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Along with pictures for the story, each artist should draw one picture for one month of the year, together being 12 pictures.
My month was November. In czech, it's Listopad (Leaffall).

Made for The Anthology, Czechoslovakian anthology of 12 illustrated fanfics. You can find it here  Sborník (Only in Czech and Slovakian, sorry)

EQD  yay
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OMG that Background
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Listopad in Polish means November :D 
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Same in Czech, and that's why I used it ;)
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Such a beautiful background.
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Tak oni existujou Ceski artisti? Hezky! Vyborna prace!!!!
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Samozřejmě, stačí hledat :) 
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This picture gives me very happy memories! :D I love it!
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oh! but it is gorgeous!!
it looks like a photo.
There I see my Oc ​​(Dryver my avatar) next to her in a romantic walk.
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Don't cross the war zone pal, everypone knows AJ si mine! :D 
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from You.
but to me it is my Applejack.
let us not be a war on the insipid as that of the beautiful Helen of Troy.
  we say that is all that will be Lauren Faust decided his special pony.
admitted that it forth.
however, if it does I hope that is not an idiot like that llama.
Applejack my love forever!!!!
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to se mi strašně moc líbí!!! OwO
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