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Hungry NES

Some more pixel 3d stuff. I guess it was inevitable to make something with NES in it. Made with Blender and PyxelEdit. 1230 triangles and 64x64px texture. Each Blender unit represents one pixel in texture canvas. Found with texture here:…

You can use this GIF. Just follow: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 (…) guidelines. Have fun! :)

As always critique is encouraged!

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You are good at this. 10/10
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Aww that's adorable!
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Looks like the NES is hungry for someone to play with it ;)
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Looks like it’s burping afterwards XD
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Good observation. It is. :)

When I get to record some original NES sounds (maybe this week) I'll do video version of this with audio.
Mario  is a good game but how about Mario 2, Mega Man or Dragon Warrior?
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Just thinking about Mario 2 gives me mental goosebumps. It was actually first Mario game I played, but that shit was weird mix of stuff. :D
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Beep beep beep "MOARRR" 
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beep beep lettuce
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*nom nom nom*
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