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Farewell, Sweet Apple home

Made with pencil and rubber, and tweaked a little electronically (There was a little hole in the middle of paper, also colors faded out during scaning)

About 6 hours.

I haven't read Fa:E or any other stories from that universe yet, but I will. I just like the idea of post-apocalyptic world, and this is my interpretation ...

FiM (c) Hasbro
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This looks awesome! There are a few continuity errors, but considering you said you haven't read Fo:E yet, I guess that's to be expected.
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Yea, sorry for that. I knew just some basic facts, and I wanted to draw adult Applebloom. Then I thought a bit about the idea of guns, and I just wanted to add it. And then, there it was ^^

And thanks btw :)
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Ohwait, is that Applebloom?
... Yeah, you got yourself some /serious/ continuity errors. Still a nice piece though xD

Just quickly noting that the fic is set 200 years after the megaspells (analogues to nuclear bombs) fell... Which happened some decades after the show. I won't spoil too much, but this particular scene could not possibly have happened either, no matter how sad and perfect it would've been.

Anyhow, go read it! It's huge, but freakin' awesome! xD
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Ah' sure will. But As Ah' said - its not really from the official Fa:E universe. Just some other, universe :D
And yes, that should've been Applebloom. On her final goodbye to her sister AJ, who have died short time ago. (No grass on grave - burried not a long time ago).

Sometimes before it Mac died, and before Granny. Now poor Applebloom can only leave her former home on her quest to ... who knows.
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As I said, it's an excellent pic, even if it doesn't fit Fo:E =D
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This looks really good, keep up the great work!
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Thanks, I'll try.
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Really awsome picture!!! It slightly depresess me but that happens when big mac is deadified.
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Thanks :) Without positive feedback its hard to keep going on :)
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