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Grandpa's Revolver


I picked up Dutch Police Revolver and went on to model something similar. Added some personality and history through wear and tear. Technically my approach to texturing was to use Mirroring Workflow and split up the mesh to save UV space. Therefore there exist visible seam, what I think is unfixable(?) on the middle of the model.

This is Maya 2019 and Substance Painter practice (transitioning from Blender). Getting familiar with realistic style and PBR-workflow. background. All critique would help me greatly.

PBR Maps (4096px): Diffuse, Normal, Metallic, Roughness

3D view:…

All criticism very welcome!
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Love Colts - well love guns, knives and swords - especially old ones. Hope nothing happens where they are all taken away and destroyed.
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Never really saw the dutch as gunsmiths, even for a revolver made in the early -
- 1900s it's design is fairly outdated for the period with designs as such reigning in the mid -
1800s especially seen in the Colt M1892