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Treasure chest (Voxel)

This piece is me getting familiar with MagicaVoxel. 3d pixelling is so much fun and with MagicaVoxel it's easy and free! It took few hours playing around with UI and watching some tutorials.

I exported the model as OBJ to Blender and made a turntable animation for it. As Ludum Dare 41 Game Jam is closing in, I'll try to develop some Voxelling skills and maybe do a Voxel game this time around!
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So cool. Great work too :D
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I love it, also it looks like it is filled with macaroni and cheese.
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that is way too cooool
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Wow, awesome! (^w^)
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You' re welcome! =D

I can ask only a thing? What format is compatible for Blender? I want to import my model for do an animation like your =D
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I exported the model as OBJ, which is I believe the most compatible format for any program out there. With OBJ export you also get MTL file that holds the data for the texture and the actual texture file as PNG. Keep these 3 files in the same folder. Then just go to Blender -> File -> Import -> Wavefront (.obj). Then set viewport shading to "Texture" and you are all set for animation.

If you prefer video tutorial follow this until 3:15:…

For the turntable animation(just model rotating watch this:…

Hope this helps and have fun! :)
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Thanks but I really don' t understand how fix the texture.. Thanks anyway.
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I'm a novice with Blender myself so I can't help further, but I wish you good luck!
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