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I can't

Sometimes the world got too cruel to handle. You are able to adapt to various bad things happening, but knowing that children suffer or have suffered is always one of the peaks. And what's a worse place to visit in a post-apocalyptic world than children hospital. (Blackjack would say ^^)

Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 17 - Draw a pony broken up/Draw a pony mourning

Also a request for :iconlumitron: which I had for about two months. I wasn't sure what to draw today for the challenge (last few days were quite "empty"). And then I remembered I should draw Velvet. Not only it fits perfectly for today challenge, it also is the request I promised AND it fits in my series plan. Wonderful =)

It took more time of course. Time: 5h 30m

Velvet Remedy from Fallout:Equestria, written by Kkat

EQD yay…
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Awesome!Ehm...nechtěl bys nakreslit mé OC? Meow :3
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Promiń, momentálně toho mam nad hlavu. Pořád ještě musim udělat dva (tři) requesty a k tomu ještě teďka tohle, pak mi začne škola ... 

Připomeň se tak za měsíc, členové fóra maj u mě výjimku =) (pro ostatní mam requesty zavřený :)

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Dobře,děkuju :).
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Message from Kkat

Wow! :wow:

Thank you!  I'm honored.  This is beautiful.

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You know it always pleases me when you comment ^^. That's the special kind of honor :D
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Oh my. Only ten or so chapters into PH? I shall bite my tongue, then. ^^
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Yea. I know there probably are many breathtaking changes, and with the amount of current PH art it's hard to try to ignore it, still, thanks =) 
It makes me happy to see Velvet Remedy sad :).
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Fo:E started me back into writing...

And I see this world just like you've represented here...the timbers spelling out "Why?"...all of it...

Don't change a thing...its perfect.
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Also, another man ponies brought back to being creative! :D Even through a bit nonpony world :D 

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Look on the bright side, Velvet.  It wasn't a HOOFINGTON Children's Hospital.
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why can't we like comments yet
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Blackjack knows all too well about the children's hospital
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Love the style, sort of sketchy but definitive, really nice, good job!
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I'm currently not able to simply turn the scetchy layer of - I then don't see my idea properly. I must learn that tho :( 
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Sorry, It was probably a bit ambiguous, but I really, really love the sketchy component, don't turn the layer off it looks amazing as is
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But the problem is I personally don't like the scetchyness - it's a sign of my flaw, because I'm not able to draw a scetch, which would look "clean" and viable as it was (you know, the paintings when ppl just make scetch and then add colors in separate layer - and it looks perfect.) My scetches are just too random and unclean to let them stay - that's something I have to work on. 
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