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Chaos Engine Fan-Art

I wanted to do an environment study. I've always loved aesthetics of Chaos Engine(Amiga version ftw) and Dan Malone's efficient use of such limited color palette, so I decided to convert part of that world into modular 3d assets. Sprites are original but slightly modified to fit 3d.

Made with Blender and PyxelEdit. Total complexity of 1322 triangles with 128x128px texture. Using transparency for some elements. Material is set to emissive for that shadeless look. 

Interactable version available here with texture and wireframes:…

You can use this GIF. Just follow: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 (…) guidelines. Have fun! :) (Smile)

As always critique is encouraged!

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This is phenomenal! I love Malone's style. To see it come to life is incredible.

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Excellent idea, next on to Speedball 2 ;P

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Oh my. Don't even get me started on that! :D
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Its out there now 😉

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Amigggaaaa :)  awesome work
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I have created a Chaos Engine Total Conversion for Doom, called "Doomsday Engine". I was partly inspired by this great little piece of art.

Check out the original development thread on the zDoom forums:…

and on the English Amiga Board:…

(AnttiKoponen suggested I post this here)
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Wow that is awesome !!
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Thisis brilliant! :D
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Soo much cool stuff! :D Watching! :D
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Thanks for watching and welcome to DA! :)
Geoffryn's avatar looks like an obvious trap set by the local natives.  Should we beam down?

Yes, Ensign.  Better bring extra red-shirts to get killed.  Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, you're with me!
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Me and my Uncle used to love playing this together on the Amiga.

Those were the days!
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Kinda looks like a Final Fantasy Tactics battlefield, I loved it!
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this looks amazing! :wow:
can you make APNG version too?
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I went and converted this GIF into APNG. Cool thing was that the file size was reduced 23%. However here in DA the APNG can't have an animated preview image, which is quite a shame. Otherwise I couldn't notice much difference in utilizing both file types.

Here is the APNG version:

  Chaosengine 3d Fanart APNG version by AnttiKoponen

Do you have some specific use in mind for this?
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Thanks, yeah it will always have a smaller size than GIF when converting.
hopefully they will add support to it.

There's a huge difference between GIF and APNG, APNG has no colour limits and it has full transparency, you can fix the edges of your image if you make it into PNG sequence and then make them into APNG
and as you noticed it has better compression than GIF :D
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Ok. Nice info. Thanks! :)
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I'll look into that. New stuff for me.
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I would so play this game.
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Great stuff! Have you shown this to ?
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