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Classic Fallout - 3d fanart

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I couldn't help myself. I had to make a pixel 3d scene from the classic Fallout games. I've played them through so many times, that I've lost count..

In artist's perspective, chronologically, old Fallout games were in the crossroads between pixel and modern graphics. It shows as individual pixels start to lose their meaning when zoomed out to players camera perspective. This gave me some freedom to distort UV maps when texturing models.

Made with Blender and PyxelEdit. Total complexity of 9752 triangles. I placed few hints of 3d here and there, not necessary in the end, but it was fun. Using normal maps would probably be wiser choice. 512x512px texture. Using transparency for some elements. Material is set to emissive for that shadeless look. Using only original Fallout 1 & 2 sprites. GIF is smaller in resolution than I normally upload due to DA's size limit.

Interactable version available here with texture and wireframes:…

You can use this GIF. Just follow: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 (…) guidelines. Have fun! :) (Smile)

As always critique is encouraged!

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Really nice work ... feels nostalgic :)

p.s. More awesome that you did head-on conversion for isometric sprites to textures, by UW coords 8( )
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Heh, I wanted it to look as authentic as possible, so I just converted the sprites into texture directly. :)
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That's really cool. I've never played the first 2, but a simple remake like this, simple compared to a full Fallout 4 style overhaul, would definitely interest me. :)
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Excellent! everything is on point!
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is that fallout or the future of runescape?
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Haha. :D

Futuristic Runescape. That would be awesome.
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This GIF is going to be sent to Bethesda! I'd love the next game they make to use this aesthetic!
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This is how I imagine Van Burden(early plans for Fallout 3) would have looked in the end if ever completed. Having made that leap into 3d, but keeping the awesome aesthetics of the predecessors close to heart. 
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This is great, fantastic work.
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I have been there finished to playthrough of fallout (one normal playthrough and one as an idiot).  fallout 2 I finished it, but man that I love every second of it.(Except for the tutorial. No seriously, who's to think it was a good idea that the first dungeon should put the player against Radscorpion with no armor, no guns and no healing items. The only thing you have a Spear.)  Anyway good work.  Make me really wish they would remake those games by now.  
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Tutorial in 2 was tedious for sure. I liked the starting of the first game better. You just blast through some rats with your trusty 10mm pistol and off you go. :)
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Agreed.  one of few things fallout 1 done a better job on then fallout 2.  There both are amazing games to very day and well worth your time playing them.
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Incredible work. I also played this game (1 + 2) so many times I lost count. Was always the most fun in the beginning when a leather jacket and a basic pistol actually meant something. Didn't take long before you got to NCR did a few caravans and went to SF to load up on the most exotic weaponry (that was permitted for whatever level you were.) Probably the best game I've ever played (2 specifically.)
Thanks for posting.
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My thoughts exactly. Fallout 2 was more generous with loot, leading to inflation of value. It's not necessary a bad thing and lot of people like more shooting action. I just personally liked the struggle in the first game better. It also made speech and melee more viable as bullets were in shorter supply and good armor more rare.
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This is how fallout should be. Isometric > first/3rd person
Fallout being like divinity sin 2 would be glorious.
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this is nicely done
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Very nice! I like the texture for the door, and how it closes and opens feels very smooth, and, the character models are amazing.
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