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Little tired Pip

Commission for ... just kidding, but I love when there is "commission" written under a pic. It allways means the author had to try its best, which is often awesome.
Velvet Remedy: You should rest now, Littlepip. You saved many lives today.
Little Pip: I .... I can't ....
So, here it is. After about a week of non-stop drawing, erasing and redrawing, here it is.
Still not perfect, as others tell me :(
Also, you tell me why it isn't please :)

I wanted to draw something of Fa:E since i finished reading it. This is the first one; I tried to be accurate, so tell me if there is something you call "odd".
Also, ATG week "pony recovering" gave me this idea for for my first Fa:E pic.

Process of drawing [link]

Fa:E (c) KKat [link]
Fallout Equestria is one of the best readings EVER. And yes, I mean it. Not many books can make me read 10 hours without breaks ...
(thanks a lot for this awesome story, one of the best I have ever read. But you didn't have to make me cry so much ... )

Inspiration: + also evry single Fa:E picture tha existed.

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She looks tired and depressed... poor Lil'Pip.
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Well, I don't know how about you, but I would have just fallen apart in her position :)
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Oh yeah, I'd have been dead long before then!
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Great work here! I love the detail you've put in, especially on the guns and pip boy
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Message from Kkat:

That really tugs at my heartstrings. Especially with the text beneath.

anttosik's avatar
Glad to hear that :)

(Yay, comment from Kkat, another goal achieved ^^, ok, let's draw more.)
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Not bad, not bad at all!

Just kidding, it's nothing short of brilliant. :D
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Oh thanks. Still not satisfied with it. It's not perfect you know! There are few major flaws that have been pointed out by my lovely critics. And after they do, I can't over go over them. I will see them, forever! :D

Nah just kidding, they aren't so big to me :D
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I just wanna hug her....
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d'aww :) she would deserve all the hugs.
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you meat it sounds delicious :p
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it says in the description that Fo:E is one of the best reads ever and that you meat it :p
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Oh silly me ^^ thanks for the notice. I meat it.
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Interesting take on the mouth-trigger concept. I still can't figure out how those are supposed to work.
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What I have looked (about 4 existing pictures, not much) and after some debate with my fellow geek friends, it would be in a shape like you can see, so an earth pony would hold it with it's teeth and shoot with his tongue. While holding, the scope should be directly in front of an eye (well, not too close to block the rest of view, but close enough to scope a little for the mid-distance.) Also, I think it should be removable and add-able to the other side (for left-hoofed/eyed ponies), or unicorns who wouldn't need it at all and could sell it.
If so, then any weapon like this could be used by earth ponies by simply putting the mouth-grip in :)
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Obligatory Littlepip favorite. Still I like how this captures Littlepip in one of her downtime moments. When she takes a break from getting her ass kicked and kicking ass in return to let it all sink in.
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Yay ^^ . But it's a sad rest. :(
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I bet he's dreaming about Sweetie Belle... ;)
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ummm ... *she; and she isn't asleep :) I would guess she would be thinking about much nice stuff atm ... she is pretty exhausted.
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