face, Bumblebee sniffled, and burried his face in Shade's fluffy neck "Thank you.." He said in a muffled voice, and Shade stared down at him with sparkling amethyst orbs "You're so very welcome Bee.." Shade replied, resting her head on his back, humming a soft rhythm

I haven't done this in a long time, and if you couldn't tell, I am that light tan Shewolf :)
Shhh Bee Shade is here <3
.. I think Bee might be a tiny whiny little itsy bitsy bit depressed.... just a little...
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Me: *Curls around him* My little puppy
Others: o-o
Me: *licks head and nuzzles* Mine ^-^
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Oh no Bee don't crywolfs rain cheza and kiba gif  I know you miss Ironhidewolfs rain cheza gif It must hurt you so much I wish I could hug you to make you feel betterSad Hug - Updated 
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Poor bee and my poor iron hind. Oh ratchet come on get up, "don't give up on us eveny if it get ruff."
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Poor Bumblebee. Losing his father figure, seeing the betrayal happen, and seeing all of this mess going on in the pack is not healthy for his young mind at all. He might run away if the pack doesn't watch him.
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I miss Ironhide too.... :'(
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Bee's lost the most important figure in his life...*cries and cuddles Bee*
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Awwwww that's so sad :'( 
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Oh Bee, everything's gonna be fine Hug 
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tak z innej beczki... Sides ucieka? Czyzby on się naprawdę bał Optimusa tak,ze nie chciałby z nim walczyć?
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W porównaniu do swojego brata, Side wie że nie ma szans w walce z wściekłym Optimusem.
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